All izzz well!!

As we plunge into 2010 the one phrase that has stuck in my head, filling me with an incredible hope and optimism is “ALL  IZZZ  WELL” from the film  3 idiots.

Never mind that Chetan Bhagat dosent think so and that his name has been unmercifully and shamelessly marginalized in the credits. Slumdog Millionaire turned the unknown Vikas Swarup and his book Q and A into an overnight success-yes that screenplay was adapted too, as most films are. But atleast he didnt feel miffed. And the makers were gracious enough to grant him his peice of the pie
The humour in 3 idiots was too cerebral and high IQ to be from a hindi film mind(excuse my snobbery) so i have no doubts about Chetan Bhagats contribution even though i havent read the book. But Hello? (remember that film Chetan? Why werent you screaming from the rooftops about that being your story too? Tch Tch…Whats going on? Am just curious at the way the human mind and the ego works

But coming back to what i started writing this post about, I really beleive that the new year will herald a new start… and whatever the pitfalls I’m going to hold my hand across my chest and repeat the phrase over and over again. After all if our thoughts manifest our reality we might as well fill our heads with the most postive and uplifting ones…even if at times we know its a lie.

“bad hair day?”     All izz well
“sensex crashed today? All is well
“Insecure boyfriend getting on your nerves?” All izzz well
“You mean you didnt know your husband was cheating on you? IDIOT!” ALL IZZZ WELLL
“Maid didnt come today?”  ALLL is well
“Have no money in your bank?” all izzz well
“Lost your job?”  All izzzz well. Trust me
“He likes her more than me? But she’s a greedy whore!” All izzz well. The schmuck deserves her. I deserve way way better
“Too drunk to care?” All izzz well
“No I am not turning into my mother. F off!!”
ALLL IZZZ WELLL!!! dont panic. Things can be changed you know. Our destiny is in our hands

 See I’m a huge Raju Hirani fan. Wether its his ‘Gandhigiri’ or “Jaadu ki jhappi” and now his phrase “All izzz well” from the 3 idiots, hes a man with his heart in the right place. And everytime i see one of his films i get enthused and pious and determined till the next time when…

So all is well is what i told myself when i stood on the weighing scale this morning and i almost died of a panic attack. Having just returned from a debauched holiday it hadnt struck me that the devastating effects on my body mass would be so immediate and so agonizingly painful.

But since “All izzz welll”What is 6 kgs heavier in the larger scheme of things? It atleast gives me a resolution to make and adhere to.

For we must try and we must strive…give every hour and every day a purpose and meaning. Stay happy till its time to bid adieu. Remember Whatever good happens is entirely attributable to you.

Anything bad that happens in between is Karma-not your fault. Blame it on God
or curse the wise  that said…

“You are what your deep driving desire is.
As your desire, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.
                                          Brihadarayanka Upanishad

30 thoughts on “All izzz well!!”

  1. Aamir – The one man army for the said movie And yes, Kareena – natural.
    The pre-production job is well-done I guess And Aamir vanish strategy excellent but the recent controversy-sad. Thank God I saw the movie one day before.

  2. i am a fan of chetan bhgat who has brought a refreshing
    new wind into the art of story telling.
    since i have not seen the film three idiots-i have read the
    book- i reserve my comments till i watch the movie.
    till then all izwell with me!

  3. i have read the book and watched the movie so i guess i m eligible to comment on this controversy.Believe me movie is 50-60% copy of book . It wud have been a better movie if they had adapted 100%. And CB is not craving for fame he already has it. It’s VVC camp that started there promotion as telling that muvi is based on book .They are money minded cheap characters who can’t even respect originality.

  4. @ Suchitra
    Chetan Bhagat didnt made a fuss about his 1st book (One night at the call centre) the Movie name(Hello)because at the starting of the movie Atul agnihotri had given his one whole screen thanks to Chetan Bhagat where as in 3 Idiots writer credit has been given to Hirani and Abhijat Joshi and Chetan’s name was in end credit which no body bothered to see.when movie is 40% and base line of the story then guy is only asking for credit i.e just mentioning of his name.I have seen both the movies and read both the books.You have done nothing of it and made your comments the way you did in Pooja bedi episode and than apologized.Please read both book and watch both movie before commenting.
    You yourself are a writer I really wish this doesnt happen again with you.

  5. Hi Anamika

    Yes i am a writer which is why i have an opinion at all.And voice it so freely

    I am a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat-having just finished reading his latest offering “2 States” I identified with every line and every charactor. Being a south indian having been previously married to a punjabi in a way it was my story.
    Chetan Bhagat has revolutionilized Indian publishing-no doubt about it and i applaud him for it.

