It it wasnt for the fact that i had met the music directors of Chintuji last night at a dinner party-its a film i would not have even heard of. But today being a bored afternoon, on the suggestions of a friend, i headed to the theatre with her.  More for the popcorn samosa and icecream than the movie actually.

Since i plan to embark on my millionth diet from tomorrow the 10th of september-i thought a visit to the theatre would be a nice excuse to binge one last time-till the next time. Sigh!

But I am so glad i did. The story is simple- a utopian town called Hadbahedi, scant in modern amenities and electricity wonders how they can bring their town on the national map at one of their town meetings. On the revelation by an old midwife that Rishi Kapoor (Chintuji) was delivered by her in the very town of Hadbadehi -the town folk decide to invite their very own Chintuji for a visit.

Chintuji -a fading filmstar -for the sake of his political ambitions decides to accept the invitation and lands up in Hadbadehi, secretary and PR agent in tow. 

What follows is warm witty real and a whole lot of fun. Part fact and part fiction(which leaves one wondering how much of it really happened) with an emotional undercurrent that keeps you hooked and smiling from the word go. The performances are first rate -every character well defined and fleshed out. Even though i didnt recognize much of the cast except for Rishi Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla 

The filmy songs could have been avoided. Though the song with the names of all the worlds film directors is a whacky idea (i would have called the film first rate if the two songs had been cut out and we we were not abruptly shocked out of the narrative by it- because till the first song came on I was not watching a film-I was IN the film-if you get my point)

Rishi Kapoor is on a roll. To land, understand and accept a role like this is more than being at the right place at the right time. It reeks of artistic maturity and genius which today made me beleive that he is perhaps one of the finest actors we have ever had. An absolute delight to watch.

It also reiterated my faith that a truly good film is in the writing. This one has been brilliantly written-clever and tugging at the heart strings at the same time

Its a shame that the film has been so poorly publicized. Its really worth a dekho

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  1. Hi Suchitra,
    Will definitely watch Chintuji.
    You write so well.But you have not responded to any of my responses.I hope you will reply.
    I guess i am amongst the first ones to respond today



  2. Hi Vishal

    Thanx for writing in. I have taken note of your query-my publishers-penguin india-are looking into the unavailabilty of the summer of cool in Auragabad.

    In the meantime you can order the book on line-please check out the links under the my books section-ordering the summer of cool online

    Is there any other question you asked me to which I have not replied? 🙂

    Cheers and keep writing in

  3. How strange, yesterday itself even I watched the movie. Acting were good, bad direction, lots of stupid mistakes. Lots of scenes doesn’t go with the story…But who cares..there are lots of movies like that. 😉

    Have Fun!!!

  4. Hi Suchitra
    I have amazing international subject for Shekhar based on Adoption. Kindly send me his contact or mail id

  5. Hey Suchitra.. The only way I listen to ur songs are on youtube.. was wondering if you could make them available for us to download.. there is no way i can find cds of ur songs in NZ.. Thanks heaps.. and have a great weekend..

  6. Just devote ur actions 2 god from eating ,sleeping and other activites let the god in ur brain 4 one hour and see the entire bliss around u in one week it is a rapid process and pour the thought of actions to god than to weird, arrogant or haughty person. Have life full of god…………..

  7. I agree with you Suchitraji.It’s such a simple movie!! A movie with which every common man can relate himself!

  8. hi suchitra i read the News in , Your quote “No Sex No Work” What does it mean ?
    because i did not get the full coverage, the news written by – Neha Sharma and Rahul Sabharwal , they both are yahoo editor .

  9. Assallam O Alleikum 🙂 Its a very long time since I looked into the glamorous world of movies and movie stars. I’ve grown up watching Aamir and somewhere in between humming your songs. In grade 12 it was your songs I used to sing – Loved your albums. Never knew you wrote. Now that I know, I’ll check your book too. Am waiting for Dan Brown’s ‘Lost symbol’ After that its your book I’m burying my nose into. I just wanted you to know, you were one of my fav singers along with Richard Marx, Carpenters and Kishore Kumar. And also one of my fav actors alongside Aamir, Juhi, Kajol and Rani. By the way, one day when my book is released – I hope you’ll read mine too. Till then, I’ll certainly be reading your blog and commenting. Love and prayers, Ahavah

  10. Hi Suchitra,

    Looks a good movie. With time Rishi Kapoor has taken many fold to show the glimps of his hidden talent. I think, he is most varsatile actor after Mr Raj Kapoor of the Kapoor Khandan. The number of memorable films by him are many. One of all time fav is PREM ROG..

    What about you? You must be thinking something big and different. Please write a big blog over this…


  11. Hi sugarcane

    I will make my songs available for download on my site soon-working on it.
    Thanx for the suggestion 🙂

    keep writing in

  12. I haven’t watched “Chintuji” myself but it is a fact that several good films don’t have publicity budgets and sink without a trace at the box-office. If their luck holds up, audiences can still catch them and enjoy them on TV some months later.

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