Twitter…is nothing sacred anymore?

Inspite of being told more than a year and a half ago that twitter is the new networking platform thats going to take the world by storm, i resisted.

Though my web administrator-the dynamic Nirav Sanghavi prophesised it and created an account for me (suchitrak) even before people were asking whats twitter? Is it a bird? 
But  i went What? Such few words and me? no chance!!! That’s way too little – Besides why would i want to let the world know everytime i belched or the colour of my doggies poo? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Because thats exactly the kind of stuff happening on twitter. Ofcourse i have checked mainly the Indian celebrity tweets- because thats all i read about in the newspapers and their links are easy to find. 

Looks like twitter has eliminated the stars need for a PR machinery…now you hear tidbits right from the horses mouth. Earth shattering and life altering stories about stuff like what they had for dinner or the new colour of their upholstery or what they wore to a party.No need for the media to cross check or verify or confirm  any of this absolutely vital peice of information. It takes precedence over the earthquake in Haiti even

No more stars getting away with saying “I was misquoted” “I am going to sue the newspaper/channel”- for stuff that is actually invariably true-never mind for a twist of zesty masala here and there.

So the stars give out tidbits that are safe for the world to know. That distract. That reveal them as the good guys/girls just having fun on sleepless nights spreading boundless love and kisses and hugs.
Mmmmuah!!! over and over and all over again.


Come see my movie/watch my show/read my book/ etc etc being the underlying blah.

Or atleast please dont forget all about me till i make my next big announcement!! First hand to all my tweeples ofcourse.You are family! Please please. Pretty please. Love hugzzzz and many more muahs

This is true for most celebrity tweets except perhaps for  the likes of Shashi Tharoor who is actually talking about the good work he is going all over the world and create an awareness and platform to share.

I agree Communication and technology has changed our lives for ever. It has its blessings…it has made the world more equal and democratic than one could have ever dreamed of. Infact i have often referred to the internet as “universal consciousness”

But now it suddenly seems to me that the world around us is turning into a full reality show. Scary. Everybody is gorging from it and feeding the voyeuristic tendencies of everybody else.Nobody even knows the difference anymore. The world is a stage, and everybody an actor. Nothing is sacred. Every facet of one’s lives is for public consumption.
TRP’s,  Popularity publicity ke waaste sab kuch chalega.

I’m trying not to judge it. If its where the world is headed…who knows.

 But where do we draw the line?

Information is a mouseclick away, easiest thing to access. Everything we need to know is on the internet, Except discretion. And wisdom.

For that we still have to exercise  our minds and more importantly- our heart

21 thoughts on “Twitter…is nothing sacred anymore?”

  1. Well not everybody can write long intellectual peices.

    twitter is a good communication platform for lesser mortals with poor writing skills ha ha

  2. i totally second that.. the internet, and twitter, is creating a world that takes some getting used to. Disclaimer – i have stayed off twitter rather religiously. Just not my thing.

  3. Lol
    i agree with you.
    read some of the celebrity blogs where they are just writing to each other. Or atleast pretending to. SRK to Karan Johar, Riteish deshmuhk to Juniour Bachchan etc. Very incestutous and gimmicky

    If its such a personal conversation between friends why not just sms or call each other?
    Would you inform your best friend about your headache/lack of sleep via a tweet on twitter?

    Its all very weird

  4. I can never express myself in 140 characters limit. But it’s somewhat like an abbreviated form of a blog and I use it like that, whatever I write in blog, gets updated on my Twitter page. There’s nothing else I can do with Twitter. As for celebrities’ Twitter pages, those are for extreme fans. For the normal fans, they’re happy with their celebrity’s quality of work done. I can still see the lively vibrant and smiling Suchitra on the screen if I close my eyes, I don’t need Twitter or Facebook for that reason.

  5. I’ll disagree with you on this 🙂 How Twitter comes to you depends on who you follow. If you follow ‘dogs’ you get ‘dog poop’. If you follow no one, like you are obviously doing as I see from your Twitter Profile, you get nothing. 🙂

    Since you are not following anyone, let me tell you the real story. Even people like Tharoor does a lot of self-promotion and tweet a lot of crap like ‘i-just-had-a-radish-fry-for-dinner’ Chetan calls his followers CB Family, which makes me lose any respect I have for that man. But then, once in a while, they tweet good stuff too.

