The Pink Chaddi campaign

I consider myself a liberal. I beleive in freedom and most of all i consider myself to be a champion for womens rights. I pat myself  on the back for it and am sometimes cursed for it. I’m often aghast at the double standards that exist in our society and have sometimes raised my voice against it. to the extent of being labelled a suffragette and a feminist.

 I refuse to accept the label of a feminist because in my view a feminist is one who is battling for her rights and her equality. In my view there is no battlle- my equality is a given. It is my fundamental and constituitonal right. I demand it without a war and i demand it with the dignity that is due to me as a woman and an equal member of this society.

 Though i am a great one for causes, this time around, call me a prude if you wish but i am very grossed out at the pink chaddi campaign.

What is the pink chaddi campaign, some of you may ask? I first heard about it on the radio this morning, where the over enthusisatic RJ’s were appealing to all the women to assert their rights on the eve of Valentine day by collecting their pink underwear and sending it to the Sri Ram Sena in Hubli. The Sri Ram Sena are same goons who molested the girls in a Mangalore pub recently for going against indian culture.

The pink chaddi campaign  also appealed to all women to invade the pubs on 14th feb valentines day, and raise a toast to womanhood. Even with a glass of juice for the teetotaller.

The misguided campaign is one brave and dusgusted Delhi girls attempt at hitting back at the Sri Ram Sene chief and the moral police brigade of our country- to tell them that we women will not cow or bow down to their bullying tactics. So far so good-

But to send them your pink underwear? Excuse me whats that about? 

For further information on this campaign click on the link below

Dear “pinkchaddicampaigner”, By calling yourself a loose and forward woman because you love to visit pubs, you are displaying your own confused morality and pandering entirely to their depraved point of view. There is nothing loose or forward about women visiting pubs-it is as much our right as anybody elses. Dont let anybody make you think otherwise.

Men and baboons who have a problem with it should be asked to investigate and prove their own masculinity, not question our feminity. What exactly is it that these men find so threatening about women behaving like they do? What is it they are afraid of?

By sending them your underwear you are promoting yourself as a steriotypical peice of arse and nothing more. Its exactly what the bullies of religious facshist organizations are trying to tell you you are, and you have fallen right into the trap.

Is the underwear the only symbol of womanhood and sisterhood you could find?  Why not send them a noose to hang themselves? Or pins to burst the inflated and false bubbles of their warped minds?

Or how about us women fighting with our minds instead? Appealing to the Government to start a sterilization campaign for anybody who molests or rapes a woman… like they do with rabid stray dogs

I understand your intention dear “pinkchaddicampaigner”, but If you want to become a goddess please dont behave like a whore.

For Gods sake …Look at Pramod Mutaliks (the Sri Ram Sene chief’s) face…  and lets ignore him for the bully and loser he is. He dosent merit all this fuss. Does he deserve something as beautiful and precious as your underwear?As a woman dont you think you should be particular about who sees your panties?

The libbers who burnt their bra’s in the sixties realized too late that it was a garment meant to keep their boobs from falling to the ground. Those who kept their bras on still walk tall.

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  1. Ravindra

    i think you are getting carried away in your passion. I found nothing political in kannabirans vasistahs or nisha’s comments. they are airing their views as you are yours.

    i doubt if suchitra would allow a political debate on her blog. she dosent strike me as the type

    Renuka chowdhary is minister for the welfare and development of women and children. It is her job to speak on these matters and she is a fiery and honest lady.
    Do not attribute political agendas to everyone
    Take care of your own-infact the way you are supporting Mutaliks disgusting gesture of giving the women sarees and presenting false information that the BJP took action against the Sri Ram Sene hooligans etc makes me suspect that you have some radical political leanings too -perhaps with the BJP?

  2. Ravindra
    nobody is targetting the BJP-we are just pointing out facts and incidents that have occured in the recent times. Are they not true? This has nothing to do with elections

    As for mutalik sending the ladies sarees-the joker is acting in desperation to save face.
    what is he trying to say? that indian ladies are only supposed to wear sarees and stay at home? and anyone who dresses in jeans and visits public places will be molested? The man is sick-lets not give him so much importance please. Viruses like him need to be eradicated

  3. Shruti
    i agree with everything you have said. I am all for the pink chaddi campaign
    but please do not accept a saree-cotton or not from Mutalik
    because you see his respect for you is conditional. As long as you wear the saree he has given you, walk like he wants you to, say the things he wants to hear, and go wherever he tells you to, he will respect you and treat you well. Like a pet toy or a puppy dog
    the minute you do anything different he will attack you and call you a whore.

