Its a wonderful film…

Saw “Its a wonderful afterlife” last night-

Laughed and laughed-Since the promos and posters give no indication of the laugh riot in store-i went with zero anticipation-except that I’m going to have an evening out. But the first scene itself set the tone for the film–where the British police are investigating a serial “curry killler” in Londons Southhall-who murders her victim by feeding him masala bhara indian food till his stomach rips open is hilarious.
And then the film galloped away and before you knew it it was over and we were exiting the theatres grinning away to glory

Shabana Azmi as usual is superb-everytime i see her on screen she seems to get better and better. Her intelligence and warmth sock you and suck you into whatever her character is going through. The other performances were lovely as well-Goldy Notay who plays her plump daughter who cant find herself a husband because of her weighty issues – looks strikingly similar to a young Gurinder Chadda and is a complete natural as is Sally Hawkins – her psychic friend.
Sendhil Ramamurthy is yummy… Ramamurthy is my mothers maiden name…somebody give me the hottie’s number please. I gotta investigate my family tree -:-)))))))))))

The main star of the film is ofcourse the writing–the screenplay and dialogue so crisp there was barely a moment or two when the film sags.

This is not a review-ofcourse not-but just a little note to say I had great fun watching “Its a wonderful afterlife” Havent had such  a blast  at the movies in the longest time

Have a great weekend

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  1. seems like you are in a very small minority-the film has otherwise got horrible reviews-i just googled it
    anyway am glad it made you laugh

  2. Hi
    Since long i am searching for your song “Khamoshia ye Bolti Khamoshia”

    Its from your album “Dole Dole”

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need this song very badly….plz share it if you have.

  3. I agree with you Mr. Bhaskar. I also was surprised when she says the movie made her laugh and she enjoyed it.when it came from Suchitra, I was really inspired to see the film.She was right. Not a moment was boring or irritating,though I could’nt follow it thoroughly as I was 10, 15 minutes late and misssed the beginning..
    As Suchitra has rightly put it, Ramamurthy was great, not only in looks but also in acting.But Suchitra, Ramamurthy is not a surname to trace him in your mother’s family tree as your mother’s maiden name is also Ramamurthy. South Indians normally don’t use their surname. They use their father’s name or just initials.
    Any way, it doesn’t make any difference;
    HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY.Suchitra.What did Kaveri give you/ A tight hug and a kiss?All the Best. God Blless you.

  4. suchitra i watched the movie before i read your
    column.It is absolutely and pleasantly hilarious
    .i enjoyed every minute of it.
    It calls fo an intellectual sensitivity to
    appreciate the movie.
    Most of our film are either paid for or by critics that don’t get free passes!

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