    I used to think that Twitter is about voyeurism. Not any more. If people tweet what you say they are tweeting now, it is just because they are figuring out what to do with Twitter. Solution? Don’t follow such ppl! However, there are people who have already figured out what to do with Twitter. They are worth following. Please visit me on Twitter at @sojovarughese and take a look at the people I follow. You will find enough and more tweeters there who will make your Twitter experience as useful and as intellectual as you would like it. Good luck 🙂

  6. I just came after watching Rann. Googled your name and came to this blog. Nice one !

    Rann was a good movie but could have been better. There were lot of plot holes in the story which were unrealistic.

  7. i have just seen Rann
    Suchitra you are fantastic and given very real performance. We really have you see you acting in more films

    Overall good film though a bit slow. Amitabh bachan and riteish deshmukh were very good. Sudeep is fantastic. reccomend it is one of Ram Gopal Varma’s better films

  8. twitter is a platform for loud thinking which is what peopeple choose
    lf they have no other way of expressing their views. nobody asks you
    to read it.if u choose to read it, u express ur reaction uinhibitedly.
    u willalso be judged! be prepared.don’t whine! take the reactions sportingly.

  9. Well therez galore of information on the web from a gazillion different sources, you or anyone else for that matter needs to figure out some sort of filtering mechanism based on what kinda information you really are interested in….be it twitter, facebook, orkut or any other random blogs for that matter.

  10. Twitter is a waste of time. Celebrities dominate every form of media in India and that needs to be revised ASAP. Celebrities are detrimental to the proper progress of the nation as our celebrities are NOT always genuine, talented people and are basically a poor version following a vague, imagined, foreign celebrity idol. For example Saif ali khan winning Padma Shri. He had to actually defend winning that award which basically proves that he didn’t deserve it. Deepika Padukone appearing in the song, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara when she hasn’t done anything spectacular in her field. Neither has Priyanka Chopra and the remaining lot, including SRK who admits he isn’t much of an actor. I don’t figure being charismatic requires a significant position in society, but that is the way in India. Aamir Khan winning padma bhusan? For what? What has he done so significantly that it warrants such an award? I can’t think of a single thing.
    Point being that Celebrities are dominating just about every aspect of Indian life and these celebrities are not exactly the most deserving people. With their acting prices reaching the skies, their values and the value of things attached to them have been diminished severely. Padma Bhusan, PadmaSri have been affected. Indian morals and standards have been affected. Indian patriotism has been affected.
    This is not to say that it is their fault, they have been able to dominate because the media is willing to give them such an opportunity. Without cameras there can be no celebrities. Without celebrities Indian culture will not cease to have any idols to follow. Nor will Indian culture be devoid of all entertainment. The proper positioning of celebrities in Indian culture is what is required.
    This is has gone on for far too long. An abrupt end to this is in demand. And by ‘this’ I mean, my half-relevant, possibly entirely irrelevant, response to your post. To summarize rather quickly, tweeter is perhaps the least of our worries at this time, seen from the point of view of how deep celebrities have managed to imprint themselves into Indian culture. Aaj Tak and other phony news channels advertise them throughout the day when they ought to be doing something significant.

  11. chstrig has written an interesting piece!
    it is sickening to read about sharuk khan,amirkhan
    padukone etc etc every day in every paper.
    three pages are devoted to cinemas.
    is newsprint paper meant for celluloid celebrities
    and contemptible politicians?
    are nothing else happening in our country?
    don’t we have other winners and events worth
    a note?
    we are a hypocritical and sycophantic nation
    accepting and invertebrate!

  12. Sad but why ?
    Can’t India stand against it ?

    Oscar in 30 Days
    Short Film (Live Action)
    Gregg Helvey
    “An Indian boy and his parents are forced to work as slave labor in a brick kiln.”

    But WHY
    Only this type ???

    Does India have nothing else which they want to show, promote ?

    Where is the Real India ?

  13. I have a twitter account since a year and I have 2 tweets on it 🙁 But I do follow some interesting ones like Vir Sanghvi and Shashi Tharoor.. Its more of a group message tool to share amongst a close group of friends..

    Check out Buzz though! Its the NEW thing from Google and its built in below the inbox in the gmail inbox! Atleast one doesnt have to visit a different website now to update the world abt what they plan to eat at McD’s!

  14. don’t agree with you!! Actually twitter is not a place for writers!! With less fan following!! But popular personalities like SRK, Salman, you, etc. are what twitter is for!! The fans wants to know what you think or do! Btw don’t mind! most of the celebs are not bloggers!! So twitter is a perfect place for them!!

  15. been keeping my eye on your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. posts easily?

  16. I completely disagree with you. It is just the way you take it. One can make a mockery out of everything. Follow the right people and “Twitter” can mean the “World” to you.

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