Buying “The Summer of Cool” online

The good news is that my novel has received a great response and is sold out at bookstores across the country. Would like to thank each one of you wholeheartedly for your support…

The bad part is that I have been inundated with phone calls emails and sms’s from people complaining that they have been unable to acquire a copy of the book.

My publishers (Penguin India)are working hard at restocking the stores with the novel, but in the meantime, for those of you who would like to buy the book,  i would recommend that you order it online. Its quick easy and there are even sites that do cash on delivery.

Here are the links to a few online stores that you could purchase “The Summer of Cool” from

First and

Rediff books

Web Mall India

India Plaza

Dial A Book – 011 64656565

(Dial a book delivers across all the metros, with same day delivery within Delhi)

EBay India

(Thank you Umesh for this link.) Ebay delivers outside of India for those living abroad

Please let me know of any instance where you may have visited a store and found the book out of stock. With the name of store and location. We will try our best to replenish the stocks asap.

Cheers and lots of love


18 thoughts on “Buying “The Summer of Cool” online”

  1. i have read it suchitra and I liked it …if i can speak my mind aloud it wasnt the best thing that I read but it was far far better than several others that I have read…i am a journalist myself and so i can be credited to reading a fair amount of novels!

  2. I already ordered from Firstandecond. Got it in 3 days AND a 10% discount voucher for all future purchase!

    Credit card used but its verisign approved.

  3. Hi. i read the summer of cool. i enjoyed it very much. keep up the good work. i look forwrd to the next in the swapnalok society series

  4. Congrats
    As a first time author you must be very very thrilled with the response to your book
    i plan to order it. I googled it and it seems like you have got some fantastic reviews and reader responses

  5. I am sorry and being a book reader, I would and shall buy. But what happens to the historical things that we buy and are left in warehouses in the US eating dust.

    Suchitra you are doing a noble cause in highlighting things that you feel are not good or not right for India. How come you missed out the articles of ‘Bapuji’ and the ‘Sword of Tipu Sultan’ which sits in some warehouse in the US eating dust.

    Appreciate if you could bring out the awareness among all and highlight the need of being united for a genuine cause .. and there cannot be any thing more noble than bringing our heritage back.

    Sorry, I know it does not gel with your posting in the Blog, but I thought you could take the words up with your noble ideas and thoughts.

  6. Hi Suchitra

    I went to the crosswords at Juhu today and enquired for your book. They said it was sold out and they are awaiting the stock.

  7. judging from your blogs i am not surprised that your book is a sell out. congratulations. I will go and grab a copy now

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