The Good News Reporter

While the formal launch will be later this month -The Good News Reporter-my second book in the Swapnalok Society series-hit the stores this week

A lot of people have asked me about the inspiration of the story and the idea behind the title. Well, it comes from my own understanding (I’m not saying that its right or wrong-except that it is my individual take on it)  about the way things work in media.

To me media constitues  any information or knowledge  that is shared on a public forum, be it television, print, internet, or other avenues.So it is not just one person or paper or channel or website. Media is the collective. Due to the fact that i blog on a very public platform and give my views on whatever strikes my fancy i consider myself a part of this collective too.

Media is also known as the 6th sense and for a good reason. Because our take on the world, how we perceive the world outside of our immediate five senses  is only through the media. From what we read what we see, what we hear and what is debated.

News-is anything thats new. Which is why journalists are always clamouring for new stories, breaking stories, information that they access before their competitors.

In the last few years I also realized that this 6th sense we talk about, the media. that is so controlled by the things we see and read, is so controlled by the INTENTION of the person who is bringing the news to us.

 This intention in turn  is controlled by various factors such as their own thinking, greed, ambition, financials, the larger editorial interest of the paper or channel they represent blah blah

SO very often what we know about an issue is the take a particular reporter has on the issue- very few take this responsibilty with the gravity it merits.
Since we all all human we all have our individual points of view. We see things in a positive or negative way, things can be good or bad.

All this works at a very subconscious level…most of us are not even aware of this impact. But it exists. So media affects collective thinking

 It takes a God to be completely objective and none of us are that i guess.

No news is good news? Ahn ahn…Sonal Wadalkar the main protagonist in my new book dosent agree with that age old premise. She wants to talk about all the nice and happy things happening in the world… but has few takers for it.

The good news reporter is her story…

I’ll illustrate this further with a few examples from my own experience in my next blog 🙂 Right now i gotta run…

10 thoughts on “The Good News Reporter”

  1. Indian media is going through its worst phase ever.
    The negativity has reached an all time high. Everyday we are being bombarded with appalling sad stories…i guess the newspapers and channels are follwoing a herd mentality in their editorial. They are collectively drowning us in misery

    This is a very brilliant insight you have provided…when explained so clearly it is revelation. How often do we just believe what we read, without taking into account such things as individual perception or vested interests?

    I look forward to reading the good news reporter

  2. Media embraces newspapers and magazines,cinema
    television radio and the like.Whatever the public can
    have easy access to for getting news and views are a
    part of media.It can be used,abused or misused.But
    it has a powerful presence.A news reporter is therefore
    a dangerous the wrong doers in general.
    but there can be mischievous reporters who don’t
    tell but only suggest .They have to be dreaded.
    What kind of news reporter are you projecting,suchitra?

  3. I was wondering what happened to your follow up
    to the Summer Cool.I am delighted that it is getting
    released soon.
    I am eagerly looking forward to read your delightful

  4. my granddaughter is an avid reader of your book.
    she wants to know how soon your book will hit the stalls.
    we live in Brooklyn.

  5. All the best for the release of your new book.
    Its amazing that you have two books releasing in one year

    Do you sleep at all? How do you manage to do so much?

    I read director Aziz Mirza saying in todays papers that to create one must feel unfulfilled and frustated

    Somehow i would like to beleive that creativity comes from a happier place. What are your views on this?

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