looking for something dumb to do…

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any suggestions? :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

19 thoughts on “looking for something dumb to do…

  1. play games (online) :p
    or visit Youtube n watch random videos
    watch “friends” or “how i met ur mother”
    cook something weird u have never tried before
    or d best thing is write lotZa blog entries………waiting for tht πŸ™‚
    i luv reading ur entires, the day I started following it I read each n every article
    n now I just sit n wait for new entires πŸ™‚

  2. You may not allow this to get publish.
    But sex won’t be a bad idea.
    it gives great mental and physical stress reliever along with enjoyment and lots of camaradrie.

  3. sit in meditation and try to reach
    a state of thoughtlessness and
    aim at nirvana!
    u annoy none and are annoyed by none!

  4. Why dont you carry out an analysis of recent events especially Barkha Dutt.

    RGV has an uncanny ability to show the other side of his characters- the supoosed Nalini Kashyap character(which you have portrayed) in his movie on the media β€œRann” is based on Barkha Dutt. In her lust to be the celeb reporter and earn status and money in newer ways she is using her hidden connections (in this case the authorities Raja, Sonia). In return she has been their face.Dont you agree? Use your imagination to tell us the real(unreal) story behind the smoke screens.

    My heart goes for Ratan Tata . He has been an ethical industrialist akin to Harsh wardhan mallik in your movie Rann. I think his name is being unnecessarily dragged just to divert attention from the whole issue ,probably by Mukesh/Anil/Raja/someone in the Congress, i.e the 2G spectrum scam . May be he had changed his ethics because of previous losses to Tata tele services) and employed Radia to do the dirty work as his conscience doesnt allow him to do . He just paid her consultancy fee which she demanded to get her the work done .He didnt ask her how she was going to do . Everything has a price. His image/reputation got the hit because he chose Radia – collateral damage.

  5. wow -Vijay M-u seem to be quite the spy. Seem to have taken the post “looking for something dumb to do” a bit too seriously

  6. I am awaiting divorce. I was a software professional and my life is screwed with divorce thing.wanna be friend?

  7. Most of the time in our life we end up doing something dumb only. We don.t have to make a special effort Sitting in a theatre and watching a Hindi film is so dumb!!!!!!

  8. Become a christian and start confessing your sins to relieve yourself of dumbness created by the guilt complex ………..hahahahaha

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