The Good News Reporter -Part 4

The formal launch of the good news reporter has been shifted to end january 2010…so my publishers tell me

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how the publishing business works…its all a bit weird.
Will go to my studio and paint now. So much easier i tell you…no executives and no politics to deal with. Its just me and my canvas…

Bella ciao my dears
Until my next

4 thoughts on “The Good News Reporter -Part 4”

  1. Hey,
    Just bumped into your blog..I was looking at some titles on said publisher’s website and came across yours..intriguing..I’ll definitely purchase a copy 🙂

  2. Suchitra,

    If Shashi Tharoor had Indian books like The Summer of Cool and The Good News Reporter to read when he was growing up, they would have featured in his book “Bookless in Baghdad”, Chapter 1, Growing Up with Books in India.

    Congratulations on filling a very important void! If I had to compile a list of most influential Indians, you would be among the top! Not only did you write for children, you wrote a completely desi book, which like most Indian urban things and people, reflects the global nature of today’s kids with their Indian cultural sensibilities.

    There is no ‘Indian children’s book’ that I could relate to while growing up. Thanks for changing all that. My older daughter thoroughly enjoyed the book and so did my younger one and I just could not put the two books down. I read them one after another. The thrill of reading an Indian English book was magical. Then I went into ‘withdrawal’ and couldn’t bring myself to read anything else!

    Last but not the least, the desi consideration aside, you wrote two very good books for children. I am thrilled about the fact that these have Indian characters, themes, plots and ‘Indian English’. But they are good books first because they are simply good stories. The plots are good and the story keeps moving so that you want to keep turning the page.

    I am also glad to see the larger trend of desi literature emerging, which you are a part of:
    The commercial success of books also helps encourage new authors that India needs. About time India!

    I would change two things about the book. One, I would edit it ever so slightly to make the book have a broader appeal to include an even younger age group. Two, I would approach Penguin to get a better bound book. Our copy of TGNR already has pages that are coming loose at one end.

    Suchitra, I hope Devi Saraswati blesses your pen so you can keep more books coming. We would be thrilled to hear back from you!

    Keep writing!

  3. Hi Maam,

    I am Rangarajesh J working as Manager Marketing with, an online circulating library. We are currently celebrating the new breeds of indian authors where in authors of various categories are participating. We would putting up a banner on our website talking about your book with a picture along with it so we would like you to participate on the same.
    Awaiting for your favourable reply….

    Thank you,
    Rangarajesh J

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