Naga girl murdered in Delhi

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Turned on the Tv today at 6.30 am this morning. Headlines about a 19 year old girl from Nagaland being brutally burnt and murderd by a sexual stalker in Delhi…

Shocking but whats new. Its why i dont read the newspapers or watch TV anymore…its just too depressing.Just too much bad news.  But i have to live in this world and keep abreast of whats going on and so i do occasionally and so i guess I have to understand that this is the real world… sadly

At first when I heard the complaints about people saying it was a case of discrimination against those from the north east-i dismissed it off, as another poilitically motivated speil. But then it got me thinking….

They are probably right. Because somewhere in our shameful subconscious collective thinking we are programmed to associate female north eastern looks with extreme sexuality…Not the inaccesible expensive foreign blonde and busty pole dancer, or the unattainable chaste indian goddess, but the kind that is cheaply available…the poor sex worker. Poverty stricken and helpless

Images of oriental looking women from red light districts from all over the country and world even…kamathipura in mumbai  kalighat in calcutta…that we have been bombarded with over decades

Or images of like the massage parlours of thailand, philipino maids …

On the other hand there has been no imagery or role models of a powerful male from these regions, capable of protecting their women. SO they are easy prey. Because most men only understand masculine strenght or power of their fellow male…

Now the culture in these north eastern regions is in itself more progressive…very often matriachal. And the girls  dress and act in a very modern way within their region and their homes. And that is what they carry to the larger cities outside of their states…not understanding the light in which they are being viewed or the narrow mindsets of the  perverts (like the 34 year old IITian in this case) who have no idea or exposure to a different land or culture or conduct code -and so assume  it to be a  warped sexual invitation from these girls.
Simple girls who are trying to study, make a life for themselves like anybody else

Remember the scene in Chak de India where the girl from the north east is teased in the restaurant…over and above everybody else?

Or the bizarre murder that occured outside the Gateway of India a few years ago in Mumbai…where a maniac slit the neck of two north eastern girls incensed by the way they were dressed and behaving? Now they were just girls out for a walk…what is the preconditioned  imagery or social programming that provoked this extreme violence?

Of the other incident in Delhi…where a north eastern female student  was surrounded and molested outside her college for almost an hour? Even more shameful in this case was that no one came forward to help her-they all stood by and watched the tamasha

Because yes…Delhi is a disgusting place for women. I remember some years ago, going alone for a walk at 5 pm on a winter evening in the posh Maharani Baug area. Inspite of warnings from my father in law to not go alone and to let a male servant accomapny me.  I laughed it off, thought he was being over protective. Till i was  followed and teased relentlessly by a few road side romeos for the entire duration of my walk and returned home afraid and disgusted.

Anybody ever read the book Princess? The true story of a saudi princess who told her story in exhile. I read it more than 10 years ago …but i remember the part where one man asks another to trade his wife for a camel…!!! and threatened to kill them all if his wishes were not met….

I remember arguing with a film maker friend of mine…he said women should just keep quiet and give sex. He didnt get my point when i told him women dont want to GIVE sex…they want to HAVE sex. Big difference.

Why do men behave and think  like this? What is it in their programming that makes them beleive that a girl or a woman is nothing but an object of lust or desire or entertainment? Nothing but flesh…to be devoured and consumed as they will. Why do men not get it that a girl has a choice in the matter? And most importantly why are men being allowed to get away with this?

What can we do as a society to prevent this from happening? WHat is our government going to do to change this mindset?

Education is obviously not the answer…this guy who commited this crime was an IItian…a PHD scholar… so what is it?

 Castration for the guilty? So even if good sense does not prevail fear of such extreme punishment will prevent such crimes from occuring in the future

Just hanging them is not enough…

57 thoughts on “Naga girl murdered in Delhi

  1. MCPs and people have gone so low in life, sad, sad, sad …

    We all need work, put effort to make this world a little better, little more humane and liveable

    Remember Shiv Parvati
    and the love, care Shiv has for the beloved …
    Let us inform everyone about the real heritage of humanity …

  2. you are correct

    God created only Two things on earth

    (1) Angel –> for example Girl, Mother, Sister, Cousin Sister, Grand Mother , Brother,Father
    (2) DEVIL—> for example Man, Killer, Raper, Fucker, Drug Adicts,Alcohol,etc..

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