Home Sweet Home

I moved homes this weekend. After years of trying to find the perfect home and after months of living out of cartons, being harangued by carpentars plumbers and electricians trying to get my interiors done…scouring every gully and store in Mumbai looking for the perfect light fitting, the right colour of tiles, the perfect shade of laminate…

 spending 8 to 10 hours a day breathing wood and cement dust and eating junk food from the restaurants nearby. The shift was 8 weeks overdue…my friends were laughing at me wondering about the delay & if i am building a Taj Mahal. I stressed about every nail on the wall and every angle and dimension of furniture…

And finally on Friday afternoon-i could take it no more.I i threw the workers out of my house. Told them enough is enough. I’ll do the rest later-this was all getting too stressful. Bundled my dogs in the car, picked up Kaveri from school and moved bag and baggage. Into my new home. And now I cant stop smiling :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The view from my bedroom is spectacular. The breeze cool and constant. Kaveri loves her blue fan and the jhoola in the balcony and the garden downstairs. Its a matter of time before she makes friends. The school bus drop this morning went smoothly-I met a few other parents, one who lives in the same apartment block as us. My car pool is sorted. My dogs  are blissful…they have found their lounging spots in the living room. My family arrives from Bangalore and Hyderabad in the next few days…I’m giving them a list of housewarming presents that i would like… a television for the guest room,dinner sets, wine glasses, bathroom accessories, bed spreads…

The weekend was fab. My sister and few friends stayed over…

On Monday morning things got better. I managed to make a list and complete a few pending tasks…bought my laundry baskets, my water glasses, blah blah. My home sweet home

In the outside world too,there is good news at last.-the Congress promises a stable government. I am very very happy about that and for many reasons. The LTTE is wiped out of Sri Lanka. The sensex rises after eons. What a releif -I am heavily invested and been chewing my nails to the bone in anxiety for over a year. There can be no news more welcome than the end of recession woes.

I checked out the promos of the new film I completed last month -Rann -directed by Ram Gopal Varma -Jana Gana Rann on You tube. The film is looking fantastic…

I entered a recording studio and recorded a song with a dear friend of mine -Raju Singh after ages and ages. He has been trying to coax me to start singing again for years but i couldnt. I had even forgotten i had a voice…hearing myself on the mike was a pleasant surprise…

Happy days are here again. Thumbs up!

28 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Glad to know that you are around! I was wondering where
    you had disappeared since I found only others writing in
    your blog.
    Happy to hear about your shifting.Wish you settle down
    smoothly and get back the blush of happiness on your
    My sincere and heartfelt wishes for you on this unique
    May your film and album achieve big success and enable
    you to get back where you really belong!
    om Ganeshaya Namaha!


  3. Other enigmatic blogs got solved. Wow! Congrats…
    Who has seen the recession.. like.. who is John Galt!

  4. Gr8 to know that happy days r back again !!

    Our best wishes r their with u always have gr8 time at ur new place with ur lil gal !!

    How many dogs do u hv n wat r their names ??

    I am sure every1 would love to hear ur voice again ….. happy happy for u sis 🙂

  5. As a metaphor maybe but this house would have been a pilgrimage for you! A circle of Karma! Finally you have a new WHITE board to start all over! Its your good karma coming back to you ;-)))))

    As for the dogs …I think they will always be happy as long as they are with you and your daughter!

  6. Hmm relaxing in a new home is definitely a great feeling especially after all the tiring days…glad to hear you’re singing again..wud love to listen to you after such a long break…

  7. Hi Suchitra, after so long time i hv seen u in here. Thank God at least u have perfect home ryt now. Oops sorry till yet u dnt know me, actualy i was meet u last 1993 after the releas the movie KHKNaa. It was so perfect match for my life. its realy can happend i was never thought. But now u have sweet home and stay with ur daughter. Well may God Blass & take care ur self u have hactic schedule next i guese ryt! :):):):):):):):) lots of Rosses.

  8. Suchitra,

    Wish your new ‘Home turn Rome’ for you. Always new,enigmatic,magical,energistic and serene. Contrasting…but complimenting.

    Wish Cauvery ‘Flow’ with smiles and ‘Run’ the miles lightning a chuckle in your eyes.

    Wish your dogs do not forget to bark at strangers being merrily lazy in the cozy comforts of you new abode.

    Wish The Divine Energy Bless Your Abode. May God Bless You,Cauvery,Your Canines and their Would Be’s where ever they are.

  9. Wish you and family all the best at your new adobe!
    Also wishing for all the nice things to happen to you!

  10. Wish your dreams, realities comes true in the home …

    Home – the dream, desire of every human …

  11. Hi Suchi,

    Wish you to KISS the things you missed!

    Wish you not to MISS the things you wished!

  12. suchitra
    i read the book “the summer of cool’ yesterday. I have to say i enjoyed it very much and once i started the book could not stop till i turned the last page.It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Chitrangana is adorable-i read somewherethat your pet name is Chitty-which is also your lead charactors pet name in the book-
    was just wondering how much of Chitrangana’s story is your own? I look forward to reading your next writing. Best Regards

  13. Hi Suchitra, I was very young when you were splashing the TV screens (few years ago), now I am mature enough to be married (just got married few months back). I find you very pretty and very very very nice. I am no one to comment on your personal life, I am sure you know are responsible for all your actions and you do not repent anything you have done. Be happy, hope I get to meet you someday. Happy Rann…Jana Gana Mann…

  14. Hey Suchi,
    I am happy that you are happy but what about that LTTE stuff???Do you have any clue about the kind of stuff happening to Tamils there?Check BBC and European Tvs screeming genocide-please do that .

  15. Finding a perfect home is a challenge and once you’ve found it and made it your own, the happiness is immeasurable. Happy housewarming and may the walls protect and be a witness to more wonderful memories. 🙂

  16. Hope your new abode has brought about the desired
    serenity in your life and inspires you to reach greater
    heights in filmdom and authorship!
    May good fortune smile again and continuously!

  17. Congrats congrats cograts

    may your new home bring you peace prosperity and the love a beautiful woman like you so deserves. Gods blessings to you and your daughter

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