Karma quote

How people treat you is their karma

How you react is yours…

A friend sent me this quote this morning by Wayne Dyer-thought it was beautiful and worth sharing.

Isn’t it amazing how random messages come to us from the strangest of places when we most need it? Its almost as if the universe is holding a mirror to our thoughts and providing us with answers we fail to see otherwise 🙂

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  1. yes there are two ways to react

    (1) either you remain the three monkeys of Gandhi .
    (2) or take on the evil head on like chandrashekhar azad or similar to the killing of Bin laden by the USA

  2. it all depends on the situation

    One may not work in all situations. Its better not to presume anything . react to the situation only after proper research . No presumptions . Anticipate…..Survey and Adapt according to scenario

  3. May be the situation is the reverse . may be u are getting back the fruits of your past karma through the way people are treating you. i dont mean to depress you. Better to reflect . Any way once your bad karma burns off you will be back to normal.

    This reminds me of the comedy scenes in the movie RUN of Abhishek Bachan and Bhumika chawla by comedian Vijay Raaz . i just posted the link on youtube






  4. Wiseman,I liked the comedy scenes very much and your analysis of the way people react, visa vis gandhi and azad. Personally, I feel Gandhi more of style compared t

    just hold on with patience and not give up or pray to lord ganesha , the cutest god, the remover of obstacles….

    Om Ganapati namah

    He is the emblem of patience, devotion and truth. He is the dutiful son and the remover of obstacles and his vehicle is a tiny mouse compared to his huge body. He is none other than Lord Ganesh. With the head of an elephant he may look tough from outside but he is the beloved deity of the people and the god of wisdom, literature and worldly success.

    Wisdom is indeed very important. We can win a battle or lose one because of the thinking that is required at that particular time. Shiva decided that whoever would make a tour around the world and come to the starting place first would have the right to be the elder son. Kartikeya at once sat on his peacock and took a flight. The vehicle of Ganesh was a tiny mouse and the mouse was sad that he could not help him. He thought for a moment and then went around his parents and asked for the prize. Surprised Lord Shiva said that he could not do so because he had not travelled around the world. To this Ganesha replied that for him, they were his world and he had completed the tour. Shiva was very happy to see the wisdom of his son so proclaimed him as the elder of the two.

    Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles, both of a material and spiritual order. He can place obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked and can remove blockages just as easily. The Sanskrit terms vighnakart (“obstacle-creator”) and vighnahart (“obstacle-destroyer”).

    Ganesha is often shown riding on or attended by a mouse, shrew or rat.The mouse is interpreted in several ways. According to Grimes, “Many, if not most of those who interpret Gaṇapati’s mouse, do so negatively; it symbolizes tamoguṇa as well as desire”.[78] Along these lines, Michael Wilcockson says it symbolizes those who wish to overcome desires and be less selfish.[79] Krishan notes that the rat is destructive and a menace to crops. The Sanskrit word mūṣaka (mouse) is derived from the root mūṣ (stealing, robbing). It was essential to subdue the rat as a destructive pest, a type of vighna (impediment) that needed to be overcome. According to this theory, showing Ganesha as master of the rat demonstrates his function as Vigneshvara (Lord of Obstacles) and gives evidence of his possible role as a folk grāma-devatā (village deity) who later rose to greater prominence.[80] Martin-Dubost notes a view that the rat is a symbol suggesting that Ganesha, like the rat, penetrates even the most secret places.

  5. Sorry,I couldnt finish my comment but it got posted.

    Personally, I feel Gandhi more of style compared to Azad who had more substance. Azad was neither a lotus eater nor a visionary philosopher . He believed in action rather than passive aggression of Gandhi . Azad was a tender hearted nationalist who was willing to stand up for what he thought was right whether in action or words . He didnt care for his needs where as Gandhi couldnt give up his lust even when his father died . Just see the age of Azad. It was difficult for anyone to think of a man of such a age to organise a rebellion against an unjust empire committing oppression . Gandhi was a businessman who believed in give and take where as Azad was a soldier who fought to liberate his mother from the chains of slavery.