    Ask him to keep the sarees to hang himself and members of his outfit instead. Women can buy their own sarees if they want to wear it. It is a beautiful garment but coming from his hands is the twisted coil of a snake

  4. woooooooooooooooh,

    Anger spitting out of each and every anatomy. not to forget the nervous system. I agree with your words and sentiments. The campaign is not bring down ‘A Political Leader or Sect’, and that too at the cost of the sovereignty of a woman – not the correct approach.

    Well sterilization is definitely one of the options, if we cannot follow the tradition of ‘Capital Punishment’ as in the Gulf. I am not sure how many know this, but the punishment for Rape in Kuwait and Saudi is ‘Beheading in Public’ in broad day light. You should see one of it, or should be telecasted in India, will bring the chill wave on your spine.

    There are other ways to approach the situation, the law in India always favors the women activists, if we could send an application to the UN to ban the terrorist outfits in Pakistan (outside the country), can’t the women of India send a note to the president or the UN in India to ban an activist group internally.

    We seek the ban and extradition of terrorists outside the country, but what to do about the rogues whom we keep internally.

    I used to hear when I was kid, let us wash the dirt that we have internally and then look at the neighbors dirt. Pakistan some times laughs at for the ‘Godhra’ and other issues, why do we give a chance. We have been democratic / secular state for almost 6 Decades – but yet our thoughts are trivial.

    Going to a bar, a disc or any entertainment area is not an offense, till the time we stay in our limits. I guess this starts with a pub today, what is the guarantee that it would not move on to women not allowed to go to Movie Theaters, this could go on.

    And if we allow this to move on, I guess we could compare ourselves with what goes on in the Gulf – wearing the Abaya’s or the Burkha’s and moving around.

    So let us start a campaign not for publicity but to get the voice heard and by the right person. Sending ‘Undoo’s’ to a political sect is not the right approach, I feel. Rest as India is a Democratic country, ach one has their way to voice their rights. But the just think there are people so poor in India and around the world who don’t have an ‘undoo’ to wear, if you want to be generous send it to them. They could at least cover themselves from the shame that they go through each day.

    Just my 2 cent worth

  5. I am no politician.I have nothing to do with any political party.
    A government that is not merely spineless but supports such
    hooliganism with the tongue in the cheek does not deserve to
    be there.
    India is no hindu kingdom established by these goons or the BJP.
    There are crores of muslims,christians,sikhs,jains,and myriad other
    people,with all the rights of citizenship and constituitional protection.
    Those elected are administered an oath that they will not violate
    the constitution.People be they boys or girls do not need the permit
    of these goons for visiting pubs. It is a clear case of law and order.
    A government that can’t protect its citizens has no right to be in office.
    Ravindrans are no polestars to indicate right routes to others,if they
    cannot see a crime as a crime.
    Not even god can save this nation so long as we have such warped
    minds living amidst us or thrust on us through elections.
    The debate is on fundamental rights and safety of our mothers sisters and
    The movement must gather momentum
    The muslims have not said a word about the boy being beaten!
    A contrast in studies!
    Ravindran wails for the BJP.wonder if there are any female members
    in his family!
    whatever political parties abet these deeds should be kicked out.
    Unfortunately only BJP has this heroic distinction!

  6. Suchitra you are a very powerful writer and have the capacity to affect collective thinking.Keep going.

    I am glad for the way in which you have worded this article. While the Sri Ram Sene was completely wrong in what they did, does sending them pink chaddis make it right?

    there is a lot of heat being generated from this debate, and i hope there is a sensible outcome. Our nation needs it

  7. I want a pink saree too! My maid has been asking for new clothes for some time! Then it will help me save money of buying her a new saree!

