Karma Aur Holi

Its finally coming out after over two years in the making. Previously titled Karma Confessions and Holi its now rechristened Karma aur Holi. It hits the theatres this weekend.

A film set in New York, with a multicultural Indian and American cast. The story unravels over two days of the Holi festival where a bunch of people come together to celebrate the festival of colour. Where our karma’s bring us together, get intertwined and propel us towards our final destiny. There’s laughter pathos confessions and intrigue. And ofcourse the mandatory holi song ūüôā

Karma aur Holi is a¬†interesting¬†¬†blend of¬† Indian and American culture with a mixed starcast. There’s Sushmita Sen, Randeep Hooda, myself, Deepal Shaw, Rati Agnihotri, Suresh Oberoi from the Indian side as also Naomi Campbell, Shauvik, Drena D’nero, Vincent Curatola and Sticky Fingaz from the American side. Everybody has given very fine performances, each and every member of the cast. First time director Manish Gupta does well in holding it all together .

These days Karma aur Holi is more in the news because Sushmita went on to call the film undignified and sleazy. When the press called me asking me why i had taken up a film that was so bold uncoventional and cheap!!?? i reacted in anger to what Sushmita said. I shot off a lenghty and emotional reply, which some of you may read about in the days to come defending my choices and the film.

But now i have realized that it was probably a twisted publicity stunt on her part. A desperate bid to keep the attention all to herself and not share the credit with any of her co stars or technical team. After all she even tried to convince  the makers to shoot one entire song just on her and use it solely for the promotion. Thank god they didnt agree and kept the vision of the story and script and the films higher interests in mind.

I equate her statement to a drowning person attempting to bring a whole ship down. I’m sorry, but I’m a passenger on that ship and I will try my best to ensure that the mast flies high and we have smooth sailing.

There is nothing undignified in the film. It is a fine film based on relationships and explores moralities that may or maynot be our own. Worth a dekho. Take a look at the video posted below and do go see the film when it releases on the 6th of March. Enjoy :-)))))))))))

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  1. May we wish you a good luck for the movie…Saw the promos and was wondering about the very interesting name…

    Karma Aur Holi…

    Just a vague thought but Karma and HolY (Holi! ;-)) are very related…

    By the moral police in the society they always use the too words pretty losely…Karma OR Holy deeds will get us salvation and we will be ‘Respectable” whereas UnHOLY deeds will attract Bad Karma (E.g. living in sin, pre-marital sex and the like..)

  2. Looks very promising. The yellow saree really suits you. And my god is that really Naomi Campbell? Wow!

  3. Seems my kind of movie! A story over 2 days!

    I struggle trying to follow a Karan Johar script which spans 3-4 generations and abt 70 years forget 70 days! Here atleast I can remember what happened on Day 1 and Day 2…

    By the time i reach the interval of a normal bollywood flick atleast 4 decades have passed and I am trying to remember what happened 27 years ago in the movie!!

    Senorita…Buena Verte! (Good luck in Spanish!!)

  4. Every picture should be viewed in a proper perspective.
    Obscenity lies in the eye of the beholder.
    Let us await the movie.
    will it be released in bangalore also on the 6th of March?
    I am all agog!

  5. hey…I stay overseas in Jordan…I have been meaning to tell you what a big fan I have been…Any possibility of a world wide release of your new movie…Out here we have very limited screenings of Bollywood movies.

    Finally i am happy to write to you and tell you that someday i hope to tell you in person how talented you are. Maybe when we are back in India..

    On behalf of the Indian Jewish community in Jordan I would like to wish you- Go Break a leg!!
    Its the JEWISH way of wishing Luck to someone! Just so that it doesnt get jinxed!

    Peace and Blessings

  6. morality is MAN made,although he is always the perpetrator!
    It is a shameless double standard!
    what is sauce to gander is also sauce to geese!
    Let us not make pronouncements before even seeing the
    looking forward to march 6th!

  7. The video looks very interesting. I’m just curious to know how Naomi Campbell and all the other americans spoke in Hindi. Or is the film in english?

  8. Like Nisha says he yellow saree makes you look very beautiful. I wish you had given a little description of your role in the movie.
    Forget what SUshmita says. That girl seems to be on a self destrutive and delusional journey. You just keep shining in all that you do.
    And do share your secret recipe with us.
    Movies, writing a book, painting singing and being a full time mother. How do you find the energy to do all that you do? and how do you manage to do it so well?

  9. I have been waiting for you to appear on the big screen after My Wife’s Murder. You were brilliant in that film. Ofcourse nothing compares to Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naan-that film is a classic
    God look for Karma. It looks promising

  10. The film looks promising.
    whats with this controversy with Sushmita? ignore it suchitra. You should not get involved in all this and let your work do the talking. Its below your dignity. You rock. Chin up. Like i always say-I am rooting for you

  11. I believe – If a promo is successful in creating Vibes half of a movie battle is won.
    The audience will think of visiting theatre and I am thinking too.
    Goodluck !

  12. Suchitra, you look better with long hair. You short hair cut does not suit you-please grow your hair again like in this video

  13. Hey! I happened to catch an interview of yours while browsing channels last nite…forgot the name of the channel but some news channel..It was very interesting hearing your thoughts on the movie.

    Wishing you luck and a great 2009.

    Just a personal take on the movie industry that even if the box numbers dont announce the movie superhit please dont be disheartened as if you are happy with what you and the other actors have done then thats all that counts…besides the audience today is not very sensitive towards the performers and judge too harshly and always end up making a wrong judgement…

  14. India’s biggest religion is the -“The Herd Mentality”.

    If one person says that a movie is good 10 other follow suit and say the same. If one Sushmita says its sleazy then 20 other minds are affected and will say the same.

