Do you let your heart wonder…?

Did you hear the wind pass you by
Did you ever hear it sing?
Do you let your heart wonder
About the joy of little things?

Did you ask the red rose
About the colour of her flower?
Or did you perhaps ask a lemon
What makes it taste so sour?

Did you ask the clouds
About the tears that they cry
Or how the dainty blue bird
learnt to spread its wings and fly?

Did you ask the angel above
How the fish learnt to swim?
Do you ever let your heart wonder
About the joy of little things?

Did you ask the setting sun
Where it rests when the day is through
the mountain how it stood so tall?
Or how the rainbow gets his hue?

Did you question the crab about his crawl
Or what makes the river flow?
or the glowworm that comes out at night
What makes the green grass grow?

Did you ask the leaping frog
About the warmth the summer brings?
Do you ever let your heart wonder
About the joy of little things.

16 thoughts on “Do you let your heart wonder…?”

  1. Beautiful composition. This is all God’s grace.I have always, right from my childhood, wondered about all these things that you have asked.That is how I have become so religious minded. But I have never tried to put them in words as you have so wonderfully done. Your poems are beautiful, Suchitra! They touch my heart and make me feel emotional.They are divine. Keep it up. God Bless you All the Best

  2. a gay and happy mind and a zest for living
    is thrown up in this outpouring.
    keep this buoyancy for ever.
    it will stand you in good stead!

  3. Loved your post. Reminds us of how we’ve forgotten to smell the flowers. Getting caught in the urban grind. Beatiful use of simple figures of speech and the simplicity of the language capture the essence of nature very nicely.

  4. i enjoyed your lovely poem.hailing
    from a village full of natural sceneries,
    flowers of every hue and colour,vast
    paddy fields,coconut and mango groves
    I could travel back in time and recall
    those wonderful days,where for nearly
    half a day daily i will be up some tree
    and surrounded by my friends!
    Visit some scenic quiet and safe places
    with close friends and give urself a visual treat!
    God bless you!
    I heard your HEY RAM song today thanks
    to my wife and can’t tell how moving and
    divine the experience was.
    Do you keep singing now also?
    you have a wonderful voice like the

  5. if aint for the joy of little things and innocent joyous pleasures )))) life would have surpassed us all by now. The infinite intelligence that created it all rocks for me, only bec i know i am connected to the same intelligence ))))))

  6. Beautiful!!!!
    While i was reading it, i remembered the song “Somewhere only we know” by Keane.
    Your poem took me back to my school days… Feeling very nostalgic…

  7. your poems are divine and that shows your character.Keep it up. God Bless you. I wish my mummy were alive today to enjoy your poems.

  8. Why everytime we need a Destination to reach through, why can’t we walk endlessly for no perfect goals?
    Why Do we need a particular place and time to let our emotions flow out in the form of tears ?
    Why do we listen to the audible only but have you ever tried to hear the unspoken?
    Why do we always chase the visible only but never try to seek out the unseen?
    Why the replete are the more hungry but never think to fulfil the incomplete ?
    Why do they think the beauty is always bright but have you ever encountered the dark?
    Why do they prefer the loudness of chaos by missing the softness of soothing silence?
    Why do they live in a delusion that conversations requires languages but they must have never talked to nature (let their heart talk).
    Why these sense able most creatures always behave sense less expecting the rest to use their senses?

    Why do we have such question that no body like to answer
    Why don’t they like to get involved answering such questions?

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