    Which is why i say that i have no doubt about his contribution to 3 idiots-like i said it was too cerebral and high IQ to be from a non techie mind.
    Frankly i have five point someone on my bookshelf and am still to proceed beyond the first 30 pages

    But having said that i understand that the filmmakers in the case of 3 Idiots have not breached their contract.(from what they are holding up in the media) If the author knew that it was all he was getting why agree to the contract in the first place?

    The lure of the movies should not dazzle one so much that one forgets ones own artistic worth and get into an agreement that belittles the creators artistic effort and contribution.

    We are a nation of unabashed plagiarists and copycats-surely a man of Chetan Bhagats eductation and intelligence knows that.
    I find it laudable that the makers even bought the rights rather than make a shameless copy. To me that is a step in the right direction.

    And if Chetan is legally in the right and there is a breach of contract-surely he and his publishers should take lawful action? WHAT IS STOPPING THEM?

    I also said that whatever the case the makers should have behaved with more grace and acknowledged the source and given Chetan a pieice of the pie. It was cheap of them to not do so.

    Perhaps you should read my blog again.

    But youre right. I hope this never happens to me…or to anyone for that matter

  6. Hi,

    I never knew you had a blog until I stumbled upon it today. Interesting. Just thought I’d suggest a few links which you may find, interesting? Pardon me though, if I ended up spamming your comment page in the process.

    Chetan Bhagat’s was more into IIT, et al. Abhijit Bhaduri has two of his titles in a series which is into b-schools and a witty take on the world of MBAs. Mediocre But Arrogant, and the second one, Married But Available.

    Talking about south indians, not sure if you’ve heard of this title, No onions nor garlic, by Srividya Natarajan. And, there’s this blog which I recently visited that had me in splits, by Krish Ashok –

    Keep writing,


  7. Hi Suchitra, you have not read the novel, have you? [reading 30 pages is good enough to know 3i is FPS, unless you are lying to save you face.] And you have not watched ‘Hello”, have you? [Your comment about Hello’s Credits clearly tells me you have not] Then, I am afraid I may have to ask you to do what one Vinod Chopra asked one of the reporters to do 😛 [Just kidding]

  8. Chetan has sold the copyright of his book to
    third parties and has no locus standi to fight
    a case since he has agreed to credit being
    given to him at the end.This appears to be
    the legal position.

  9. Hi Suchitra,

    “But Hello? (remember that film Chetan? Why werent you screaming from the rooftops about that being your story too?”This clearly made me believe that you didnt pay attention to the book as well as the movie Hello.You know Chetan Bhagat cant sue them because according to contract there is nothing wrong its only that he expected himself to be given credit in a better manner the way he was given in Hello.

    You know Indian fiction writer are not acnkowledged because they do not unite.Media can write any thing about you but you are left help less if you as a group unite together then all your books can be published world wide.Same goes with film faternity as well. If the whole film faternity would have supported you Preity Zinta would have been exposed.

    Even if its a publicity stunt whole writer community can get together and decide on it rather then the person feeling insecure and alone and run and hide away from everything the way Chetan is doing now.

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and your song and your post makes me visit it again .You come across to me as a real genuine person therefore i fumed reading about Chetan Bhagat coming from your side as I don think you are as rude as Shoba de.

    Nothing more.:)

  10. Anamika has hit the nail on its head,When copyright is
    sold,the buyer gets full rights over all the contents.100%
    even if the film reflected the book totally,the buyer has
    all the credit.The script writer has spent his time and used
    his own talent to make it screen worthy.Giving him
    credit for that is correct, and can’t be faulted.
    It is a pity that such a highly educated Chetan did not
    anticipate this and acted prematurely in disposing of his
    copy right.He must have been adequately compensated
    for that.
    The huge success of the movie has belatedly opened
    chetan’s eyes.
    Hope in future he takes more care.
    So far Amir has acted gracefully.
    The chapter should be closed with this.
    Chetan is bound to scale greater heights in his writng
    as he is a gifted person.

  11. Koundinya, Get your facts right. The copy right was never sold. Chetan and the publishers still has the copyright. Only the right to adapt the film was sold. Even if they adapted only 5% of the film, Chetan has the right to be placed alongside the other three writers, where their credit appears.