  6. Hello Suchitra mam,

    I am a big big fan of yours….lol…and i listen to your song “jab se dekha” every day….you are the best, sweetest, innocent girl out their in bollywood…what an irony…..just love you mam and wish to see you in movies too!
    you look gorgeous as always! 🙂 and you rock, as always! (please come up with some albums too, mam)

    Thank you,
    your Biggest fan! 😛

  7. i used to watch ur albums in my teenage . i just had a itch to search for u on the net and happened to visit ur blog. its beautiful and hilarious/bubbly like ur songs .

    these blogs just reminds me of a lesson i had in my 10th about social grooming among animals . i feel that blogs are to humans as social grooming is to animals . i am just posting link about social grooming


  8. Oiur karmas are constantly being built by every though and every action. While
    We would like to believe that our choises create karma it is also true that our choices are karmic. In that way everything may already be written in the stars

  9. karma is what is done! it need not be consciously
    or willfully done.The mere doing brings retribution.
    do unto others what you do to unto u is a wise biblical
    saying! Krishna goes a step further(although he is
    an older Avatar!) that only what you do is in your
    power and you have no control over its consequences!
    There is no balance sheet for karma! There is no
    carry forward or cancellation.To think so defies logic
    and wisdom!
    One wallows in one’s own mire!
    One has to extricate oneself only!
    Life is action and reaction and not propelled by
    any external agent!

  10. Some thing more about Gandhism , a reaction of passive aggression…………

    People who are like Gandhi believe in appearing balanced and fair think they are always right and that things have to be done their way or people have to think the same way as they do or hold the same values or opinions as they do which creates problems…. for example he thought to appease those people in Pakistan though they slaughtered many innocent Hindus and Sikhs . In the Bhagavad Gita its written if you do not respond the action of a evil minded person and try to rectify the wrong they may think you are weak and may become more egoistic. Appesement is not always the way to create harmony .

    These kind of people think its important to appear nice/handsome/harmonious/charming manners though they may not be kind hearted .Some gullible fall in to their trap . May be that was the reason some people resented Gandhi (though he was a spiritual man) and his end came due to amethod he did not advocate/believe/took part because of his excessive appeasement though there was no reason to be so

  11. Good evening Suchitra maam,
    This is my first reply to your blogs.
    I have been reading your blogs since about last two weeks.
    Actually, have read them all , one by one.
    One thing that I concluded after reading all your blogs (even the one available on other websites like intentblog.com etc )
    is you speak your heart out.And that is really rare to find nowadays , especially amongst women.
    Kuddos to you maam.
    Thank you , please do reply if possible.It would feel good

  12. thank you suchitra!
    your blog is helpful to longwinded writers
    to relieve themselves of their thoughts and
    raise thoughts in other people’s minds!
    it would be nicer if he can know their
    identities as they appear sombre,sound
    and well read.
    is this possible?

  13. Hello wiseacre
    people reveal their true identities voluntarily -some prefer to use psuedonoms or post anonymously as they can express themselves without restraint
    As long as it creates a healthy dialogue and provokes thought i have no problem with it, even if it sometimes does criticize or oppose my personal viewpoint

  14. yipieeeeee…….. :)) thanks mam,, pleasure is ol mine, just keep rocking!

    love u a lot lot!! 😛

    with regards,

  15. Hello zeeshan

    thank you for writing in and for your kind words -my apologies to you for the delayed response :
    keep reading and do share your thoughts with us:-)

  16. OH GOD !! I am on cloud nine ……..!
    A person of yr calibre replied to me.
    And you need not apologise maam , elders dont look good apologising to the younger ones.
    Thanks once again maam , I will remember this day fr a long time ….the celebrity whom I grew up watching interacted with me.WOOW !
    Still remember you as a bubbly young girl in white shining frocks in yr albums with a cute voice , if I remember it correctly….

  17. I admit that I am not so great to discuss about karma which is a very abstract term to my level . I believe in destiny rather than in karma.We suffer or enjoy according to our perspective and destiny

  18. @Vinita , haha yeah I am lucky now …
    But since yu seem to be a die-hard fan of suchitra maam ,
    yu wr showered wd mr sweet wrds …..hehe.so it makes yu luckier than me now!
    BTW , welcome to the blog …..

  19. Suchitra_ji

    Though I have been reading your blog for over two years now, this is the first time I writing a comment.
    Karma is one my most favorite topics to write about and have penned some of what i know in my blog – http://chips-salsa.blogspot.com

    Wayne Dyer’s quote is actually a reflection of the Hindu scriptures. I am not sure what is own source is. It does not depend on situation like Wiseman has stated earlier. It works at all times. However the realization does not mean much unless each individual knows for himself/herself that Moksha is the final goal of all of humanity (Azhwar says, “vaigundam puguvadu mannavar vidiye” – in english, “going to vaikundam is the final fate of all human beings”) The question is when? The answer is “when we exhaust all our karma”. People take thousands or millions or billions or trillions of life-times before they even come to the realization that we are born as human beings to exhaust our karma (not acquire more karma) and attain moksha. Instead, without realizing this, we go on performing and acquiring more karma in each life, paving way for taking more births – sometimes as plants, sometimes as animals, sometimes as inanimate things, and occassionally as human beings!

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