better homes and gardens -june 2011

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yup thats me 🙂 The magazine is out on the stands now

19 thoughts on “better homes and gardens -june 2011

  1. Wow!!I had not opened my computer for quite some time.What an elegant and sophisticated looks.God Bless you. All the Best.

  2. Looks great (the snap- you look like a thirty year old or is the snap a old one which you gave for publication) . May be you are stress free you look young in this snap……..

  3. hey lovely picture-am coming to your blog after very long and happy to see your still so active on it

  4. yash you seriously need a life
    who are you? a jilted lover or some bored psycho with nothing better to do than pass one negative commet after the other

  5. hey suchitra just watched your movie, ‘kabhi haan kabhi naa’. was an awesome movie with a great piece of art you polished it with. Simply recalled my all memories, the good old days. May you live long.! 🙂

  6. Hi Suchitra,

    I work with a leading publishing house and need to know how to contact you. can you please email me at the ID i’ve provided? thanks a lot.

  7. Hi Suchitra,

    It is great to see you on net.What are the future plans and activities towards upliftment of humanity through NGO’s you are associated with.Let inspire everybody in india thorugh your actions such as paintings,talks and shows etc.I hope your daughter KAVERI is doing well.

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