    Now its time we get a “New Post”. By talking more abt this we are giving this incident more importance than we should…This is exactly what we dont want to do. We are helping promote the PCC campaign! Let all take a deep breath and let go!

    Now we shall await the next post ;-))

  8. The above are strictly my views but in no way convey that anyone else should not express themselves abt PCC…. ;-))))

    I am re-reading “The summer of cool”…Its Superb! Thank you for the book….

  9. Simplysid:

    From my comments, you suspect that I “have political leanings – perhaps with the BJP”.

    But when kannabiran says:
    “whatever political parties abet these deeds should be kicked out.
    Unfortunately only BJP has this heroic distinction!”

    ….you don’t see anything political about it!

    If somebody pretends to be blind, I cannot make them see it… I give up!

  10. Simplysid:

    Going further, you say:
    “i think you are getting carried away in your passion. I found nothing political in kannabirans vasistahs or nisha’s comments.”

    vasistah says:
    “BJP is a rising facist influence in the larva stage and will ruin the country if allowed
    to flourish.”

    “BJP should be kicked out.”

    Nisha says:

    “these goons must be bought to book. And it does seem like the BJP is responsible for this injustice and warped morality. It is thier political agenda and they should not be allowed to get away with it.”

    Can you explain to me how exactly am I getting “carried away” and why do you feel that vasistah and Nisha are not forwarding their own political points of view? Could it be because their political stand points matches with yours and mine doesnt?

    You say that suchitra would never allow a political debate on her blog – maybe – but right from the first comment, made by vasishtah, it is all about politics! All I have done is point out this reality – that this is nothing but politics and politics and scoring points!

    To Intelligent:

    After what I have pointed out in the above comments of Vasishtah and Nisha, can you still tell me with a straight face that “nobody is targetting the BJP”?

  11. The BJP has been mentioned over and over again because this is their doing and had happened under their rule. They have not done anything to stop it or prevent it from happening again, and have taken a very weak stand on these issues. They are abusing the Hindu philosophy which is essentially one of tolerance and of dharma

    Can u deny that?

    or are we supposed to lie and blame it on somebody else just so that you can continue to be blind?

    any political party that misuses and abuses religious and cultural issues is not welcome in our country. be it congress BJP or anybody else. india is a secular and democratic country -there is no place for fundammentalists and bigots. These protests are valid. If you cannot bear to know the truth do not come to a blog where everybody can express their views.

  12. simplysid:

    I havent stopped anyone from airing their views. Can you point out even one single sentence, one single phrase in my comments, where you feel I have I have stopped people from saying something?

    But by saying “do not come to a blog”, it makes me feel that YOU are the one who wants to gag people whose views do not match yours.

    I guess you feel comfortable when everyone on the blog has the same views! So much for “freedom of expression” “democracy” blah blah…

  13. even a small spark can lead to a big conflagration, if not noticed
    and extinguished forthwith.
    Rama sena and Bajrangdal are such sparks, blemishing the
    sacred names of Ram & hanuman.
    stand up for your mothers and sisters Ravindar,not for these
    goons or their godfathers!
    Show me one person inspiring immediate respect in any
    political party in our country to-day.
    I will wear a hat and take it off!

  14. vasishta,

    I am with you – I too do not support Ram Sena methods of intimidating the poor beer-guzzling girls in pubs. I also am with you when you say that there are no inspiring people in “ANY POLITICAL PARTY in our country today”.

    NOW! NOW we are talking about balance, arent we? NOW, we are talking about ANY political party. NOW, simplysid says “be it congress BJP or anybody else”

    Before this, it was just BJP-bashing. I do not support the BJP or the Congress. All I was trying to say that this is all a political stunt! So lets not get used by the political parties in their cheap oneupmanship games.

    Thank goodness that after all my interventions on this blog, I have been succeessful in bringing about this balance!

    Thanks guys!

