Boobs and bums

Was talking to a friend of mine(male) the other day-about the boobquake issue. You know when the Iranian cleric said that womens exposed breasts were causing earthquakes around the world. Baaaahhhhh!!!

While the clerics statement was a pathetic viewpoint that didnt warrant a comment or reaction it got us talking about the larger issue.

 Its like hating/punishing/beating/ tormenting/burning a cigarette or alchohol or narcotic rather than conquering your own weakness and addiction towards it.Villify it, condemn it dunk it under the sea but if the craving is strong enough,  a smoker /drinker/drug adict will fall to the bottom of the earth to get his/her fix.
its not much different for mans carnal desire.

It is the ultimate enticement-a potent mind altering drug to the base mind

 Its what  a large part of sexual morality-(especially in more repressed cultures) is based on-
why women have been made to feel conscious and ashamed of something God gave us.

 Like stupid fools (please refer to my earlier blog what is the difference between being stupid and being a fool) we accepted the mans weakness as our shame-never once questioning the rationale behind this abhorent sad reality

Anyway then -i asked my friend why the male fascination with boobs? Since we women just have it -no effort required whatsoever-it never fails to amuse or astound us. His answer was simple-its because we men dont.

And then we talked some more and he asked me if there was nothing /no part of human anatomy that got women to react so strongly…

I thought about it. And thought about it again.While i cant speak for other women-i can vouch for myself and a few of my close girlfriends

We get turned on by the sight of a  baby’s bum!!!
yes you read it correctly.
Soft, fleshy, squeezable,quivering baby bottoms…it makes us long to  touch, pinch, kiss, pucker, caress and posess…ooooohhh!!

The sight of a baby’s bare bottom turns me to mush-no doubt about it. Makes me all warm and fuzzy

He was a bit zapped and immensely tickled.
So how does this funda work?
We talked about it some more…

And came to the conclusion that its a life force in itself…as primal as it gets.
Its the basic law of attraction-
what keeps the species alive, stops us from going extinct.

Men love boobs and
women love babies bums

Man loves boobs+woman loves babies bums===procreation +survival of the race

No shame in that…except that we women dont go around telling babies that they are vulgar or shameless because their bottoms are so cute and so they better cover up those soft enitcing mounds of flesh or…. or else the sky will fall down!

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  1. You have made a fantastic and important point in a very light hearted way. Super cool

  2. Well I dont mind noticing women boobs either.A well toned boobs always are a good treat and shows a goo sign of personality and may be becuase if this only women are so concerned about thisbody part after their face.

    well cant agree you more with baby bums though..

  3. interesting. now men have solid justification for refusing to change nappies. thanks a lot for this leak … LOL ! changing nappies are practically the only thing i hate about babies … also feeding them … and yes also their incessant bawling …

    would like to know if babies feel disgusted if women ogle at their bums.

  4. These days everything is assciated with sex.boobs are given by God for lactating the baby and bring it up.and the bums are given to sit on the floor or where ever. That is my interpretation.We never gave so much importance to all these things.The most attractive part of a woman was considered her face.Face was rated as the index of the person’s mind.that is why it was considered important Each part of the body has some utility and function and it should be properly covered and protected. It is not for other’s attention or appreciation.This way of talk is very ultra modern and time pass.People in general should have better things to do.Creativity is the best form of sublimation.This topic is too tough for me to handle.Sorry, if I have blabbered something.Nodoubt babies bums are adorable and you feel like pinching, kissing etc.Imagine someone doing the same for an adult’s bums.That is what makes it different.Awful!!!!!!

  5. To get clear answer and for better understanding of human brain, psychology etc …

    You need to understand
    … start point of a baby
    … First interaction with mother when born

    Sorry, its too much to type but from above you can get the hints …

  6. boobs make a woman and their absence tells!
    i go mad after babies bums, particularly
    when they attempt to stand up and totter!
    even women’s bums are a delight to watch
    if they are very fat! they occupy half the
    room and their movement is music!
    big bums drive men away!

  7. first time here and what a topic to drop into…:-)

    Food for thought – if man is the highest form of an animal ie highest in the animal kingdom, or in the food chain, then but for man, the rest of the animal kingdom follows sexual freedom in ways beyond comprehension.We are the only ones causing conflict. liking disliking anything is a personal choice…imposing it however , gives it a different connotation.

  8. gyanban animals wear nothing and wander for
    food and often become food themselves.
    we are the only species conceited and concealed.
    how sad!

  9. That’s interesting…why are men obsessed with big boobs is a moot point. If you think objectively, they are nothing but lumps of flesh and for sometime contain milk for lactating a baby…. the baby bums are very cute indeed but as they grow, they turn from cutie to weird….

  10. dear suchitra
    i realy lik’s ur blog n a regular reader 2. u hv a nice reading skill. i jst wnt 2 say on ths topic tht so many reserchs all ready said tht male alwyz fascinatz by boobz. evn they gid xited by boobs. they nt only wnt 2 play wth thm bt also suck’s lik a child. fraid sayz tht bcoz of libido, both men n womem get xuted wth boobz. n whn men start sucking, he felt lik a childhood. if u cn feel, jst wach only female’s boobz r so prety, they atract evn women 2. boobz of animals r nt so xsiting. 4 males evn size matters, bt whn ths is mom, size nvr matters bcoz little child wnt 2 b filled stomach. evn fraid sayz tiny child felt xiting by feeding, u cn find eracuzation.
    it’s all natural n thos foolish frustated fellows cn nvr understnd d truth.leave thm, d’nt try 2 panitrate thr dead feelingz, they wll nt working n cn’t worging.
    lv u.
    tk carae

  11. I think u did not think about indigenous people. many of them have no such breast hiding practices. men of those societies are not so obsessed with breasts ! so this obsession is byproduct of civilization, i think !!

  12. True many indigenous people do not cover their breasts, this obsession with boobs is a result of hideous clothing thats there for centuries! so the natural human inquisitiveness of whats behind the veil… and the desperation of Indians (men in this context) who are given very less freedom when it comes to relationships.

    For example when I came to US, cleavage revealing clothes worn by women here did not make them look vulgar, rather they were quite comfortable in what ever clothes they wore. But if the same clothes are worn by an Indian girl, we (Indians) cannot take our eyes off her breasts! May be its rooted in our minds.

    In conclusion, I think its the society in which the beholder lives.

  13. sexual discriminaton when a man talks about his little baby’s bum he is a pedophile but if a woman talks about it, it is cute

  14. can any woman truly agree that she has never paid attention to her boobs or her butt. where could it have possibly begun?
    the male of the species is attracted to the woman of the species visually, and it is but the base instinct of the woman to make herself attractive to her man. The woman of the species responds by sound waves to her man, hence perhaps the obsession, with the oohs and aahs that eminate from the source of attraction.
    i know lots of women who pay attention to the mans pectorals as well as his butt, and i know tons of ppl who pay equal attention to eyes, nose, lips, legs, hands, feet or a smile.
    a shapely butt in a man, woman or child is a delight and a carved female form is a visual delight.
    Dont women stare at paunches and bulges in the male form, same difference…

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