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I am a huge Sanjay Leela Bansali fan… to me he is an artist of the highest calibre as he has proved over and over again.

Even Sawariya -which the critics and film fraternity ripped apart -i liked. To me every frame of Sawariya was a painting…exquistively mounted and lovingly framed. Infact after watching Sawariya i remember calling up Omung Kumar -who had done the set design just to ask him if i could buy some of the mirrors and other artefacts -was sorely dissapointed to know that most of it had been junked or made of plaster of paris and so broken or dismantled. I then purchased the dvd to just understand and absorb how colour and surfaces had been juxtaposed to create a world so fantastical and magical

Last night when i went to see Guzaarish i went with a mind already filled with negative remarks from a few in the film fraternity. But i didnt care -over the years I have understood how fickle and cruel the film business can be- raise you on the highest  pedestal one minute and then pull the rug from under your feet just when you begining to enoy the view from the top.
I have seen it up close and personal and know that truth for many is also a manner of convenience-phayda. Opinion often skewed by  a herd mentality borne of a fear to take sides with those at the top 

So i was greatly looking forward to seeing the film. I knew even if the story didnt appeal to me i wanted to see the colours, the texture the way, the film had been shot, the incongruous illusory  imagery  straight out of nowhere except SLB’s head.

And boy was i fascinated – yes its over the top, yes its surreal-its a world no one has seen before-the costumes (especially Aishwarya’s who plays a modern day nurse but is strangely dressed like a prostitute from the Victorian era!) bizarre but yet…

 My God -so so so beautiful. Guzaarish is not just a film-its  a work of art-an amalgamation of poetry and dance and music and colour and drama. A story of love and loss and hope and pathos. Its an opera.

The maturity in Hritik’s performance worthy of every accolade and award-the actor just gets better and better with every role.

SLB -take a bow- I for one am clapping hard

6 thoughts on “Guzaarish-cinematic poetry

  1. I found sawariya very boring because in a movie I want enetrtainment and not colour and
    Texture. I guess it takes one artist to appreciate another

  2. I just love the way you comment-truly hilarious- Aishwarya Rai dressed like a prostitute (I think she will commit suicide hearing your comment though she may be in real life)

  3. I totally agree with you Suchitra! I loved Guzaarish!! It was picturesque to say the least, but the characters were so clear and crisp! It was a complete Hrithik Roshan film… he has always been a sensitive actor, be it any film and any role… he always seems to have put in his complete efforts in all his films, but this one is class apart! I never thought I would support Euthanasia, but the directors simple way of convincing , and using Hrithik’s skills… I bow to thee SLB!! Ash was kept in control, and hence her performance complemented so well! I can go on and on… but I love SLB films… he creates magic.

  4. Mam, you see the moviee ” Mar Adentro” spanish moviee… english titled ” The Sea Inside” … Guzaarish is mere a cut- copy of that moviee .. i am sure you will forget the hritik in act once you will saw javier bardem in act. and that moviee is based on true life of one spansih national..

    origional is always origional


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