  15. Oh No. For Heaven’s sake stop all this rubbish and nonsensical debate on pinc chaddi etc etc.Women all over our country are being treated as inferior beings whether rural or urban, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.In spite of the legislation brought out by the British Government, female infanticide is still rampant in our country.From time to time incidents of ‘Sati’raise their head in northern states and temples are being built for those satis. And the Hindu Fundamentalists argue that it is sanctioned in the Vedas and other religious scriptures, and there is nothing wrong if Sati is committed voluntarily.Wife battering is a very common thing everywhere and the woman is being blamed for’back answering’.If the educated women feel that they are equal to men, even if they really are, in education, caste,status etc etc,they should not marry a boy whose family expects monetary benifits from the girl’s parents.In what way girls are inferior to boys?In which society she is considered equal to man?It is all farce. Why don’t you first eradicate such evils instead of sending pink chaddis etc.and claiming equal right to go to pubs and drink, dance and cut a pathetic figure in front of other loose men. Why don’t you maitain your dignity as a superior sex. Think about it.You should keep men at a distance even on Valentine’s Day and even even if you are in a pub

  16. @stupid: What is that notion of superior sex again? Evils you mention exist but the pink chaddi campaign is not for addressing those evils.

  17. The answer for the “Superior Sex” notion is, the so called weaker sex[abala- one who is weak] is stronger because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex. hence the superiority.When the custodians of our Indian culture denied the girls the right to go to the pubs, they questioned ‘when men can do it why not women’?There is a countrywide agitation for establishing your right to do what you want to do, claiming equality of right.Dowry is taken only on the basis of superirity of man.girl child is killed only because of her inferior status in the society. You can think about addressing such evils and use some objects for protesting against such evils too. why only pub entry?Sending pink chaddi itself is a kind of degrading yourself.Men of such back ward and outmoded thinking don’t deserve your ‘valuable’chaddi whether pink,blue, black or any other colour.Send them sickles,chappals,brooms and even buffalodung.Cowdung is sared for such religious fundamentalists.For heaven’s sake please change the pink chaddi to some othername or object. It is repulsive.

  18. Suchitraji I apologise for what is being churned out.I only highlighted
    the real reason why such atrocities take place in broad daylight,in
    front of the police etc.
    Young and innocent girls go to a pub for a sip and fun.
    suddenly goons descend on them with sticks and weapons
    throw them on the streets and bash them up.
    Ravindra regrets that this should not have happened but why blame
    He comes out as its mouth piece.We have no quarrel.He is free to be
    a slave of that bjp culture.
    Bjp is ruling the state.
    The goons belong to the RSS or Other controlling sections of the BJP.
    The chief minister and home minister are not outraged!
    They are also against pubculture was the first reaction.
    The cowards are obliged to the controlling sections and have no spine.
    Such a group is unfit to handle the affairs of a large state which has disperate
    communities living in it.
    The guaranteed constituitional rights of an individual are violated and it does
    not shock these eminent leaders, who have shamelessly taken an oath while
    assuming office.
    It is this brazenness and concealed support that emboldens rowdies
    to take the law into their hands.
    A leadership with this animus for a particular community and that treats women
    as an inferior lot deseves the boot.
    A nation’s health depends on the status of its women.
    women as mothers, sisters and daughters define a community.
    If they are treated like this it is a shame on all of us.
    Hence the public outrage and symbolic protest.
    I have not politicised the issue.
    I have pointed my finger at the real hypocritic leaders who shiver
    in their shoes before an inner ring of their party whose handmaids they
    have become.
    If u don’t like pubculture close the pubs.
    Don’t shamelessly collect revenue from alcohol and beat
    your chests as if you are teetotallers.
    Be Real Men who defend the weak.
    The strong don’t attack.They stay calm.
    The main issue of the violation of fundamental rights and the urgent need for a
    nationwide symbolic protest cannot be bypassed.
    Those who do not want to join are free to stay away.
    If they still butt in,the motive is questionable.
    Suchitraji thank you for giving me space in your forum.I apologise
    if I have caused any embarassment to your blog.

  19. vasishta,

    With all humility, I agree with almost the entire long winded and passionate comment that you have written.

    I only want to understand one thing. You say:
    “Ravindra regrets that this should not have happened but why blame BJP. He comes out as its mouth piece.We have no quarrel.He is free to be a slave of that bjp culture. Bjp is ruling the state.
    The goons belong to the RSS or Other controlling sections of the BJP. The chief minister and home minister are not outraged! They are also against pubculture was the first reaction.”