    No one is questioning the script writer’s efforts to make the novel screen worthy. That is his job and he jolly well do it right. The issue here is, Chetan was pushed to the background and the script writers were given a prominent place. No one can deny the fact that the story led to the film. So when you give reasonable credits, the film should have started with the credit’Based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat’ or should have ended with ‘Based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat’. When I say ended with, I mean, right after the final shot of the film.

    Chetan has no right to bring this up? Give me a break! Chetan has all the rights to bring this up. One, because the film is largely based on his novel. Two, he was misled into that contract every one is talking about.

    Aamir acted gracefully? If passing comment on something you have not read or seen can be called graceful, then of course, Aamir acted gracefully.

  12. sojo i read somewhere that the copyright was sold.
    if that is not so chetan can rattle the sober.i would
    not like to comment unless i get the full facts.

  13. Guys in the VVC vs CB chakkar why the hell are we adding more stress in our already stressful lives. In this age of accessible information and technology no one is really an IDIOT anymore. Whether its VVC or CB or AK.. all well educated if not, atleast well informed celebrities.. For all that you know it might just be a publicity stunt to garner as much attention and mint money.. fair enough! As long as you enjoyed the book or the movie or for that matter this “ongoing tamasha” ALL IZZ WELL!! In the meanwhile let us seedha-saadha junta thank our stars and be grateful that we still have a our conscience intact.. well atleast most of us!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. BTW Just to add to my above comment.. now-a-days even the ghar ka bai does a full and pukka negotiation before starting any ghar ka kaam.. yeh toh phir bhi…. bus jaane bhi do yaaro! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Suchitra,
    We scored an exclusive interview with Lajju ‘3-Idiots’ Hilani(pun intended) and would love your take on it :

    Mano(IMag) : ‘Aal izz Well’ Hirani ji, What was your inspiration for that catch phrase and the song ?

    Hilani : “Rub a dub dub, rub a dub dub, 3 idiots naked in a tub” . Err, It’s not a tub, it’s actually 3 different barrels ; you see, whatever else I was inspired by, it wasn’t homosexuality.

    Mano(IMag) : Tell us about your characters and how you went about choosing the casting process ..

    Hilani : Half the movie’s budget went in making the heros’ look half their age. But it was worth it and as predicted 3i has become the rage.

    To iron out wrinkles – a roadroller over his face followed by a lawnmover over his head, gave Aamir his gurkha look, plus of course the weight he shed.

    Sharman was awesome ! Really. He did not need any acting workshop to pull of his role. In fact he was so good, some unit guys almost gave him a tin bowl.

    Talking of Kareena, to make her appear convincing as a doc was a task herculean !
    How was I to know that, like her size, her IQ too would be boolean !!

    More at :

    If it was not up to your liking, hope in the least, it unraveled a smile. A smile that drew crowds to ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ more than the goofiness of SRK did (and he was at the top the..)

  16. koundinya, I can understand. We often get misled by the media. Just like the story that is doing round right now [See Sugercane’s link] about CB apologizing. Some time ago CB confirmed on Twitter that he never apologized and everything he had to say as he wrapped up the issue was said only on his blog. This ‘selling the copy right’ thing is another lie. I say that because I read the contract leaked by VC Media. [Please visit my blog to get a link to the pdf file] The contract says VC Films has the right to adapt the story and make it into a film. The right to be known as the author of the story [copy right] remains with Chetan and the right to publish the book remains with Rupa Co., as per the contract too.

  17. Koundinya, I guessed you are a lawyer because things like “locus standi” doesn’t come easily to lesser mortals like me. Since I am not a lawyer, I am waiting for your comments on the contract as I would like to know if I read the contract right 🙂

  18. T0-Day I saw the 3 Idiots.It is a well taken movie
    meant to be hilarious and is hilarious.The three heroes and
    Boman Irani have acted exquisitely.But Kareena Kapoor takes
    the cake with sheer uninhibited and spontaneous
    The resemblance to Chetan Bhagat’s Book is not noticeable
    except in patches.
    All’s well now that chetan has also recognised it as such.

  19. A genuine ‘hi’ to yet another genuine soul. Always believe that there is reason behind everything that happens in life. Just that we get to reason out the reasons after long intervals in our lives. There could be a reason that i just am writing to you today. Things bound to happen, will happen.

  20. A genuine ‘hi’ to yet another genuine soul. Always believe that there is reason behind everything that happens in life. Just that we get to reason out the reasons after long intervals in our lives. There could be a reason that i just am writing to you today. Things bound to happen, will happen.

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