She wont be lonely long…

I’m usually not a great fan of country music but this song i recently heard on you tube I loved… especially or rather mainly the lyrics…



10 thoughts on “She wont be lonely long…”

  1. I heard the song. It is very good. ‘She is lonely now. She won’t be lonely long’ It is symbolic too.I will try and download it. Thanks.

  2. im regularly jumping around the web almost all of the day so I have a tendency to peruse quite a lot, which isnt usually a beneficial thing as some of the pages I see are made up of worthless waste copied from several other internet sites a thousand times, nevertheless I have to give you credit this site is definitely half decent and also consists of a lot of genuine material, so cheers for splitting the phenomena of solely copying other folks’ sites, bye for now 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful song… indeed… Out of the blue, I remembered your films and was wondering where you are [last film I saw was My wife’s murder]. I searched the google and was happy to find your site.

    warm wishes, Mary

  4. The song is beautiful. The tune though, reminds me of another song by Ronan Keating- “Life is a Roller Coaster.” But the lyrics make it worth listening anyway.
    By the way, I’m a huge fan. My best wishes to you.

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