Makhi ja- ja-ja

How does one get rid of monsoon makhis? The stupid annoying flies that buzz around your ears, swarm around your food plate-irritate irritate irriate? Uff! inn makhiyon ne tho meri neend haraam kar di!

I’ve noticed the creatures are smart too. They enter through your window slealthily at unknown hours, hide in silence during lights off waiting for an opportune moment to strike-which is invariably those early hours when sleep is deep. Its making me weep

See i dont like to kill them-even though insect terminator sprays are highly reccomended. Being the non violent sort i dont beleive in killing.

But a few nights ago i did that too in sheer desperation.

But found my self waking up through the night puking-I thought i was going to die -the smell of the insect repellant was so strong!! And yet the damn makhis were still buzzing around me-very very happily. Humming their vibrato

So now every night before bed time i’ve been chasing them around my room with napkins trying to shoo them out of the window. I’ve kept sugar crystals outside my window, waited till they all gather there and bolted the window shut. Sometimes i have been successful-but there is always that lone  or two or three makhis that  stay back in the house, hiding in corners waiting, to strike.

 And strike they do-right into my ear or sometimes even up my nose, in my hair, or tickling my toes. When i am at my most vulnerable and defenseless, deep in sleep oblivious to the world. No amount of ducking under the covers sticking cotton in your ears, trying to freeze them to death with the ac on at full blast, or eletric insect repellants can stop them 

Common somebody give me some suggestions yaa
how do i get these makhis to ja ja ja?

I’m desperate


29 thoughts on “Makhi ja- ja-ja”

  1. 🙂

    Your take off on the song kabutar ja ja ja is very cute

    Am going to ask my mum and wife for fly swatting tips and revert asap

  2. 1. Spray salt in the room where flies exist.. leave the window open. They are likely to leave. The sugar crystal idea is better than this salt idea.

    2. Get a product called “Netlon” – it’s a nylon net thats pasted on and off rather easily. You can use it to block your windows during this season and then let the windows breathe free in winters.. or whichever way you like it.

    3. Use the cockroach repellant – Baygon. Not the fly repellant. The fly repellant doesnt work at all.

  3. this post is too funny Suchitra

    even funnier are the suggestions people are giving you very seriously to make the makhis ja ja ja

    ha ha ha! way to go! lets all have some fun

  4. Netlon is the only solution Put in all the windows.I never had any mosquitoes or flies in my house when in Mumbai. It slightly affects the beauty of the house. You have to compromise.All the best

  5. I should put you through my mom. She has a whole thesis in place from makkhi mukti. First step is get mesh screens on your windows. Repellents are never good. Chemicals..nah!

    The sugar idea is good, try fooling them with other such tactics. After all the man-makkhi war of wits is as old as mankind itself. Enjoy it 🙂

  6. May be u can try this as i have n it seemed to have work …

    Trun on a some bright lite in a room that you dont sleep in n get all the room dark except for the one room tht has light in it generally these flys are attracted to light when eveythingelse around is dark tht is when they come out , So that way u can do this every day probably before you go to sleep so that you get all of the flies in one room and either lock the room up or its totally upto u what you do to them when you get them all in one place.

  7. install net in your windows … there are those with velcro glue … easy to install but care must be taken while the workers are doing it as they tend to cut corners and your installation will be useless …

    also seal the gap between your doors and the ‘chaukhat’, all the side gaps including the gap between the door and floor .. you will be surprised at how much a difference this makes … my fav method of sealing is to fold paper multiple times in a long ‘door length’ strips, staple it at 3-4 places so that it does not open up, take fevicol and glue this strip to all the edges of doors, then use a brown packing tape and securely paste over it covering all the paper … this makes a ‘spongy-fluffy’ seal and fits snugly into the gaps … much better than any rubber based solution … even during monsoons when the door swells with moisture it poses no problem while fitting .. also prevents mosquitoes and lizards from entering.

    sealing the bottom is trickier … you must find a thin enough wood piece and insert it in the gap after shutting the door … i have actually used the white plastic casing used to install internet wires .. they work perfect

    hope you get ‘nizaat’ from these pesky insects …

  8. Call a carpenter and he will be able to do the job without breaking your head. Happy Makhi Ja.

  9. Hi suchitra, Your sentence,”I’ve noticed the creatures are smart too.” hahahahaha lol, true! back to your request for suggestions, in addition to other comments, you could also try aslo send a request to municipal corporation to spray medicated gas in your locals frequently which keeps such smart fellows away… luck. also, i am writing some request to you in my following comment, pls read the same. best smiles

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  11. Really suchitra mam these makhis are very irritating… i dont know how dey comes in.
    the buzing sound in ears force me to kill them all but… how ?? they are very smart.

  12. I have never experienced such serious menace from the flies or mosquitoes when I was in Mumbai.Because I had proper protection put in all my windoes in all the Netlon net fixed with welcrove tape. Try it and write another blog. People are waiting to reply.

  13. RJV how many times will u try to say u lived in bombay ? everyone can read ur nonsense only once. Suchitra please have some new blogs as soon as possible to avoid people from repeating the same old stories over and over again.

  14. ramya what is wrong if RJV gives tips to suchitra in her blog.
    u shouldn’t be so possessive of suchitra.

  15. Godess of small things! lovely musings Suchithra!

    Hurey! your blog is served hot at ! Keep writing!

    With warm regards from Coimbatore
    Osai Chella
    “Your daily cup of BlogChai!”

  16. If some one has changed the place, in order to say something what they were doing or having there what would they say?What is so great if you lived in Mumbai.There is nothing there to boast aboutThe reference was the net. If you are such a genius, you should have shut your mouth. You should not reveal that all the time you have read the nonsense. You should have avoided reading RJV’s blabber. Instead you are blabbering.I myself have requested Suchitra to change the blog so thet people can enjoy reading the blog and avoid reading oters comments

  17. Avoid using fragrances that have a strong aroma associated with fruits or flowers. Additionally, keep a piece of alum, they will be fewer around.

  18. If sleeping in a mosquito net at night is comfortable, that might be an option as well. keeps out not just flies but mosquitoes and all other related species as well.

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