Kaveri and me

Recently Kaveri and i shot for the Muktangan Calendar-an NGO dedicated to working towards the upliftment of women and children and the rehabillitation of the Kargil war widows. In fact the shawls draped around us are made by them.

Kaveri who is usually extremely camera shy and hides behind me everytime there are photographers around posed happily like a pro. “ofcourse i’ll do the poto shoot mama-we must help poor people na?” she told me earnestly

I love it :-))

21 thoughts on “Kaveri and me”

  1. Beautiful picture.Kaveri looks so grown up in the picture I feel like hugging her tight and bless her’All the Best’ for whatever she does in her life.Both of you mother and daughter,look extremely beautiful in the Black and white picture.It is praiseworthy that she has the tendency to help the poor at this tender age.God Bless you and your daughter, Suchitra.Keep it up.

  2. Wow -you”ll both look so beautiful. Its amazing how kaveri has grown- seems like just yesterday that one saw pictures of her as a toddler

  3. both of you look adorable and affectionate.
    there is something pecliarly nice in the
    photograph!it appears to bring the persons
    nearer!may god bless you both!

  4. I saw the pictures of Suchitra & Kaveri…need I say everything about it-the lovely subjects, their up-beat postures, the composition, and the tasteful choice of B&W instead of colour- is beautiful? If I had the liberty of giving it a caption, with all the limitations of my vocabulary, I would call it “LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER”

  5. The more you look at the picture, the better you are captivated. Adorable pose and expression.In a day I see the picture about four or five times. Will the calendar be available for us?I wish I get one All the Best. God Bless the mother and the child.

  6. Suchitra – pl post ur email somewhere… some perfidious creatures known to ruin lives, careers and families of others have been at it again in big ways. We need to stop this mayhem in the interest of goodness and anything right. Marc escaped it. U did not escape it. Yuvi just escaped…. Shiney did not. NW is struggling to escape. We need to help

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