21 thoughts on “Chakravyuh”

  1. Koundinya
    i see no distress on the face. I see a lady looking at the torrent around her with intropsection and detachment.
    what strikes me most is the single colour

  2. From the facial expression of the girl, I feel she is seeking the answers for the inumerable questions she wants to ask. I am sure she would find them and face the situation. The face still shows not hope but ‘search’ All the Best’.

  3. I loved this painting..
    One quick thought….

    Why is that your topics of thought always revolves round women.
    Either its blog or painting.

  4. Nicely done. To me it feels as if the women is trying to leave her bothersome world peeping out into a new world.

  5. is a woman breaking this chakrvyuh happier ? answer please suchitra…….morality…duty …accolades…and laments….are all matters of convienence….. remember ?

  6. gorgeous symphony of blues & ceruleans! somehow, the piece suggest a lulling beckoning calm, almost as if you want to just find your peace of mind in the whirlpool, rather than break away from the ‘chakravyuh!

    probably cd never afford it (disclaimer, although I’d love to buy them if I cd!)
    .. but are these works of art for sale?

  7. Nice work with mono-colour !! What I liked the most is the water waves on the face and body of woman, it looks like the sun rays pass through water and she is having reflection of these waves turning round and round! Bravo!

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