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I was having lunch with a girlfriend when i got a few calls from journos and friends telling me I am on TV-breaking news. Suchitra Krishnamoorthi accused of employing a girl below 14-abusing child labour laws! To say i am shocked and hurt is putting it mildly-I am devastated

The reports say a raid was conducted on my residence this morning (some say the raid was conducted 2 months ago)where a child below 14 called Nayantari (or something I’m not sure of the exact name) was rescued from my home by the Labour Department and sent back to her home in Meghalaya. The labour Minister has named me on TV -the television is full of images of me alongside of a 9 year old bruised and abused little girl that was rescued a few days ago from the home of a television actress Urvashi. Black blood bruised eyes and burnt skin

There is nothing more painful than that visual to me-the mother of a 9 year old myself.

About a year ago when a child was tortured and abused by the actress Huma Khan -i made every effort to contact her and rehabilitate her under the aegis of NGO -Saathi. I was very frustrated when all my efforts went waste and that nothing came of it. To date i don’t know what happened to that girl or where she is

Whatever the labour department has said about today me -It is a LIE. I have employed no one below the age of 14 -and certainly no one by the name of Nayantri -not currently and NEVER in the past.

The labour department or police or any other Office has NOT been in contact with me over the matter or visited my home -NEVER. Nor has any NGO been in contact with me-I know no one by this name and have certainly not employed her.

I demand and challenge them to come up with the proof of the heinous accusations they are hurling at me.-my home and my phone line are open to them. As a law abiding citizen I have every right to ask them to furnish me with the evidence they have supposedly gathered against me. Who is this girl? What are they talking about?

I live in a large society and have four other people currently in my employment-surely if someone by this name or face was working with me and staying in my home there are others who would know about it. If the police had visited my home and rescued the girl like the media reports and Nawab Mallik is blatantly lying about-surely there are those in my society that would know. Even my watchmen are shocked about what is going on and the sudden crowd of electronic media in my lobby

The only two times I have been to a police station is once for my passport verification last year and the other time to lodge a complaint against my old maid -Surekha who i found stealing two suitcases of loot from my home.This was in June.

I don’t know who is behind this and why my name is being dragged into it. Whatever the motivation of the people behind this -I am not sure. Maybe its a misunderstanding and the name has been misunderstood-I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and will pause a bit before i decide what further i need to do.

I currently employ 2 girls aged 18. I have registered with 2 maid agencies in the city who provide me maids with verification and identity.

When i first saw the news break out i thought it may be about a maid called Rajmoti I had employed over a month ago. SHe was 16 or 17-sent to me by her sister Sunita who has been working in my dear friend Tanaya’s home for four years. They told me Rajmoti needed a home-she was fresh from her village that didnt even have electricity and were keen for her to  stay in the city for a while.

So wondering if the labour laws had changed from 14 to 18-and if that was what the ruccous was all about-  i called up her sister Sunita, and asked if they had perhaps been contacted by an NGO or lodged a complaint. They were shocked and assured me that i had done them a favour by taking the girl in and there was no way they would have lodged a complaint and nor has any NGO or labour department contacted them. SO its definitely not Rajmoti-

as for this other girl -Nayantari the labour department is  accusing me of employing and abusing -I am not even aware of her existence

So whoever else the labour department is talking about is a figment of their imagination. I am a law abiding citizen and have spent the last few years working towards the betterment of women’s and childrens lives.Not only with my money but with my valuable time energy and love

I am not going to let a lie and a fabricated accusation strip me of everything i stand for, have worked towards and beleive in.

I have faith that the truth with prevail.

25 thoughts on “Maid in Mumbai

  1. This is horrible. Everybody who saw the news believes it was you.

    Glad to know the fact that you have blogged about this today.

    What will be the path to follow ? Legal ? Media ? Which will be the right path ?

  2. Hi
    I am glad that you posted this. I don’t know if it was because of initiative taken by me by posting in your previous blog post or what but I feel you should fight against what happened today and also against the employment of child labour across the city. And I hope you will come clean.


    PS: Kindly reply to this, if you think you have enuf time.

