Mumbai Police ko Salaam

Late saturday  night i returned from a dinner party at 2.45 am only to find myself  unable to enter my own home.

My housekey was not working- the main door would simply not open. I banged the doors rang the doorbell and called the telephone lines and intercom for over an hour, hoping my maids or dogs would hear the loud noises and wake up and let me in

Then after an hour of all this when i still couldnt get in-even with the help of the building watchmen-i panicked. Because surely my dogs who even bark at rustling leaves in the night should have reacted by now-but there was pin drop silence. Has something terrible happened? Was my home and the people inside safe?

Panic stricken trying to keep the terror out of my voice i dialed 100 -the police helpline -and asked for assistance. This was around 4 am.  I was greeted by a calm voice at the other end of the line, that told me not to worry and that they would be with me asap

In 10 minutes flat two able bodied strong policemen landed at my doorstep and tried to break open the door. It wouldnt budge. It had been locked from the inside. They called the fire brigade for assistance. Before the fire bridade arrived they said they would give it one last shot and hurled themselves against the door. WIth a loud thud and a creak the safety latch and the  bolt broke and my main door opened.

The policemen rushed in .They first checked that everything inside was safe and they was no sign of vandalism or theft and only then did i go in.

We found my maids with the double door shut, with my two dogs in the servants room fast fast asleep. They were in such deep sleep that i had to physically shake them to wake them up… They woke up and groggily muttered “sorry didi. We locked the main door from inside by mistake. Galti ho gayi”

Since the servants room door had been shut too my dogs hadnt heard anything either and so had not reacted to all the fracas. They wagged their tail and greeted me happily with slurpy kisses

I collapsed in releif. Thank god it was all safe…In the last one hour i had gone from worry to painc to terror -imagining the worst.

The two policemen asked me to check that my baby was safe, -(luckily she was spending the weekend with her dad and so wasnt home that night) told me not to worry and that I should call them should i need any assistance, scolded my maids for being so irresposible, told the firebrigade that there was no need to come and that the matter had been sorted  and left. Refusing to accept any token of gratitude from me.
It took over an hour after they left for my thudding heartbeat to return to normal

I wish i had noted down the names of the two policemen -so i could thank them personally  but at that point it didnt strike me.

So i say Mumbai Police ko Salaam- thank you.

Thank you for how tirelessly and fearlessly you work round the clock to keep our city safe.
And sorry that you are the most misunderstood and maligned lot

19 thoughts on “Mumbai Police ko Salaam”

  1. Phew.
    Well, they are the best.
    Simply the best.

    Close call, Suchitra. Tc.

    (ghost wala anon – to distinguish from the other anon)

  2. Be very careful, Suchitra!I swear. Mumbai police is the best lot in our country.They are so polite, considerate and helpful. I have experienced it in my life.Take care. God Bless you.

  3. Going through the first two paras had me really worried.. I can imagine the trauma you had undergone… Good that all ended on a good note… Warn the maids not to repeat it again and be careful in future. Their little stupid act has caused so much of avoidable tension…Ok take care

  4. I salute the mumbai police … they keep the city ticking .Glad everything was ok for u. BTW do you have any phots from Chunauti serial that you could post on this site . It was such a beautiful serial to watcj

  5. Scary…huh

    Just about a fortnight ago I was away with my wife and kid in tow out of town.

    Guess what…the neighbours called in and said that the gas in my house was leaking. They could smell it strong outside of the appartment.

    A door break in and some anxious while later the issue stood resolved…the faulty cylinder was taken out and perhaps a situation averted.

    Divine providence…then be it the police or a helpful neighbour or relative

  6. Is it possible that people can sleep through so much noise? I mean even with phones ringing and the main door crashing they did not wake up!!!!!! Then maybe it is possible that when little Aarushi was being hacked to death right next room to her parents, they also did not hear a thing until next morning when they went and checked! Bizzare!

  7. I was shocked to see your blog!
    I can imagine your panic.
    Hope u r ok now.
    You can write to the commissioner of police
    thanking the policemen that helped you out
    without accepting any gratis whatsoever.
    Thank god everything is ok
    God bless you.

  8. mm..not sure if the girl who got raped at the police station would be of the same opinion..I suppose what you really mean is about those two policemen..those two policemen must have been the best of the lot..yeah I’ve bumped into the odd conscientious policeman where I live myself but I am not quite painting the entire police force white yet.

  9. I am sure Suchitra that when you called the police you must have thrown some big names.

    Of course, police and the law helps the celebrites, look at Sallu! He has mowed down 4 people to death
    and his driving license is not even cancelled, forget about being jailed. Last I read an article was about the sheer number of his luxurious cars which he loves driving around, tongue in cheek.

    For the rest of the commoners like us, the police are a dreaded lot, you wouldnt want to touch them with a ten foot pole.

  10. I agree to a certain extent with what Jitendra has said

    I wonder how much Salman’s Being Human foundation has given to the families of the victims he has moved down-and what about that black buck case?
    No commoner would be spared such a crime but celebrities seem to get away with anything

  11. hmm interesting… may get a bit warped in answering here..pls bear with me… suchitra when you called the police your intention was the welfare of your family, the ones who were inside, maids, dogs doesnt matter…. hence you met good men its the divine law no great murder mystery there. it really doesnt matter what your action was panic etc etc. Start paying attention to your intention guys….. where there is good will, good action appears, where there is ill will, ill action appears ))))))) lovely na????? the powers we hold and attract lol again food for thought not discussion ))))))) so if u slapped someone because u were so concerned or afraid, or if u slapped someone because u were so disgusted or wanted to teach a lesson matters (wink) and it is ur intention that manifests the eventual reality…. what goes around comes around )))))))))

  12. please please stop being self righteous abt celebrities that get away with the power and money game. they are human too and have their share of handicaps and strengths. they get away when their intention wasnt to harm, it was just a silly or heart breaking mistake. i tend to ask myself how many mistakes i have made and gotten away with )))) i also tend to ask myself when i land in trouble what my intention actually was or what fears, doubts, ifs, buts, confusions led to the eventual end result lol. its fun when u begin to watch urself as an item ))))

  13. as far as girls who get raped … i take a pause… a deep breath…. and i forgive whoever and everyone who is trapped in that hurtful path. but the fact remains that girls who get raped and go on to become who they are exist too. there are girls who give up their lives too… or become demented or whatever…..
    What do we look for here?
    i can only answer for myself…. been there, seen it done it
    for painful experiences that shattered me…… i ask myself why it did…
    for experiences that left me baffled or confused….. i ask myself the same question. why did it?
    bottom line experiences ))))))))
    life is but a series of experiences to be cherished, rejoiced about or learnt from
    all positive
    so look for the +ve out of all and you have ur answers my dears

  14. I had similar experience, returned home late after work, parents were out of town and my cousin who was fast asleep,

    the bell was switched off(usually when we are out), i kept banging nobody to open. not knowing what to do at, those were days when i did not carry cellphones, kept going down/up not knowing what to do(terribly tired and feeling sleepy), finally one neighbour woke up and tried doing the above after failing asked me to stay at their place, initially I felt very uncomfortable not knowing what to do i did not have any options.

    Morning was furious with my cousin for not openning the door…

    we almost had a big fight , after sometime which i calmed down 🙂

    This mad me remember that !!

  15. This reminds me of how my son locked himself in and slept blissfully.
    Finally the whole society was there to help us bend the safety door and and get in to find him blissfully sleeping.
    Like your narration style.

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