Paa-the genius of Mr Amitabh Bachchan

I have just come out of watching Paa-and to say I have been blown away by the sheer brilliance of Mr Amitabh Bachchan is putting it very very mildly. It is the performance of absolute genius

Amitji as Auro in my mind is the best performance by an actor ever from anywhere and any kind of cinema in the world that i have seen. And i do happen to watch a lot of films

Having recenly worked with Amitji in Rann I know him as an artist and  human being of exceptional talent and grace…but words fail me when i try to express my thoughts about his performance as Auro…it is beyond the loftiest praise…a new vocabulary would have to be invented. It is godly

I wasnt so keen on seeing the film from the promos i caught on TV. While it seemed interesting, i expected it to be an arty farty type of movie. If my daughter Kaveri hadnt shown such a keen interest in seeing the film i probably wouldnt have bothered…but she insisted so me and she, my mum and dad we all went. 
Having torn a muscle in my lower back last night from a freak fall, i was in excrutiating pain and was all prepared to settle my family in the theatre and return home to my hot water bags and pain releiving gels and tablets. But five minutes into the film I forgot about my pain completely as i lapped up every second of the movie. absorbed in the highs and lows of the films main protagonist

 Auro is warm, witty, naughty intelligent and endearing to the core. Every line, every breath, every smile, every movement of the eye and every action just so perfect. So poignant. My favourite being the one of him at the play station…I was so taken in by the charactor i forgot the actor…i laughed and cried with him and my heartbeats merged with Auro

While there were some glitches in the screenplay that made the movie just a notch below fantastic and a tad slow it is a minor gripe.

I have fallen in love with Auro…the mother in me wants to bring him home and hold him close and take care of him, the artist in me wants to touch Amitji’s feet.

I plan to catch another show of the film tomorrow, and then the day after and the day after if i can. Cant wait for the dvd to come out…so i can actually  bring Auro home and keep him safe

20 thoughts on “Paa-the genius of Mr Amitabh Bachchan”

  1. Yeah the movie is amazing…the work done by Mr.Amitabh Bachchan and Miss.Vidya Balan is simple superb…
    The make up man for Big b has to be given a big pat in the back to make Auro look so real…

  2. paa reached 34 countries/territories and much more … counting

    A lot is happening around the world

    Whole World excited, theatres around the world full

    People standing up to stop Piracy

    and promoting, asking friends to enjoy in theatres

    Pirated DVDs, CDs worth over Rs 10 lakh seized

    so much, so little to write

    Pride for India

    A treasure for the world

  3. Paa has a loud n clear message for everyone,
    everywhere in the world,
    for the change.

    “Be the change, You want to see”

    Must see for everyone …

  4. Never mentioned anything about music! I thought it to be awesome! First time I am discovering your blog. I am an ardent admirer of you right from chunauti days and because of a Kkonam connection!

  5. Music was average. Nothing great
    Good film! vidya’s performance was sensitive. abhsihekh’s best left ignored-whats with the accent dude? it sucks!
    but mr amitabh bachchan as Auro rocks! world class!

  6. हलके से बोले
    कल के नज़ारे
    आँखों से सुन
    कल की धून सुन सुन
    कल को तू चुन चुन
    जहाँ नया यहाँ

    1:24 changed the way we listen music

    Halke Se Bole
    Kal Kay Nazare
    Aankhon Se Soon
    Kal Ki Dhoon Soon Soon
    Kal Ko Tu Choon Choon
    Jahan Naya Yahan …

    Means a lot the world

    Now paa reached 39 countries/territories and much more … counting …

  7. it was a movie that transported u into a different world.
    the performance of amitabh bachaan issuperlative.he
    lives the role.vidya balan was equally good.
    once the movie got going i was not conscious of my
    surroundings and sat glued to the screen.
    when it ended i had to shake myself out of the spell.
    it is not easy to across an actor of this class and stature.

  8. Hi there Suchitra,

    I am sorry that we lost touch – I don’t have your number any more but you can email me at

    I was there on 26/11 in the Oberoi with my friend Rohinton Maloo and I have only now read your post as I have been remembering the awful events of that night, a year on.

    I am delighted that your work is going well and hope we can catch up soon.


  9. I just learnt that 27/11 is your birtday and you
    cancelled the reservation for the party in Taj on
    the fateful at the eleventh hour!
    Thank God!

  10. Hello – I really like what you wrote here! Who is your favorite actor? I really like Arjun Rampal Thank you again for a very informative site! Best regards!

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