Clothes collection by NGO

There is a clothing collection drive by NGO Goonj on at Jamnabhai Narsee School -Juhu- Mumbai till April 23rd .

If any of of you have some clothes you would like to donate or get rid off…

5 thoughts on “Clothes collection by NGO”

  1. Hi Suchitra,

    the pic of Kaveri and yourself is really nice. Both of you look so beautiful.Please keep writing..

  2. Suchitrajeeeeeeeee,

    Kya hua?? Life rukh gaya kya ?? Since april 13 there has been no news about you to your fans . Come out of your shell . There are no predators online . Its safe to blog though there may be some who dont agree with you on all things (in democracy there should be diverse views). In that case take the criticism in your stride. Grap any good lessons and leave the rest rather than ruminating them.

  3. Hi suchitra,
    I ‘m prakash from bangalore . I have been always a fan of you from the moment i saw you on that song DOLE DOLE chasing that glasses clad man. At that time i might be in class 7th or 8th and you were my dreamgirl. I always heard that song on the you tube, thinking that you might be enjoying your life somewhere by living lavish life cause god has bestowed you with Best face i have ever seen.
    But after reading the post from you , i came to know a different aspect of you . Don’t stop your blogging, the way you use your emotions to ridicule the life is something to be craved for.
    If you reply me than , that reply will be something for me to keep forever.
    We all know that life is lesson , we all learn it when we are through.
    Prakash Singh

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