    If you are aware,

    1) the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, who incidentally is of the Congress Party, AND
    2) the Union Health Minister, Anbumani Ramadoss, of one of the 2-MP party which is supporting the Congress at the Centre to form the UPA Govt

    have ALSO voiced their reactions AGAINST pub culture. This has been widely reported and the press – after which Renuka Chowdhury hid under her bed, away from the TV cameras.

    By your logic, shouldn’t I then also be called a mouthpiece of the Congress and the UPA?!!!

  20. Ravindra I have not supported any of the above zealots. I live

    in Karnataka and it is a local issue. I have used only published news.

    I have nothing personal against you.Don’t get clouded by BJP’s ShivSEna”s
    or other fundamentalist oriented organisations. In a mistaken notion of
    being their being the only national.indigenous group, they indulge in mindless activities that
    have the potential of breaking up the notion.The saffron is as bad as the jihadi.
    You should also come out of your BJP cocoon and see things properly.
    Compassion is a greater virtue. Loyalty only self serving!
    Have a nice day!

  21. Suchitra said: I’m often aghast at the double standards that exist in our society and have sometimes raised my voice against it. to the extent of being labelled a suffragette and a feminist.

    Well, I believe there is nothing wrong or derogatory to have these labels – it is or shoud be part of your identity – it is like saying you are an artist, a singer, or a painter. And which true thinking human on this earth cannot call himself/herself a feminist? True that a woman like a man has every right by birth to live with dignity and self respect, but the societies and cultures we proudly are party of, do not really entitle the same. That is why we have the isms and ideologies and groups in place, and they will continue to exist as long as the situations do not improve. I am proud to be a feminist, a humanist.

    And I completely agree with Suchitra when she says if men can drink, why can’t women? yes – drinking might not be good for your health, as many other things on this earth are. As adults we decide what to do, unless it certainly intrudes into or curtains the freedom or existence of others – ofcourse, selling liquor to a minor is crime, immoral, we have no right to do it. – but whether a woman wants to go to a pub, or a bar for that matter is her matter, she is as adult as a man and can decide it on her own – and prcisely that aspect is what these hooligans are simply trying to ignore: the very basic existence of a woman as an individual – that too basing on some falsely glorified values – I really donot believe hindus have that great a culture – it has several greater aspects, certainly and i am too proud of it. But it is also a culture where castism exist even today with all its brutalities. It considers some humans above others, it considers men above women. What is so great about it?? –

    Yes, pink chaddis are a not a great means to put across the message to Muthalik and his counterparts across the country. but, what other means do exist for us? the goverment? the judiciary? – far too remote possibilities, as we all know – greater matters were neglected as stupidly as this before, where do we expect justice? – we know what happened in Gujarat, we know what happened in Ayodhya, we know what is happening. Perhaps, a cheap means like this befits them more. Let us be a little cheap so that cheaper things be put to a stop, vulgar stuff like these cultural policing does not happen again, or at least to let them know that women DO NOT take everything passively.

    And now, who wants to be goddesses? Goddesses are blemishless, to be worshipped, to be prayed for blessings, let us leave them to their heavenly abodes or sanctum sanctorua – let us – the women of India live like humans – yes like every other human on this earth- with our own little follies, with our own human desires and dreams, with the right freedom of expression and action, with all dignity and self respect that we deserve – not protected and worshipped, not just restricted to the glorified familial roles. and lastly, let us not disrespect whores. it is a profession in demand and many men n women do it for a living.. who are we scared of?

  22. I truly agree with you on the “Pink Chaddi Campaign”. Yesterday I was spending time with our friends when we had this very intense conversation. And I share with them my great learning and wisdom I got through reading a book written by Robin Sharma, which says “Never judge any event as good or bad just treat it as an experience” and I very wisely tell everyone to consciously check each other if anytime we begin to judge.
    We all agreed to this. It’s not even past 24 hours having said that, here I am itching to comment on your blog. You know it’s my first comment on the blog, and I don’t know if I am within the discipline of writing the blog entries.

