The Messiah

The messiah lives in an enviable space
you’ll find him holding court down the hall
He’s even set up his own grand stall
Gathered an audience to appalaud


Words of wisdom emanate from his lips
Thoughts from deep inside his head
He knows it all, no need to think
In fact you might as well be dead


He’ll bless you of course, religiously
tell you all  you need to feed your greed
Then he”ll say he is the
 voice of God, 
simply doing his good deed

The people they look up to him,
follow his every word
The passion he stirs up in them,
It’s astounding, it’s absurd


The people never pause to give a thought
to their own belief
Having another do your thinking,
I guess is such a relief


The messiah he takes himself seriously,
It’s a profitable trade
His wisdom is for sale lady,
but only till half past eight.

6 thoughts on “The Messiah”

  1. I wonder what provoked this poem?
    may be the release of a video of a sadhu and
    a film star in intimate poses.
    Such rascals have always existed and will continue
    to do so
    so long as we look upon these charlatans with mouths agape
    and legs geneflexing before their bearded wisdom.
    how many other scoundrels he has promoted and
    how many promoted him are a multitude.will they ever
    be caught?
    Om namah shivaya!

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