7 thoughts on “Is this funny or what?”

  1. It is a true picture of contemporary society.
    A sizeable section of our representatives in
    Parliament and state legislatures have
    criminal cases against them.
    Several personnel in armed forces and civil
    services have been exposed for their misdeeds.
    In fact cases filed or exposures made are only
    the thin edge of a huge iceberg.
    The cartoon is telling!

  2. i agree with vasishta
    it a a true reflevtion of the current state of affairs in our country

  3. this cartoon is mocking our version of democracy where people’s servants are the kings and the people are their slaves 🙂 ours is a government of the people (sitting inside the parliament and assemblies), for the people (who work for the persons sitting inside parliament and assemblies) and by the people (who are outside parliament and assemblies)… yet, we have to show the world that we are proud of this.

  4. You can also say that our democracy is “off” the people, “buy” the people and “far” the people.As long as illiteracy and poverty rule the country, this is how the country will develop.good one.

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