Dear dear Dr Agrawal…

If there is one person I have come to depend on entirely in the last many years in Mumbai its my family doctor…Dr Agrawal. To me-and i’m sure to  the hundreds he treats- he is much more than a man of science, he is a man of the heart. His good intentions and love  as  healing as the medicines he prescribes

I call him up for everything- from coughs and colds to frizzy hair!! to broken backs. Very often Kaveri will sneeze and demand to see Dr Agrawal-sometimes she just speaks with him on the phone and she is fine. Ditto for me.  He is never too busy and takes no complaint lightly. He works tirelessly round the clock not even pausing for a cup of tea or coffee. A true karmayogi. I asked him once what happens when he falls ill-who looks after him. He laughed it off saying that as long as he is looking after people he never falls ill. Its what keeps him happy and refreshed

Last evening was the wedding reception of his daughter Dr Raashi Agrawal -a bright young physiotherapist who is carrying on her fathers good work. She has healed many a torn ligament and knee injury in my family too, with the same affable goodness as her father

The sheer goodwill that Dr Agrawal holds in the community was apparent last evening. EVERYBODY showed up-everybody had an injection story or some such to share and smile about. After all there are generations that have grown up with his healing touch 

Inspite of the large number of people that were present, Dr Agrawal attended personally to each and every one of his guests-insisting we eat and make merry.

I told him the next time I call him it HAS to be for a cup of coffee or a meal- the good doctor needs some rest too.
Ofcourse I’ll have to fake an ailment to get him to make the time for that and have him visit 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dear dear Dr Agrawal…”

  1. These days it is very difficult to see such dedicated, devoted and dutiful doctors. I can imagine how his patients must be loving him for the care he takes for his patients. God Bless him

  2. As one who knows him too,i can vouch for dr agarwal’s
    genuine interest and care in his patients and his selfless
    devoyion to his patients’I would call him a demi god!
    I remember how he saved me once from near death
    when I had a sudden haemorrage and was almost

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  4. Hi Suchitra, you look very beautiful, I lkie ur songs and ur acting in ur previous movies. R u from Andhra Pradesh. If so, can you speak telugu fluently…
    All the best and good wishes to u and little princess Kaveri.

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