mosaical musings…

Sorry for being incommunicado for so long… let me start by wishing everybody a Happy New year . The only reason i havent been blogging is because I have been feeling a bit brain dead, and finding that for once in my life i have nothing to say! Havent read a newspaper or watched television in months. Even my friends have been wondering where i have dissapeared –

Well just been locked up in my studio trying to be creative. Infact the whole of last week i have been experimenting with a new art form-mosaic art. Stone glass tile and anything else i could lay my hands on.

 Have put them up on walls in my home -the photos are not very good  but wanted to share them with you anyway 🙂

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  1. Beautiful, Suchitra, Such a talented person you are. God is great in gifting you with such talents, you should thank Him and sublimate all your energies in such arts and see Him in them. I wish you all the Best in all your endeavours. God Bless you.Do anything with utter concentration. That is very important for a happy life.All the Best

  2. Welcome back suchitra. I had stopped visiting ur blog because there was no entry for so many
    Months but today I checked after a long time because I had a feeling you would have put something up. . You are so creative and mutifacated- god bless you and your daughter. Is she
    Also artistic like you? These mosaics look beautiful- can you tell us more about how you made them?

  3. And please don’t stop reading newspapers and watching TV- ur fans look forward to your insights on what is going on in the world 🙂

  4. nice handiwork of probably a genius.things appear to
    be coming out.Pursue this with verve and dedication
    you may blossom into a great and gifted talent.
    Perseverance is the hallmark of genius!
    May god bless you!

  5. Very nice….Mosaic & musings. Mosaic & Music. Its as if u’ve created beautiful music on the walls. Not surprising since u sing as well. The mosaic on glass is stunning in clarity and has lots of aesthetic appeal. The patience is evident in the work. Its a rare work. Have not seen much art of this kind. Mostly mosaics that i’ve seen r often mythological or abstract in nature and look very commonplace. Would not even consider putting them up at my place. Though they r again a constant sight in most art exhibitions..

    Your eye for detailing is very evident in the mosaic on d wall. Its totally geometric and very creative. Am sure again very tough to do. Go on create. The canvas is yours the medium is your choice. How many can really delve into so many art forms? Awesome lady.

  6. The first one is good n shiny. The second is a little bit depressive .(Just had been to dhobi ghat- the movie of Kiran Rao- She too has good artistic potential-getting together the random characters of a complex city like Mumbai -reflecting the life of Mumbai)

  7. I mean dhobi ghat was similar to your mosaic .. May you can try your hand in Interior decoration…..

  8. Hello Ms. Moorthy,

    Just yesterday, I saw the movie “Rann”, and though this was the first movie of yours I saw, for some strange reason, I felt I knew you for a long time.

    So I went looking for information about you on the web, and then lo & behold! I saw your wonderful paintings, and then your marvelous mosaic on your webpage…what’s amazing is that you brought out your dormant creative talent only recently and yet have already reached such dizzying heights! Bravo!!!

    I have always believed and practiced the too-often repeated cliche, “you can achieve anything if you only set your mind to it” ; but I thought this was meant for achievinh one or two goals single-mindedly, but you have proved me wrong by harnessing your creativity into many diverse projects, only for the benefit of people like me.

    Well, suffice it to say I was your fan-at-first-sight. I plan to seize every opportunity to find and enjoy your works of art in the future.

    Good Luck in all your future endeavours, and please…please do not stop. Keep them coming.

    Chandra Sekhar

  9. To whomsoever it may concern:


    I sent a comment on the 31st January, which has already been posted. Unfortunately (by force of habit), I included my address and telephone below my comment; so some nitwit decided to respond to me directly with a very distasteful comment, which neither I nor your adorable website deserve. May I therefore request you to have my address and phone number removed from my comment? Thank you very much.

    I very much regret the inconvenience.

    Chandra Sekhar
    Toronto, Canada

    P.S. I saw the pictures of Suchitra & Cauvery…need I say everything about it-the lovely subjects, their postures, the composition- is beautiful. If I had the liberty of giving it a caption, with all the limitations of my vocabulary, I would call it “LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER”

  10. God Bless you. I did not realize that God has blessed you with so many areas of talent.Thank God. you are bringing them out without further delay All the Best for all your endeavours.

  11. Hi Suchitra,
    Lots of colours, delicate and feminine touch such as you !
    I discover your website, you are a complete artist, congratulations !
    It was a pleasure to meet you,
    Hope your travel was good, the best for the folowing of your art … and your life !!

    Alexandra Perrier d’Arc
    Antibes, French Riviera

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