as i’ve matured…

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  1. Dear Friends!!
    We have been forwarding so many fun mails daily, but think for one second and just forward this mail and request people to sign on the petition (sign meas put your name in the space given). Thanks in advance.

    Dear all!

    Just think one second what are we giving to our smiling kids? What are we giving to our future generations? Don’t we want to give our future generation a clean environment and a developed nation? One thing always comes to my mind, for the last 60 years, we have been calling Indian as developing nation, can I ever see India as a developed nation in my lifetime. This question really bothers me every second.

    With the recent scams in every department, the ground is cracking under our feet and we are losing ground to corrupt politicians. Some think that they are living happily in their homes and why they need to think about country. Just think, if the country suffers, you will also suffer, your children will suffer. We know what is happening in our neighboring countries. Come let us pledge today to do something to save our nation. You may be thinking is this possible? Yes this is possible. When a person like Obama against all odds can become president of America, we can also change this country’s fortune. Yes we can change if we fight united.

    To send a satellite to space the cost is 176 crores (satellite GSat-5 Prime costs 176 core), just imagine how many satellites can be sent with 176,000 crores (1.76 lakh crores 2G scam), 1000 satellites. Black money lying in foreign banks 73,00000 crores (73 lakh crores). Hope you imagined how big an amount this is.

    I have started a petition-signing program on bringing the Black Money back to India. I would request to all the people of India to sign this petition and also send this link to their friends and relatives to sign it. Lets save our country!!!

    Jai Hind

    Video Links to support my petition:

    3. Also watch Rajiv Dixit videos on black money.

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