there comes a time…

There comes a time in your life,
when you walk away from all the drama and the people who create it.
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.
Forget the bad, and focus on the good.
Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t.
Life is too short to be anything but happy . 🙂

17 thoughts on “there comes a time…”

  1. Whatver happens to one happens because of one.
    It is either one’s action or reaction.
    Both these are or should be under one’s own
    If any action is viewed with sobriety and without
    preconceived or tutored notions
    it is easy to live and live happily.
    don’t try to find meanings behind words.
    Accepting or rejecting has to be objective
    and not subjective.
    Tranquility is a corollary.

  2. Drama is not a soliloquy.Participants are all equally important and active. A prejudiced mind is a diseased mind. Such people who make you laugh need not necessrily be interested only in your well being. They may laugh at you tomorrow.Take care.

  3. Very nice thoughts oh but I wish you’d written something longer. Do you think the world’s going to end? Just another question when can we hear you sing again?

  4. I am a senior journo for last 25 years, stumbled on your blog and felt compelled to say that by taking the high road you are only showing your weakness. You are good looking, modern and vivacious and people know you and did not compromise and do sexual favors for mere film roles. you are not a loser but sorry to hear that you talk like one. You had only one setback in life so far – and that was the divorce. With everything going well for you there was bound to be some jealous woman who would like to pride in her ability to have men coiled around her finger and break homes and families…In every interview she still keeps reinforcing her abilities – how she introduced herself by harping on her Male Sexuality course and indirectly seducing the men. Instead of sustaining your right stand you took a hit on your own credibility by withdrawing in the shell, letting people and your own ex husband feel that you were the bickering wife and that the other woman was the successful self assured charactered woman. So cunningly she got the partner in crime to testify her innocence!! Today, she has lost all face in the industry and burnt bridges with many by many such horrific deeds. A lot of people feel that you were right all along…but cannot fathom why would someone who was right withdraw and someone who lies all along sustain? Without any movies for last 6 yrs, she continues to remain in the face by paying us media folks and begs to be on some or the other show to reinforce her string of lies – despite the many link ups and affairs with actors, cricketers, businessmen, directors, producers etc and other financial scandals to deny what is not convenient and forcefully what is convenient. So instead of acting like a loser act fearless like a fighter- it is folly to sit at the mercy of the mean, corrupt, and as you rightly termed “perfidious” but to keep reinforcing your truth through one or another misdeed of such people. Surely you know of recent blogsite that said she was caught with a married man on a commercial flight doing it all while on the same day she gave a press release that she will never date a married man implying that dating is separate from sexual escapades…!!!! A lot of people have said many things here-

  5. after all its the man who does it . How you know what transpired. You are saying as if you saw them saying it . Suchitra should not encourage all this . If she believes in karma she needs to accept as the fruit of her own karma . no point in blaming a thoughtless woman is she herself is not perfect ………..

  6. Suchitra, I agree with this post. I think the more one tries to bear and be compliant, the more rubbish one is thrown at. One needs to be strong enough to say (it’s difficult when time and emotions are invested) but, ‘Enough is definitely Enough’. But then, how can one be sure of people who may make one laugh necessarily are the one’s confidants? Unless, one treads carefully before investing one’s true self (if emotional) to such people. I guess that’s why we have ‘prayers’ and ‘guardian angels’. May both this help you in troubled times.

  7. when you sorround yourself with sycophants you are bound to make errors of judgement . criticism needs to be evaluated as it can reveal you your weaknesses and strengthen you in the long term .you need to to be grateful for having honest critics giving you true feedback and not afraid of you nor seek any favours from you ……

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