The Sheetal Mafatlal Scandal

I’ve been watching the bizarre scandal unfold on the television screens…Socialite arrested for customs duty evasion.Leading newspapers are screaming with cheap headlines such a “qaid mein hai bulbul” Reams and reams of newsprint devoted to what Sheetal was wearing on the way to jail, the value of the jewelry on her finger and the shade of her lipstick!

I cannot claim to know Sheetal at all-though i have met her socially on a few occasions. I cannot vouch for anything or comment on what is going on because I like everybody else know as much or as little as the newspapers and television reports are telling me. But to brand her a smuggler? Thats as ridiculous as it gets… 

There is definitely much more to it than meets the eye.For a family as wealthy as the Mafatlals it should have been an easy matter to pay a duty of 18 lakhs and settle the matter quietly and decently. 18 lakhs is petty change for them, less than the cost of a raza or hussain painting painting or a single diamond soliatire ring.  Women of that amount of wealth and social standing pick up such stuff on a casual shopping trip.  Jewelry  to match a dress or a pair of shoes of the same shade.. Even if they dont particularly like the item they will buy it because another socialite has recently acquired it…that it the kind of wealth we are talking about. They will then go on to splurge several more lakhs on jeans bags shoes blah blah. Its a casual day out…shopping for fun… I dont judge it-to each his own. Some people’s karma is to  acquire their wealth-some people’s karma is how they chose to spend it.

But i am baffled  that Sheetal has been sent to jail for something so many before her have done. Yes its wrong to evade customs duty but a scandal of this magnitude is the hand of someone from the inside me thinks. Someone who hates her and her husbands guts? family politics? business rivalry?… The reports are pointing at Atulya’s mother, but having borne the brunt of crappy reporting for many years I am not inclined to beleive everything the papers suggest. It could be anyone. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword

Yes families are known to even kill each other for wealth and property… I know of instances where black magic was performed to sabotage wealth with skulls being cemented under the flooring, wills doctored and forged. These things happen all the time.

But surely for a matter as small as this Sheetal and Atulya could have avoided jail by saying to the customs guys  okay we goofed up and now we’ll pay up. If they didnt why didnt they? And if they did, how come they were not granted pardon or a chance for a fair settlement of the boo boo?

Hmnnn….the mystery continues… power, wealth, scandal, intrigue…

Right now I’m feeling very thankful for my middle class roots. All us simple folk need is love

12 thoughts on “The Sheetal Mafatlal Scandal”

  1. It is difficult to digest this arrest and Jail.The Mafatlal Family is
    known for its wealth.What they were wearing could well be family
    jewellery.I think they said that also.In such a case The customs
    could have asked them to deposit the jewellery with them and
    take it back when they return,in case they were not prepared to
    accept the explanation.There ia something foul and fishy
    in this.Let us wait and see.Again valuation is anybody’s guess.
    It could also be inflated valuation by way of vendetta.

  2. this scandal is definitely weird. wonder what the truth is
    i’m not sure I’m thankful for my middle class life tho-i would love to have that kind of money to spend

  3. Hmm though I havn’t heard of what you say it does sound ridiculous…seems like a mystery…lets wait n watch while its being unsolved…

  4. yup ppl with money dont know the value of it unles they are in a mess like she got into !! May b the guy at the customs thought it was a gr8 scam which actually is just a way of shoppin for her !!
    thought she is out on a bail of 5lks now … which seems like throw away money for her …5lks is a gr8 sum for middle class ppl like us …..Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.

    “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy”

  5. This whole thing is too dumb.
    It shows the state of our country that it occupied so much news space. You should blog about more important things Suchitra. Awaiting your next blog

  6. Hey how can i read suchitra’s (MANEATER) i could not find in this blog someone plz help me

  7. Didnt even know this happened with the Mafatlal family till I read your blog. Ignorance is bliss. Its shameful the way the others without wealth keep maligning those who have it. Whatever you said brings light to the picture that things exist at various levels in life. The richie rich might be shopping and splurging big time, but am sure most of them treat it like Lakshmi and never mess with it, they respect it are mostly god-fearing and so they continue to make more and more. Whether they earned it or the wealth is in the family heirloom well they are privileged to spend it with that privilege, to each his own. Of course one never knows why the scandal was so blown out of proportion. Guess we’ll never know because even the people who were involved in creating the scandal will suddenly pactch up, become the best of friends and life will go on. Reminds me of a movie cant remember the title Sanjay Dutt an honest police officer is out to get the bad guys into jail. He’s finally arrested because in the last scene the so called good and the bad unite. He’s just casually told ,”Ye sab chalta rehta hain.” Like all’s fair in love and war types. Like you ve rightly pointed out dear, we’ll never know. Paisa hain power…..

  8. I stopped reading newspapers a few years ago!
    The real news is only 40% accurate. The rest is just words to fill up a page!

  9. This scandal is very boring. Sheetal Mafatlal is very boring-made in plastic decked in diamonds

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