My apologies to Pooja Bedi

This is a heartfelt apology to Pooja Bedi for the things i wrote about her in my blog “Double standards galore. I had no right to drag her name in & i admit it was rude inconsiderate and unnecessary-especially towards someone who I have known half my life and have considered a friend

While there are no excuses for bad behaviour all i can say is that I accept I can be a sanctimonious marm sometimes and need to get off my moralistic high horse and see things in a lighter perspective. Burst the false halos around my head and get a bit humane. Step out of myself. Understand that to err is human, to forgive divine. I also need to pause and think before i let off steam and make sure it is at the right target

Pooja has been a friend for many years and has stood by me through thick and thin. Someone i have called at 2 am on a bad night and she has landed at my doorstep, no questions asked, taken me out, held my hand and wiped my tears. Someone i lost touch with in the last few years, wrapped up in a million nothings

Someone i learnt to be upfront and honest from, someone whose family i have considered my own. Someone who i have never heard complain even when things were not going right-she looked at life with an optimism that was contagious. Someone who taught me to be  and bold and fearless- someone i have admired for being a fantastic mum even while juggling a 100 other things

All i can say is that my reaction on the blog “double standards galore” was an amygdaloid and knee jerk reaction to events that triggered off a pain and rage so extreme about the emotional events in my own personal  life that i lashed out. Took off on a target that was there in front of my eyes and the most vulnerable.. In this case the article in midday where Pooja spoke about the Shiney Ahuja scandal. It was a temporary lapse of reason on my part. I had no right to and it was wrong.

I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. Like you yourself said Pooja-we all make mistakes we accept that and we move on in the best way we know how. I hope you will have the largeness of heart to forgive me.

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  1. This reminds me of a show I have always loved called my name is earl…About a guy who hasn’t led a model life till now and one day decides to go ahead and correct all the mistakes he ever made but somehow things always backfire. Sorry its off the topic but just remembered it!

    The key is to Let Go..

  2. I just reread your post double standards galore

    What you said about Pooja Bedi is the truth and something the whole world knows. Though its good of you to apologize because of your family connections with her or whatever, however it is equally important to talk frankly and fearlessly about such things because otherwise they get drowned under lies and hypocrisy and people get away with anything

  3. All reactions are ultimately personal and based on our own emotions and experiences, regardless of outside catalysts.
    Its good that you are attempting to be objective and in this case apologizing to someone you consider a friend but i prefer it when you tell it as it is.

    It is the honesty in your writings that makes your blog worth visiting

  4. Excuse me but i dont understand why your saying sorry. For speaking the truth? Is it better in friendship to tell lies?

    Pooja Bedi not only called Adnam Samis wife insane when she was caught lying on his lap but also called another actress insane-was it Celina Jaitley ? to bag some reality show on TV-i cant remember the name. It had Akshay Kumar as the host. There also she claimed that the producer was her good friend!?! we all know what good friend means in your celebrity world

    After calling everybody else names and making them out to be mad why should she be angry or upset that someone has done same for her?

  5. my dearest Suchitra,
    i write this with a heart full of love and happiness…
    i have to admit i was truly dismayed by your earlier blog and much as i tried to attempt largess of heart i felt deeply hurt and betrayed. i kept reminding myself of my four favourite words “this too shall pass”, and let it go.
    your blog has come as a wonderful combiflam tablet 🙂 dimmed all the pain and took away all that is inflammatory 🙂
    i love you and your daughter, Kaveri. and am always there for you both . hugs hugs hugs.
    now lets laugh over some vodkas 🙂

  6. and SS… whoever you are.. get your facts straight before writing absurd comments… you are so ill informed, it’s not funny! and to think you attempt to comment with a sense of authority when you are clueless is completely preposterous.
    and… incidentally, your innuendos are equally hysterical.
    go do some research and get your facts straight before you lash out aimlessly.

