The Good News Reporter-Part 3

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‘Hi, I am Sonal Wadalkar, the good news reporter, reporting live from Swapnalok Society–the most happening society in all Mumbai.’

Pretty, dainty Sonal, Chitrangana’s best friend, knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She’s going to be a television journalist. And not just any old reporter, but a good news reporter. After all, the media influences the way everyone thinks and behaves, so the more good people see happening around them, the happier and better people they are going to be.

 When her father’s boss, the owner of Spark news channel, commissions her to produce five-minute children’s specials for the channel, she straps Funky, the cool monkey with a hidden camera around her waist, and plunges into the mad, bad world of television reporting.

There she finds herself battling Vimal, a nasty ambitious executive, out to hook her talons into her father, plunging TRPs, and disgruntled neighbours over the way they are being portrayed on TV.

Then one day, she stumbles on the story of Raju and his friends from the Gareeb Nagar slum. Can she use her position as a journalist to change their lives? Can she take on the city’s powerful builder lobby and the villainous Sandy Khan and stop them from demolishing the children’s home? And will Swapnalok Society bury its differences and stand with her in her hour of need?

The second novel in the much acclaimed Swapnalok Society series, The Good News Reporter comes with strong doses of humour and a cast of wacky characters that first appeared in The Summer of Cool. Battling cynicism and corruption with spunk and bravado, the Swapnalok Society gang prove once again that when united, there’s nothing that can stop them from changing the world.

12 thoughts on “The Good News Reporter-Part 3”

  1. I absolutlely loved the summer of cool. I cant wait to get my hands on this one too. Thanks for the links. I plan to order my copy immediately

  2. Congrats for the release of the 2nd book of your Swapna Lok Society Series.I read the first book.Very enjoyable and realistic.At times I was so scared when Chirangana is lost and roams……… I am waiting for the next thrill. I hope I will get it very soon. All the Best. God Bless you.

  3. Hi Suchitra

    My comment may not relate to this post.

    But i always wanted to share 1 thing with “Anna” that you should have married “Sunil”. hehe
    Kabhi haa Kabhi naa is one of my favorite movies , i used to watched it so many times during my school days and laughed a lot in the movie but in the end also cried a lot.
    But since started doing a job didn’t have time to watch movies, today after many years i watched it again and same feeling and i thought i have grown up. haha.
    This one of those movies which look so simple and real , i do not know why we do not see movies like this now a days.

    I just find out that you have blog, so i just wanted to request to you and hope we can see more performance like this from you and if you meet our King Khan , then please say to him this is his best performance and please make a sequel of this movie with our “Anna”. As nobody replace the simplicity in which you played this role.

    Suchitra this is request from one of your honest fans, please work more in movies like this. I hope my request will be granted.
    Looking forward to see you.
    Take care and God Bless !!


  4. Venkat

    Thats the blurb put out by the publishers Penguin at the back of the book… i just put it on my blog verbatim

    Its not me blowing my own trumpet… but now that you’ve mentioned it …:-) 🙂 🙂

  5. ah well I was just kidding..and perhaps in this day and age modesty is a virtue one would do well not to use being an englishman in new york i hear ;)…Now with all that philosophizing out of the way, I am sure you’d be thrilled to know that my mother and I have been great fans of your music videos. She is absolutely delighted that you have deigned to respond to my comment and sends you her blessings..and here’s wishing you good luck on all your creative pursuits 😉

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