Happy Ganesh Chathurthi

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“Ajam Nirvikalpam Nirakamarakam Nirnanandam Anandam davaatepuranam Parar Nirgunam Nirvishesham Neereham Parbrahamroopam Ganesham Bhajaim”

“Oh Lord, Thou art Unborn, Absolute and Formless; Thou art beyond Bliss and again Bliss itself-the one and the infinite. Thou art the supreme, without attributes, differentiation and desire. Thou  art verily the Supreme Brahman. To Thee, Oh Lord do we offer worship”

15 thoughts on “Happy Ganesh Chathurthi”

  1. Why have you employed minors at your place while showing off as an active member of Saathi? It hurts the emotional citizen of India

  2. nice work though i am not a much avid with paintings, The eyes of ganesha is depicting piety and there is lot of anger or anguish as if he wants to do a lot of things but is unable to do so looking at the state of art of today. making him a bit remorse with hint of a promise for a brighter future.

  3. Hi Suchitra,

    Just read a news that you are booked for employing child labor…..i dont think its true.
    We trust u so much that even that thought is so horrifying…..
    just cant believe it yaar…..hope u come out without any scar….

  4. Hi!

    Is it true what you’re going to read shortly. Even u have a little one.

    MUMBAI: In the wake of growing abuse of domestic servants and minors in the city, the Maharashtra government on Tuesday filed cases against Suchita Krishnamoorthi. (TOI Photo)

    Bollywood actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and television star Laxmi for allegedly employing child labour.

    Labour Minister Nawab Malik told media persons on Tuesday afternoon that his department got information that the two actresses were employing minor girls as maids.

    “Accordingly, we have initiated necessary proceedings against the two actresses. We appeal to people to come forward and give us information about such individuals who employ child labour so we can take suitable steps in the matter,” Malik said.

    Suchitra is the former wife of noted director Shekhar Kapur.

    The action comes barely three days after television actress Urvashi Dhanorkar was arrested Saturday for beating, burning and confining her 10-year old maid after she caught her “eating”.

    Dhanorkar was bailed out hours after her arrest. Meanwhile, the victim, Rameshwari is now in a juvenile rescue home.

    The Child Labour Prevention Act, 1986, was amended October 2006 to ban employment of children under 14 as domestic servants and in dhabas, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality sectors. It makes their employment a punishable offence.

  5. ..abstracts and landscapes are ur strengths…u show a nice grip on the technique & idea in :-“flowers on the beach” & ganesha above….may refrain from human figures

  6. Very beautiful. Do you give art tutions?? You should have an exhibition. Absolutely beautiful. =)
    Very thoughtful and modern. It almost feels like tradition/religion/modern meet together kinda fusion. =)

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