24 thoughts on “Sthreedhan”

  1. Mind Blowing. Single picture captured whole meaning of Stree (Woman). I sensed that woman is treated in todays world for fun fantasies and that where every mens eyes on . This is been felt as Woman for money, sex and as utility for fantasies. Suchitraa really ur work deserves great Appreciation. Good luck Bob

  2. A woman
    who sees with her heart
    protects her virtue and her womanhood with a sickle
    and pours out jewels from her head.
    Beautiful and powerful

  3. Suchitra,

    I am trying to get the understanding of this structure since last 10-15 mnts. Sorry to say,I am not able to understand what this say. There could be many meanig of this pic.I am surprised to see the response from the peoples. I am great admirer of urs but that doesnt mean, I’ll be agree on each and every thing. This PIC…MEANINGLESS. Even if it has..its of no use.

    Little disappointed.

  4. now i know exactly what you meant in your blog “because i’m a woman”
    creative and artistic aggression can cause a revolution

  5. Hi Sucihtra

    I remember the’ Chunauti’ serial days..your acting was brilliant . why don’t you start acting in TV serials again …will bea great comeback

  6. Hi kav

    As far as i know Chunauti is not available on DVD or CD-if you do find it please let me know as I would like to get it myself too 🙂

  7. Hi Suchitra,
    As suggested by many fans here,you should get back to TV with some shows or serials.We miss you over there.
    We also miss Ana Gonsalvis of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa….



  8. hai mam, thanks for visiting, even as a celebrity u making a website in a clear and compact manner with the feel of humanity and mankind, I posted few comments u didnt reply, but I recognize u visited my blog, mam do oen thing pls jsut add my blgo as SWEETYCHOCOS in ur blog with my blog url that I given above, I don’t know whether will u add others blog in ur website but this is my suggestion thats all..bye mam

  9. Hi Suchitra,
    Its a great work. A post modernist absured work. Their is a women in philosophy, at higher place of respect. Their is a women in practicality at lower place of use.Women exists between thease two lines and she became handicapped.
    Its a little bit sarcastic too.
    Traditionaly women is part of property like money, land, cow, ox, cloths and other usefull things.
    Yopu have been expressed your thoughts successfully but I feel be a little more creative and go in defth.
    Regards & love

  10. Hi Suchitra

    Hope I manage to find it myself because I was in the serial but only as one of the many students , but I have seen you in the sets many times with the other actors…we used to really enjoy when called to be part of the serial …good old college days na

  11. You find a perfect way to show the real value of a woman! Very nice and strong way to express being a woman! Great work! Being an artist and based in France, I really hope you could expose your paintings here!

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