Running for Laadli

Come Jan 17th 2010, i am participating in the dream run in the Mumbai Marathon to support Laadli…for the girl child

When the founders of Laadli first mentioned it to me I refused. Because i had become a bit cynical about charity. Only because i found that in the past few years the mammoth efforts i had made towards collecting funds for the downtrodden( i have run three previous marathons for an NGO called Saathi) were being utilized to sponsor management picnics and travel camps and paying for management salary rather than going towards the desperately needy. Every time i asked for details on where the funds i had collected were being utilized i was given vague  answers and sent a profit and loss statement which told me nothing.

So when Laadli asked me if i was willing to lend my support to their cause i was sceptical. Even though its a cause i beleive i was born to be involved in I refused..

 But it didnt take long to convince me and so here I am-all ready to huff and puff through the streets of mumbai on the 17th of jan for Laadli

 Like every year i know it will be a melee. A crazy stampede but I am still looking foward to it…

Unlike the previous years where i have particiated in the marathon, i have not made any preparations at all this time around.. No begging my  generous friends for a donation. No personal trainer to jostle me out of bed at 5 am to run on the beach till i collapsed cramped and exhausted, no whey protein supplements to increase my muscle mass and stamina,no knee presses and back breaking exercises. No pressure of any kind.

So why am i blogging about it now? Because  all i want to say is that I am proud to be running for Laadli-an organization dedicated to the welfare and upliftment of the girl child. An institution that fights against female foeticide and tries to give every girlchild her rightful place in the world 

An organization that reitarates my faith about being the daughter and mother i am…Suchitra and Kaveri

I am doing this for my laadli, my daughter Kaveri

19 thoughts on “Running for Laadli”

  1. AWESOME !!! Wish you all the best…. 🙂 God Bless people like you 🙂 BTW the mother-daughter duo look absolutely adorable in this picture!

  2. God bless you suchitra! It is a noteworthy cause
    and probably an honest organisaton for which
    you are doing this.But it is not wise not to prepare
    urself for the mammoth should nourish
    ur structure and develop stamina in a systematic manner.
    The cause apart,such training will give a tingling feeling
    in your mind and body!
    wish you all the best and my love to your laadly-KAVERI

  3. Fantastic Suchitra. Keep up this spirit and start doing research on this topic.Only noble souls like you and benevolent organizations like ‘Laadli’ can create awareness in the minds of the common people. Lots of people are doing research on such topics. But how many people in our country can read these writings? The best way to create awareness is the participation of celebrities like you in such activities.You don’t have to care for anyone’s praise or criticism’ You are doing it for a noble cause.I wish you all success in your endeavour. God Bless you.

  4. awww your little girl is very beautiful 🙂

    Good luck for your run and I root for Laadli !


  5. Hi Suchitra
    You both are looking so great!!
    Are you doing any films, please try to do few for your fans

  6. Hi Suchitra, keep up the good job and ya both mother and daughter look absolutely adorable!!!

    Jigneshwar Kaurala

  7. Hi Suchitra.. I am absolutely amazed at the way human mind functions… LAADLI – Such an important cause in todays world… BUT hardly any discussion or debate on how we can help or support the cause.. (ofcourse other than congratulating and wishing you all the best, which without any second thought you TRULY deserve!) But we all had so much to say about “3 Idiots” which is SO MUCH more important (pun intended) !!!!!!! Well I guess All izz well—-while the 3 Idiots sit and have the last laugh! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Hi SK,

    Have you seen Pyar Impossible. The same story in which you and Jayaram acted. But they have modified it. just ok.



  9. suchitraji1 i am impressed by your repeated gestures
    for the welfare of children,handicpped and down trodden
    people like this run u r going to engage in for lssdli.
    i have admired you for ur integrity,honesty,compassion
    and humility and the remarkable courage in
    shaping ur own life and destiny.
    please take proper care and do not overstrain yourself
    in the process.carry necessary reliefs with you.
    i wish you great success in your run and effort
    for collecting funds.
    may god bless you!

  10. When ever a known personality supports a charitable organization its always assumed as publicity stunt.I am glad you are still doing it Suchitra..Way to go..And oh God !!! Your child looks like an angel on earth:)

  11. Sometime I feel giving more attention to the deprived one makes them more vulnerable.
    Yet for self it may be a matter of pride.

    Personally, I may be little indifferent.

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