Sometimes spelt as moulting-

the process of shedding skin to reveal new layers. Its what snakes do…

Why am i suddenly talking about what snakes do? Well A few days ago a dear friend  rang me up very concerned as to why i have suddenly gone underground and lost touch with the outside world. Got totally freaked out when i told her i”m molting.  Told me that i’m too young to do face peels and not to mess with my naturally good skin!!! Told me about all her friends who had messed up their looks with botox and chemical peels and how i should stay far far away from it.

So i laughed and explained that i was using the word metaporically here- an expression to explain the process of thinking, ruminating ,regurgitating and discarding the old to herald in the new. Shedding layer upon layer to bear my soul to the sun. Ha ha-put so philosophically she was totally impressed.

So everybody-especially those who have written in asking me where i am-please excuse my long absense from the blog. I am am very much around and Aal izz well,
 I havent dissapeared from the face of the earth-
i have been….er…molting 🙂

11 thoughts on “Molting…”

  1. I too was seriously wondering where you had dissapeared-infact thought your blog had shut down

    glad to know your back and happy molting 🙂

  2. That’s a new word for me and thanks for contributing to my vocabulary. We all need time off isn’t it? I very well knew I would see your post sooner than later… and voila here it is. Good to have you back. Now lets hear from you through your post what you have been up to besides.. ‘molting’?

  3. I used to see your log site every day and coudn’t see any thing new posted until today.
    And now that you have been “molting” (now written something, felt me pleased.

  4. In the nostalgic process of getting a feel of the younger days (not that i’m old now , only 23) , i started browsing the 90s songs on youtube and when i heard some random guy in hostel hum “aye kash ke hum” , i could not have watched the video faster.One of my all time favourites.

    And while watching the video , i wondered “what on earth must have happened to this fine looking actress , why do some people just disappear while others , like SRK become superstars ” . Not being the most ardent of bollywood fans , i must admit i did not know your name , but remembered your face with absolute clarity.

    So i “wikied” you and that led me here and after going through your posts and other stuff , i came to the conclusion that each of us lead such different lives.I mean you acted alongside SRK 17 yrs back and chose to take a different path , which i’m sure must have been the right decision for you as you must have found happiness in it.

    Now normally a person would be quick to judge and say ” Obviously SRK is more successful than Suchitra” , but i feel that statement has as much chance of being false as it has of being true.The problem is that most people associate fame with success , whereas the truth is that , it is doing whatever you love to do which brings the ultimate success because at the end of the day , it is peace of mind and happiness that count .Those are the actual factors that make up success.One can be fairly unknown and still be the happiest.

    “Molting” as you mentioned in this short , but a wonderful and sensible post , is what most people ,unfortunately , never bother about.I’m currently pursuing MBA and its the lack of “Molting” awareness that has already assured a mid-life or all-life crisis for most of the students that are mindlessly following the “machine”.

    Is this philosophy true in as volatile an industry as films/bollywood is ??? What kind of people in there are the happiest ??

    I would be extremely glad if you could give your views on this and also answer those questions , for it would not only facilitate my “molting” , but i would also have the pleasure of having your undivided attention , something which not even SRK could manage :).

    Cheers ,

    Kush Sharma

  5. Yeah thats a really freshening process!!! I ll think bout it too….good for you! Take your time…do read my blog when you have time…

  6. What a relief to see your blog on ‘molting’. I was really missing it.That was my only refreshment in my insipid life. Thank you very much for returning to your have beautifully used the word ‘moult’ which is applicable to animals and birds. Hats off to your expression and style of writing.Keep it up.God Bless you.

  7. all of us have skins to shed
    as we rush to bed when we wed
    stupid is this all done and said
    realise it we only when fully bled

    beyond yon darkness shimmers a light
    see it not when we foolishly fight
    the budding rose and innocent child
    do charm and stifle all that is wild

    oh god give me that simple serenity
    to falter to the shimmer of eternity!

  8. hi suchitra! where r u these days?
    we miss your writings
    come on say something
    you always say well and
    keep us under ur spell
    like hell!

  9. Hey Suchits,

    I am new here, but your success is this site, all the folks who post so good concepts and what I am sure is the wonderful effect on your glow. btw how did you hit upon this design, exquisite yet simple? Now ppl, does success measure in faltoo funds or radiant lumens?


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