    Well…but I don’t care about that too much as I cant wait to comment on this Pink thing. I am with you….too good… Very well written. You Rock…We women are far too superior to pay a hood to who ever this Sri, Ram etc.
    How about the Condom Wending Machines installed at the pubs? Why not free birth control pill dispensers and Mala Ds made available for women?. It’s always about the pricks rattling in their undies!!
    I also see one huge poll in Delhi India forum, the topic being: Should there be condom wending machines in the college? I wonder if they even have one coffee wending machine in their campuses and that too in a working condition!!



  23. Let us divert our attention to a more serious and useful topic. The entire exercise appears to me juvenile. Let us have some mental maturity. God Bless you all.

  24. Another modern liberated Indian without a sense of humor….

    The whole point of the campaign is it’s play on words (google the khaki chaddi brigade, chaddi wallas to see what they are playing with), and it’s satire, sarcasm, humor.

    They are laughing at the fact that women who go to pubs are seen as “loose”. It’s a joke. They are making fun of people who think like that.

    Wow. We Indians really need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously. (nobody else does, believe me).

    Relax, take the stick out of your bum and celebrate the fact that EVERYWOMAN is a resevoir of opposite qualities. We are all;


    That’s the whole point, whatever they call us or whatever they want us to be, we are already that!


    Peace Out.

  25. dbad guy says;

    “.I know its been seen and said a lot in hindi cinemas but I believe chappals would be just as symbolic”

    How are gender neutral chappals symbolic of womens’ sexuality?

    If you’ve been following any of the media with their interviews with Muthalik, the Rama Sena, the Durga Sena and others, the mystique of “the proper Indian Woman”, or ‘Bharatiya Nari’ and all that it implies with regards to freedom of choice – whether to have a drink, go on a date, wear a spaghetti strap or have a satisfying sex life, these things are all being referred to either directly or indirectly in the interviews.

    Hence, pink chaddis it is!

    Yoni Shakti Zindabad!

  26. Dear indian, This is utter Utter nonsense. The pink chaddi campaign has no connection with the om or any other hindu symbol and is certainly not insulting any religion
    Stripes are a common background universally used all over the world-there is no connection with Om. The stripes depict the rays of the sun -light.knowledge, enlightenment

  27. i chose not to read the mass hysteria and opinions of all the bloggers. What is Ram Sena? whom are we talking about here? A god figure who delivered whatever, because the masses demanded of him? a human specimen who was godified? ineresting…sita f…… off….into the bhoomi maa or whatever…))))))))) these ram seva politicians wives… did too )))) bravo! anger, viciousness, grief, judgement, bravado, hooliganism, man, woman, religion, country differences… the hypocrisy of MORALITY and anger aint gonna get us humans anywhere….. WAKE UP! and stand up for your own life’s truth…. helplessness, blasphemy, self rigteousness aint gonna get us anywhere…. drop the angst and confusion…. please please please do not contribute with violence and confusion of thought or action to any campaign either set off by a politician or anyone…. when U r EMPOWERED…. these matters dont exist…. raise the postive energy on this planet…. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! EMPOWERMENT OF THE SELF IS TRUE POWER…. No right, no wrong, no good, no bad, no helpnessness, no angst, no grief, no anger, NO HATRED….. please please please MAKE THE DIFFERENCE….. individually and collectively….STOP WASTING LIFE….

  28. i wish i could be as profound as to say all this mass hysteria leaves me speechless. It honestly doesnt affect my life or my energy. I dont even feel saddened…that x y or zee events happen around the world…. and i take charge and know why it doesnt happen to me…i however ask myself several questions…. how come? only certain people experience whatever…. what were or are they thinking of? what are they attracting? why? am i supposed to feel rebellious or superior? NO, am i supposed to feel empathy and sympathy? NO…A selfish stand is what I will be percieved as….)))) and on a very humble note i would end…. Be joyous in your every moment, with no judgement, no expectation not even from your own self…. and THEN have an opinion of life… All of us think that life is a murder mystery of mazes…. ))))))))) simplify your own life…and have a blast! god bless… chaddi, ram sena, bjp, india, terrorism, religious classification or whatever ))))))))))))) these are but wars and agendas by the NINCOMPOOPS… If U r fighting terrorism with terrorism…. go for it…. if thats ur reality! however, if U believe, in peace and harmony………… contribute willingly…. dont get bogged down by the meandering….get UR postitivity and energy rocking come what may! Take charge of the planet with LOVE!