    I struggle to not give in to the Herd mentality. People feel more confident in saying something in groups as there they can afford to let out their voice since no one knows who else is saying what and it gets lost in the crowd.

    Not being judgemental here but a Delusional- FAT- has been does not have the right to comment on what is a collective effort!

    Any performer/artist takes a lot of pride in even a circle they draw, a scribble they right or a scene they enact. This is the first time i’ve heard of an artist condemnning their own work!

  15. probably because she has a new boyfriend now-some chap who looks atleast 10 years younger than her -she thinks he will object to her bold scenes. or maybe she is trying to change and turn over a new leaf and settle down to being a good girl-or atleast potray the public image of a good girl
    but what can anyone do if she decides to change her boyfriends every few months? i pity her producers. Its shocking that someone can talk about their own film in such a derogatory way

  16. and I think you are spot on SUchitra. Its just an attention seeking tactic of a desperate girl whose career has hit rock bottom.
    Good luck for the film-the video looks allright. Nothing great.
    Not too sure if i will go and see the film
    maybe if someone gave me a free ticket on a weekend when i had no other plans but not otherwise

  17. Just returned after viewing Karma & Holi. The picture is short
    and sweet,Skillfully handled.Almost every one has performed
    well,in particularsushmita,Suchitra And Rati Agnihotri.
    IT is different and has an intellectual appeal,notwithstanding
    a constrained presentation of sexuality.

  18. I saw the film this afternoon.
    Though i enjoyed the performances, yours and Sushmita’s especially i found the film to be very poorly directed and inconsistent. Naomi Campbell was wasted in the film and the true scene stealer was the boy with the stammer.

  19. . I loved your look in the yellow saree. It stood out from all the others and made you look pretty. What took me by surprise was how different you were in this film from your last performance in My wife’s murder. In my wife’s murder you were scary and aggressive and i was waiting for you to die,
    in karma and holi film you looked very soft and vulnerable and i hoped something bad is going to happen to your chauvinistic husband instead!
    Overall okay film
    not bad

    Sushmita has given a very good performance-especially compared to her last few films Zindagi rocks and aag where her acting was stupid bordering on the ridiculous. In this film she looks very classy and acts very well.

    Randeep Hooda is a cutie

  20. hi iam from pakistan and i am big fun of urs after watching the great great kabhi haan kabhi naa with srk .why u not worked with srk .plz reply me i am ur big fan (ana)

  21. I had the luck of seeing the film today thanks to my daughter who stays here.I quite liked the film and almost everyone has performed well, especially the three or four of them whom I have seen on screen before, Sushmita Sen, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Rati Agnihotri and also Suresh Oberoi[ Am I correct?Suchitra, as a submissive and vulnerable wife has performed well, especially when she is controlled by her husband when she wants to confess some secret and the way she reacts in that situation brought tears in my eyes. Sushmita proved her worth.But I found it strange and abrupt when Suchitra tells her husband that she is leaving him.There should have been some explanation.Having been submissive all the time, she suddenly flares up and there it ends.. Must be the director made it subtle by doing it.On the whole, the movie was good and realistic.It is worth a try.

  22. When Sushmita and Aish won their crowns I had made a prediction that has been the worst I have ever made. I am not an astrologist.. just through my observations and guts.. I think how things are going to move… but boy was I wrong! The EXACT opposite of what I had thought has come about. Susmita is that unsuccessful-one-time-wonder-bitchy female.. while Aish despite her obvious good looks has worked VERY hard on her profession and acting prowess and succeeded.

    I would love to see you back in more movies.. would definitely see this one soon! Btw, I loved LuckbyChance – if you havent seen it.. you know with your background, would love to know your thoughts on more movies (reviews?)..


  23. “kabhi haan kabhi naa”
    I watched this movie befor 2 months.
    U did good job.
    I have been searching a girlfriend like you.
    would it be so.
    some lines for u.
    “Bholi si surat ankho me masti”
    “door khadi sarmaye”
    if some one will get chance to see u.
    I think he needs to spen thousands of hoursssssssssssss.
    again the total =you spread love everywhere.

  24. “kabhi haan kabhi naa”
    I watched this movie befor 2 months.
    U did good job.
    I have been searching a girlfriend like you.
    would it be so.
    some lines for u.
    “Bholi si surat ankho me masti”
    “door khadi sarmaye”
    if some one will get chance to see u.
    I think he needs to spen thousands of hoursssssssssssss.
    again the total =you spread love everywhere.

  25. How come, every time someone differs from you in opinion on something you are involved in it’s a conspiracy theory?

  26. Loved the trailer and am looking forward to buy the DVD coz I’m not sure if it will release in the US. All the best. The last movie of yours I saw was Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na but you still look the same to me.

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    “It’s a terrible tragedy.”

  28. ma’am i am actually not a great fan of the typical masala bollywood films which are countinuously “MANUFACTURED” in our bollywood, rather i like the art cinema, and those having a serious issue or a political background. i was rather amazed to see the movie “RANN”………u were superb and not only u, i hope everybody of the cast did a spellbound performance…………was so dazzelled by u that i actually serched about the whole cast and then about u,,,,, found ur blog on the way………

    really liked the movie…….keep on ur good work !!

  29. wen i try to send a comment or message it says this page cant be displayed and i tryed all of the things it told me to do. how can i send messages and comments plz id lik to know


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