  7. Pooja

    I read your reply. You sound like a wonderful generous person -I would love to meet you someday. Maybe you and Suchitra can invite me to the vodka tasting 🙂

    SS-if you have nothing nice to say please go somewhere else. This blog may not be the place for you

  8. tHIS WAS EXACTLY MY REACTION WHEN i READ THE COMMENTS ON ‘iNDIA’S GOT TALENT’ When the topic was on Suchitra’s reaction on the child like behaviour of Shekahr Kapur who attracted her at the age of 19 and about her past life, instead of saying something on her style of writing and change in her attitude etc why the hell should Shekhar be drawn into that blog? IF YOU WANT TO WRITE ANY REVIEW ON SUCH SHOWS, GET APPOINTED AND DO IT IN A JOURNAL.Not in a blog when it has nothing to do with that stupid criticism. It is sheer craving for attention. Who in this world bothers about your existence?.Licking the shoes of the celebrities may be your profession.Behave your self. I had the same reaction when Pooja Bedi was dragged unnecessarily in the arguements.Maitain your dignity by minding your language.No one has given you the unbridled freedom to blabber in cheap language and criticize others English.Who ever you are, only God can save you. AS SUCHITRA WAS MAGNONYMOUS IN RENDERING HER APOLOGIES to Pooja, You also apologise to RJV. yOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TO CALL ME AND USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE.

  9. Here comes RJV again

    you said ” I had the same reaction when Pooja Bedi was dragged unnecessarily in the arguements” but i dont see your comments over there in thtat blog is it because u thought that Suchitra would not like it if you written it that time in that blog ?? oh common whom are u tryin to scare writing in Caps ?

    and u said “Who in this world bothers about your existence?.”
    same here ! who in the world bothers abt ur existance too!! wat ever makes u think people out here in Suchitra’s blog will ever come down and apologise to you … well if ur wating then u just got to keep waiting ! haha

  10. Dear Suchitra,

    “Letting go” of things things that seem big at that time and being “in the moment” is what is hardest to achieve. Yet, it one of those things that if practiced, situations are much easier to handle and you will realize that the “past” is just that, your past and not something you can dwell on. The future is there, yet you don’t know it. Ultimately, it is the present that matters and you will realize that everything seems so much more brighter, more treasured and you are more happy. Wow, what a freeing thought.

    Good luck!

  11. dear suchi: greetings.asking for pardon(-you may b at fault tho) is quite hard but once you done you feel right and light. you have really faced a lot of hardships and i can understand it too very well. take care. therz a verse in the BIBLE-cast all your cares onHIM (JESUS CHRIST for HE cares for you.
    all the best best wishes :dr. suchitra mohan

  12. It takes strength and purity to stand up and admit mistake and apologise…and that all in a public platform.

    Kudos to you. Hope all the grudges are settled now…life is short after all 🙂

  13. Nisha, grow up..stop sucking upto so so called celebrities..Here goes your plea…


    I read your reply. You sound like a wonderful generous person -I would love to meet you someday. Maybe you and Suchitra can invite me to the vodka tasting ”

    I mean come on…you are stooping so low, your breasts are touching ground..

  14. hi Suchitra,
    when will you start looking inwards? (do not take it offensive please)
    Life seems so good to close your eyes and look inwards!
    I agree its pain initialy to wheep out for mistakes made by onself, to clean up oneself,
    to realize how mean i was at times, to cry for it, and regret until we cleanse our soul!
    Once we are pure the joy is immense!
    We can not change the world, can not change others!
    the only thing possible would be to make the best human being out of ourselves.
    This is a long process for some, can be just an overnight transformation for others,
    one never knows which category I belong to!
    So i think somewhere one will have to start the journey,
    close your eyes, walk inwards until you reach that light!
    I believe the destiny would be the most serene location
    Will you join, I promise, its going to be a great journey,
    love and peace!!

  15. hai suchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……
    how are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…….

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    he has good sense of humour ……………………………
    what do you say…
    pls do not say nooooooooooooooooooo….
    hope more and more projects come sucessfully to shekar sir…wish him the best………….
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  17. Dear Madam,

    I am happy you asked for forgiveness from your dearest friend realizing how a lashing tongue can damage relationships . I hope you extend this to others especially those most nearer to you.


  18. Suchitra, your loud farts are now turned into silent, smelly puskis..ha ha.ha …but then on a serious note..I totally appreicate your honest, Suchi…You rock..honesty always is a beautiful thing and you are glowing much more beautiful today

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