  3. This was shocking news. I’m glad you posted this and take every action to ensure that your name comes clean

  4. Huh? i dont watch TV news and still depend on the newspaper for my news.. so havent heard of this at all.. but sad that this is happening to you.. even without this post, anyone who has been to ur blog will not believe this abt u..

  5. That’s stupid…how horrible the present day media is? They always want breaking news…and it does not matter to them whether it is truth or not??

    Sue everybody for character defamation….for unlawful accusations

    “Tough gets going when the going gets tough”…and you are certainly the toughest!!! All the best!!!
    May you come out of it safe and sound and as soon as possible!!!!

  6. Hi Suchitra,
    I came to your blog after watching an old video on youtube – “Dole Dole” . Now watching it I could remember those 90’s time when I used to listen to this song so much. I had liked it very much. To be honest music albums nowadays can’t provide that entertainment which we used to get in those times with songs like “Dole Dole”.

    Then I looked at your face and remembered I have seen you in some movie as well. THen I came to know that you played leading role in “Kabhi Haan Kabhu Naa”. All my memories freshened up. I loved that movie and ur role.

    Coming to the point. We all trust you. Media and Journalism today wants sensationalism and celebs like you are sometimes easy target to get a fascinating story created. Don’t give much importance to them.

    All the best for future endeavors.

    Suggestion – why don’t you put a link in ur blogroll to


  7. I am not sure if the media is to be blamed to sensationalize something that clearly appears to be a misunderstanding …or if the ministry of labour is to blame for just being inept and not owning up to their blunder!!

    Either way it appears you have nothing to hide and have done no wrong. I hope this is clarified and a public apology is issued to you. I hope your name gets cleared soon… sue the ba*&#ds!

  8. oh god thts bad Suchitra …. being a mother urself how can they accuse u of such things !! Dont worry everyone is Innocent Until Proven Guilty…. they have no proof to show that ur the person they are talkin about…..

    Just wait and watch the truth unfold…

  9. think u need to call a press meet and clear ur name…cause otherwise, truth wil never bob out and u wil remain tainted…jus come out and clear d air suchi…u know wat d media is like….do good to ur self and also the ocean of soft targets like celebs of ur clan….

  10. But let us hear both sides of the story fully. Cant write off the ministry altogether, until and unless they say it was a mistake and let the law take its own course

  11. Maybe some other Suchitra? Celebrity or Non-celebrity and they have the names confused up!!

    Working in the media myself I know most of it is hyped up bigtime to CREATE NEWS VALUE..

    Anyway Last week breaking news was SRK, this week they have a news for 2 days…In exactly 2 days they will have some other breaking news like a dog gave birth to 5 pups at the same time!!
    I cant remember the previous week’s breaking news so my guess is THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY!!

    No one seems to have heard about the collapse of Yusuf Manzil in Mumbai…Now THAT IS breaking news..75 year old building collapes, illegal constructions etc. all are the REAL news! Wonder why no one is watching that!

  12. I second the motion that we should curb tail the media in the country! Utter nonsense they show…!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone needs to look into the content now and they need to be disciplined like 5 years old..

    By the way I just checked the ages of both my maid..

    One is 14 X 3 + 6= 48

    The second one is 14 X 2 -7 = 21


  14. Hi suchitra,
    I’m new on ur blog..i understand what u’ve been going throough..but that’s the it scoop..the price of being a celeb..remem nobode ever hits at the dead dog..i remember u in ur earlier movies..the cute,next-door girl..keep rocking!
    btw,i love ur blog..very’s u simple..suchitra..
    care n keep smiling

  15. hi suchitra
    it is good that the Minister has confirmed it was a MISTAKE
    and he was informed by another NGO

    it is difficult to beleive how this politicians announce/comment without confirming
    from state officials…they dont have a little bit responsibility to people
    and the impact of tarnishing good and decent people , who have given to society
    and have lot of people looking at them …as a models

    when are u visiting canada? Just visit with your her Niagara falls
    and have a little change in life..
    take care and keep in good moods

  16. This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read..

  17. Dear Suchitra,
    Writing in this late to know what exactly you have done about your defamation. Have’nt read anything in the papers.

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