Last night I walked into the mens loo in a posh nightlounge in mumbai!! to say it was embarassing is putting it mildly…

 See it was my first time in the place and i got confused between left and right. I took the left door into the mens loo instead of the right turn into the main lounge.Suddenly i found myself in the midst of streaming watery sounds and surprised but cocky masculine faces. Where was I? I froze- it took me a few good seconds before i realized i was in a mens loo! Eeeks! EEks EEks i started to shreik, trying to find the exit, spinning around incoherantly

Some of the peeing men smirked. Some laughed. Nobody looked emabarrased except me.

It just proved to me that men even when caught with their pants and their whatever in their hands  retain their confidence.. its conditioning… There was no hiding for cover because of my horrified shreiks or my loud embarasment.. All i saw  was smug smirks and some amused glances.
Only one guy had the decency to tell me that i had exited through  the wrong door even while he nonchallantly continued his task-the rest looked maha amused. I ran out

A few minutes later the man who had shown me the exit in the mens loo joined his group at a table close to mine. While i  tried to avert my eyes he laughed and asked me if I’m allright-raising his glass in a salute

I imagined the reverse-Imagine a man walking into a womens loo-It would have caused a furore.
 Most of the women would have cowered and complained to the management and what not. The man would have probably got beaten up or even landed in jail…

For a day on our television screens it may have even made breaking news “Pervert gets beaten up for breaking into a ladies toilet…”

Phew! thank god such things dont happen to us ladies.

22 thoughts on “OOPS!”

  1. Suchitra are you planning to write another book? If so plz do let us know. Can’t wait to read your book, as i can relate to your sensibilites 🙂


  2. there may be a reason to it … most men love watching women … more so if they (either of the two) are naked … even more so when both are naked … that is life … men are like that …

    men would actually be majorly amused if a woman walks into their loo … and if a man strays into a woman’s loo it is likely that he went on purpose … far more likely than if a woman stumbles into men’s loo … so everybody will err on the side of caution and assume it is always the case … hence the public shaming and being beaten up …

    i, for example, would never have the courage to admit publicly if i stray into a women’s loo esp to my female friends … luckily it has never happened though i have caught myself just in time in a couple of occasions.

    on second thoughts … most men (except those directly related to the said females) who turn up for beating the hapless guy would probably do it more out of jealousy than a genuine outrage

  3. mens loo in a posh nightlounge must be not that bad but when We – an ordinary men visit loo within public place only we know how horrible the stinking location it is.

  4. Nevertheless, it was an experience and every experience needs to be counted. This will make you laugh your whole life. Those lucky few must have enjoyed the moment and surely thought it a little further in their minds later.

  5. Females like Suchitra are hypocrites. They are perverted females, who wants to see the naked men and then pretend as if they did it by mistake. Shame on you.

  6. Kunal-you are hilarious and your point of view disgusting

    One gets to see enough undressed men in gyms- a changing room would be a better option to spy on undressed male bodies
    why on earth would any girl break into a mans toilet in a nightclub for that! Gross!!

  7. Nisha you are a pathetic piece of shit. Because females love to ogle at bodies of beautiful men.

  8. mistakes do happen, men’s mistake will be termed as deliberate offense and women’s mistake will be just a mistake and nothing else than that. well, take it easy, this is the only task men & women can never do together. anyway, if this happened with you it can happen to another woman too, so i would be eager to see the designer who planned that area of the floor. it’s the floor designer’s fault, not yours.

  9. Nisha,

    Do you ogle at nude male bodies in gyms and changing rooms? How perverted a female are you! Shame shame!!

  10. That was one hell of a hilarious post. Its exactly what would happen if any lady enters a gents loo anywhere in the world. The thought of seeing Suchitra by the men in action in that loo is a probability of a lifetime. The facial expression could have given all a himalayan high.

  11. Did you travel to Thailand?
    It is a common scene there to see a woman attending and cleaning men’s loo. I was associated with Thailand Tourism for five years and travelled regularly for business.
    There none cares and women cleans men’s washroom. I have seen this at 5 star hotels, airport and at shopping malls etc.
    Embarassing for me for the first time but now I am used to it since I want to ease myself.
    May be it is an accepted social norm there?

  12. well, I once treaded into the ladies loo purely accidentally. There were young girls and middle aged aunties..they just looked at me with wide eyes..I think they too shocked to utter a word….It took me a few seconds to realise where I was..I genuinely felt sorry and uttered that and exited…There were no shrieks or shouts, but before they could resort any of them, I was out…It happens sometimes…No body would do such a thing “intentionally”, I am sure…..

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