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Just come back home from watching Knockout-which releases this friday on the 15th of october

when the plot first started i winced-it seemed like a  direct lift from Phone Booth-the 1993 Joel Schumacher film starring Colin Farell and Keifer Sutherland.  Remember the tag line -Ur life is on the line? it was an outstanding film about a man trapped in a phone booth talking to a faceless man whos threatening to kill him and… 

  I cursed and dissed to my friend about the shameless indian tendency to plagiarize…its all we discussed during the interval

I went back in to see the rest – because it was a private screening. Thats one of the reasons i actually dont go for private screnings and previews- its too rude to leave-an option one can always exercise  as an anonymous ticket buyer. There are times when i”ve left the movie in 20 mins (one can always predict the fare one is about to watch in the first half hour or so of a film)

anyway after the interval the film really took off. it was suddenly no longer like phone booth at all but a completely original story and screenplay

Post interval the film was superb- while i wouldnt want to give away the plot  all i can say its a must watch for all indians. Though a bit jingoistic in tone it exposes the corruption and nexus of politics and business and its modus operandi.

 In some scenes i felt my heart swell with pride and found myself clapping hard after the film

Every indian should see the film, if only to remind ourselves of the goodness and hope that exists in us and all around us inspite of the corruption of the system we are steeped in.

Performances are good too- Irrfan is one helluvan actor- a Khan who’s not yet got his due.

6 thoughts on “Knockout

  1. an honest and discriminating review!
    you have kindled my interest as my
    visits to theatres are few and far between.
    i will surely watch it here as it is released in my
    city also!
    i am a bangalorean!

  2. Good to know its not like Phone booth, I guess the buzz generated through media was good to reach many people but lot of them would have decided to avoid it. Now that its not like phone booth its worth watching

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