Address Proof Card

In cities of constantly shifting and migrating populations, acquiring relevant paperwork, such as proof of address issued by Government offices, like a passport , ration card etc becomes difficult.

The Indian Department of Posts (Post Office) has come up with a solution.

You can now get an Address proof card along with your photo from India post. Since the ID proof is issued by India post which is a central government organization, it is similar to Govt. ID cards like Driving license, Voters ID etc. This card can be used for opening bank accounts, for getting telephone/internet connections etc.

The total cost for getting this ID card is Rs.250/ (Rs.10 for application and Rs.240/- processing fee).

Please pass on this useful information amongst all your friends and acquaintances. For details please enquire at the nearest post office.

12 thoughts on “Address Proof Card”

  1. How does the post office ensure the authenticity of the person and the address? I see this as a callous proposal esp. when security issues are so important. The proof of address should be the utility bill – along standing, effective practice in the West.

  2. Popsinha
    its not always possible to have a utility bill in ones name-especially when you are staying as a PG or in a rented place. Maybe thats why post office has come up with this scheme-to provide ID for people in a legitimate way. I thinks its a useful scheme

  3. Its a smart move for creating the much awaited NATIONAL ID, minus the Politicians CUT.

    Vinod Agarwal – Rs.250 x 1.2 Billion = ?? It will keep the Postal Dept Alive

  4. Vinod that is an interesting observation. The Postal Department does need a life-line desperately. It needs to diversify. Like the in the US it had diversified into the realm of customer management. Our country needs a national ID system on priority. Till then this is a useful tool though the chances of it getting abused are very high.

    Thanks Suchitra for posting this info.

  5. popsinha
    the postal deptt will not five the i card immedaitely . they well first verify and then issue the card

  6. Thanks for the useful information. Can you let me know where to submit the application and if I have to download/apply it online what is the website.


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