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Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber    Lyrics: Roop Johari

To download the mp3 version of the song, please click on the link below

Click here to download ‘Zindagi’

31 thoughts on “Zindagi”

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  2. Awesome song! Beautiful! can u give us some background info on this song? is this part of ur new album? Also do u read our responses ? is there a way u can respond perhaps to us??

  3. Lyrics at certain places are a bit of let down. Music is good. Step up notes are great..vocals are nice.

  4. Hey Suchitra..thanks for the mp3 version also….really wanted it…used to have it earlier on audio cassette..i already have the video also downloaded and i really luv the video…u look absolutely stunning and cute ….the locations, water are just amazing shot…..and ur singing was really sweet too….and as u had said urself back then that a lot matured from ‘dole dole’ …where you have a more playful, younger voice (and even that song and many others from that album i still luv like ‘yeh mera dil’ , ‘jaane jaana’…i have the audio cassette still….can u give us the mp3 of those songs plz..wud be amazing…….u know audio cas ka zamana chala gaya and i’m missing many of those old favs of mine during school /college days)
    U know what? Since its release some 9-10 yrs back……its still been one of my favourite Indipop (non-film) tracks…..both audio and video wise……also really luved ‘tanha tanha’ from the same album though a video never came out i guess.
    Also remember the back story…when shekhar and u were at andrew’s place and he was playing this tune and u just started humming ……..and he so luved it that it ended up on ur ‘Zindagi’ album with his music….
    btw i’ve been a fan of urs since dole dole days……came to know of ur blog a few months back and have been following since then..but this is my first post….hope u r reading it..:)

  5. For the benefit of others here ….this song is actually from suchitra’s old album around 1999-2000 types…from the album ‘Zindagi’….this is the title song…..back then and even now it remains one of my favourite indipop tracks…Suchitra’s 1st album was dole dole somewhere around 1995 i guess…..and apart from the title track which was a rage..there were some other beautiful nos i luved like ‘yeh mera dil’ and ‘jaane jaana’, which was a duet i remember….
    And guys , if u haven’t seen the video , do check on youtube…..type ‘suchitra zindagi’ else u’ll get a lot of ‘zindagi’s’…..its an amazing video…one of the best non-film videos u wud’ve seen….and if u luv suchitra.she’s just so cute and awesome in this video…….don’t miss it

  6. We HAVE to hear more songs from you Suchitra. WHy have you stopped singing? Your fans miss your beautiful voice

  7. As a child I used to love listening to ‘Dole-Dole’. Used to wait for it on the then popular ATN Channel which used to air your song at a specific time on a daily basis. Zindagi which came in later was equally cherished.

    Thanks for bringing back those memories. I don’t know if you ever go through the comments people post on your blog or care to reply. All I can say, like many others is that you still have people waiting to hear you sing. Wish you do it some time soon and hope that you read this comment of mine and care to send in a reply.

    Best Wishes !!

  8. Dear PK,

    I wish you had checked facts before commenting on my age. Dole Dole was released around 1995 if I am not wrong and that happens to be about 14 years ago and the time I was in school. So maybe the connotation of being a child doesn’t entirely hold but then a child today is way mature than a pre-teen that time. Isn’t it?

    Thanks for going through my link otherwise.
    Best Wishes !!

  9. Dear Suchitra

    We would like to see/hear you sing again. Dole dole and Zindagi were 2 good works and we expect more from this actor/painter/blogger/singer

    Is it asking for too much? 🙂

  10. You Have a Beautiful Voice.I have grown Listening to some of your songs.Had an Infatuation for a while too.You are a Beautiful and Graceful Human.Liked the song very much the first time i listened to it a few years back.Even now it is charming.

  11. Hi Suchitra,

    When I was a small kid I loved ur song “Khaamoshiyan ye bolti Khaamoshiyaan” I heard this song uncountable times. I hav been looking for this song on Youtube & other sites, but in vain. Is it possible for you to upload this song on the internet & share the link with me.

    Toronto, Canada

  12. Fantastic work of art Suchitra…..gorgeous soulful voice blend with god of music Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music..makes this song a beautiful gift of voice…

    actually I’m great fan of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber…you sung so well with ur artistc voice presentations…

    best of luck….

    with regards and wishes

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