What is the difference between being STUPID & being a FOOL?

Summer in Mumbai is seriously hot.
I need to chill
You know …just be stupid sometimes ,play the fool a little bit… that kind of thing….

But the minute i think that , I’m all confused….
What is stupid and what is a fool? Oh my God! Am i getting my definitions all muddled up…?? What will the intelligentia think of me… no no….cant get it wrong….

So I look it up

The Oxford dictionary defines stupid and fool as

STUPID:- 1.lacking intelligence or common sense
2.dazed and unable to think clearly
3.(informal) used to express exasperation or boredom-eg your stupid paintings!!

FOOL: 1.a person who acts unwisely
2. trick or deceive
3. act in a joking or silly way

So I gather

Stupidity is just ignorance

Foolishness is the unwise act of letting your ignorance show

Stupid is plain dumb as in… duh! As in inability of the brain to comprehend

Foolish is not giving a damn and doing it anyway, unmindful of the consequenses

Why did kings and emperors employ and pay fools a lot of money to keep them entertained and happy?
So is it better to be foolish rather than stupid?

if stupidity is ignorance why the expression -ignorance is bliss? or the term Fools paradise?

Do you know any instance of people being paid and employed for being plain dumb …read stupid? -forget arranged marriages and the sex trade-that is not in discussion here
But then they earn a lot of money so is being stupid better than being foolish?
Is it better to be clever and rich ?or ? dumb honest and poor?
Who is deceiving whom? is it the stupid deceiving the foolish or vice versa?

Questions questions questions… Phew! Here’s one more
Do stupidity and foolishness go hand in hand?

Am I stupid for being so confused (read dumb)
or foolish for showing the world my confusion ?(read reckless)
Or is it the other way around?

Consider the following image…..




So…big shsh….mixed media on paper 18x 24

So is this foolish or is this stupid? But is it ok to be both stupid and foolish??
could stupid + foolish = clever?
like in maths two negatives make a positive…

Ha! I’m having so much fun…

Ohmygaaawd! Somebody help me! 🙂

12 thoughts on “What is the difference between being STUPID & being a FOOL?”

  1. stupidity is a basic inability to comprehend,grasp or understand.
    Foolishness is not stupidity.It is acting on impulse sans thought
    without bothering about the consequences.Fools can be
    extremely intelligent!
    I think I am a fool!
    The drawing whips up several images,a bird in flight,a perplexed kid
    a staggering woman,a lost fish and so on.
    It kindles one’s imagination!
    Summer effect.
    A fool cannot be stupid!
    A stupid can also be a fool!

  2. Ha ha-this is hilarious. You are too funny suchitra-i was wondering
    Why u had not written a blog for so many days-
    Ohmygaaaaawd somebody stop me from laughing 🙂

  3. stupid or fool or any word in english or any language for that matter i think means what the speaker or writer intends it to mean to himself/herself and may not necessarily mean the same to the listener or reader. no matter what the speaker/writer intends to convey unless the listener/reader is an expert in the english language the two words will not have any perceived difference. but then language is not just a means of communication. just like painting, writing can be an instrument of art. the writer/painter may not want to convey any message but he/she could use his article/painting as a tool to unlock the mind of the reader. once the reader’s mind is unlocked he/she could use the various ideas and images that emerge from his/her mind to create his/her own interpretation of the work of art.
    i think the image above is an example of this phenomenon. brilliant!

  4. A stupid person is one who is incapable of understanding anything but argues for everything as if he is an ultimate authority. In other words .incorrigible, .In vernacular language, there is a saying that some one arguing the hares have only three legs. When contradicted, he would say the hare whom I caught has three legs. so all hares have only three legs.This is known as stupidity. there is no alternative except surrendering.Where as, a fool would believe everything others say without having any analytical or rational thinking. He does not want to waste his time and energy. Too lazy. After writing this comment, I feel I am an idiot. I don’t know what it actually means. I have to consult the dictionary to get the definition. Sorry, I am an idiot

  5. Being STUPID mostly you create troubles for others…. but Being FOOL you became victim….
    Stupidity or foolishness never relates with anybodies intelligence…. it’s just an excuse…

    Dont be STUPID…. dont be FOOL… or even dont be IDIOT…. just be a kind humenbeing…. think clear & act positive….

  6. Actually, the fools that kings employed in the days of yore, the classic Shakespearan fools were in reality very wise. But they were not wordly wise. If you are not worldy wise, you are a food. If you are worldy wise then you are stupid…

    Something to chew on 🙂

  7. stupid you are when you knew it but missed the point )))) and a fool is someone who considers oneself extremely intelligent and clever, others just dont get it! a know it all i guess. a stupid fool surpasses all lol

  8. cruising between Stupid and Fool is purely autistic voyeurism…Intelligent human does tend to identify the discerning stupid or a bonafide fool, as you are oftern referred as ” the Intelligent one” guess its a bliss to be stupid and be unaware…kind like to be sometime. its virtually sufism. present but not here, around but somewhere else, now but where… fools cannot be tagged ever…great blog, must say…cheers

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