  29. i presume the pink chaddi campaign and valentines day fever is over…. Everyone who stood up for it as a woman and every man who got angered by it…. LOL…. i am sure the ram sainiks wont give up!
    JAI RAM di KI!
    An idle question….. WHO WAS RAM? as a Hindu i was repeatedly told that Ramayana and Mahabharata were but mythological EPICS…. so it came from someone’s mind )))) Being the hypnoptherapist that I am, in touch with my subconscious and superconscious… i presume, that if today, I wrote something…. it would be revered several years later????????????? oh the human part of me…shudders at the thot of a following… SHEEP!…if Jesus hadnt spoken about sins………would we understand that word? if Buddha after being a KING, wasnt a seeker…. with his CHOSEN path…..would we have understood him better? if Krishna! hadnt decided that WAR was the only given…. would life have been different? i laugh aloud! hilariously! with limited knowledge…. WOW! we really love to worship GODS dont we? and in their name…without understanding the core of their message…. we BUTCHER dont WE? I now presume… these were but souls in the human experience…. i dare not comment on islam or other religions… I was born a Hindu….. with MY understanding that it was about the trinity…….. the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer ……….. i challenge the trinity too………WHO DECIDES???????????????????????? and i have found my answer…….I Do….We each one of us……IS the trinity…………

  30. have u ever noticed WHO is the moral police? here i ask a blatant question… if u EVER have been… a little bit of an honesty check that only…. ONLY you can permit urself… its intriguing… truly… if a subject matter is not part of your existence…. you have no OPINION…. LOL…. even if your the most opinioniated person or have been called so))) hmmmmmmmmm Food for thought? This is a very very generic food for thought for the people that read this blog or other blogs……Its lovely to feel for the world and its idiosyncrasies and unfairness and bastardry ))))) ask yourselves WHY? and be HONEST to yourself darlings! You will find the pattern. Opinion is like an a…o..e everyone has one )))))))))))

  31. This was one of the comments on

    ” I am writing from Mangalore and live very near to the posh hotel where the socalled Mainstream media is camping since long. A OB van also is parked outside the college opposite the hotel.Everyday the reporters stand near the college gate and ask questions to boys and girls on various topics and pick up whatever point suits them. In the evening the reporters visit nearby police stations (They dont go too far )and look for any crime story be it pickpocketing small brawls near bars or whatever and try and see if any of these stories can be connected to the pub story .
    1- That is what happened in the MLA daughter`s “abduction”,”Kidnapping”etc case.The story had lot of “potential”.So the reporters ran to their A/C rooms to flash their stories on their laptops.True or not -at any cost they have to link it to the “Moral Policing” theory and also be the first to report beating the reporters from other channels in the adjucent rooms.
    2- Further, after two days there was a case of a school girl who committed suicide in a rural area far away from Mangalore.That was perhaps a case of molestation . Immediately our famous “Talibanisation “MSM linked all the three stories and announced the MLA`s daughter committed suicide and showed the pub video once again .One cannot imagine how low journalism can stoop to!
    Now ,people all over India and even abroad are asking what has gone wrong with Mangalore -a town with 100%literacy,having three universities,with at least a hundred colleges,a city known for also cultural activities, religeous centres ,Medical specialities,a birthplace of 4 nationalised banks.
    The fact is ,nothing has gone wrong.In Any major city ,there are a few such happenings.Relatively ,in India Mangalore is one of the most peaceful places -a paradise for retired people.
    During all the reported happenings (as reported by the MSM)Mangalore was as peaceful as ever.The MSM reported that women and girls are scared to venture out in the evenings etc. A huge 5 day car festival in the local Sri Venkatramana Temple(just less than half a kilometer from their hotel) had gathering more than normal.On the final day,27000 people ate at the temple dinner.Women and young girls were participating in the festivities even till 4=00am wearing
    best of dresses and heavy jewellery in typically mangalorean style..Many of thenm walked home as the city is not that large geographically.The climax was the `Vokkul` celebration akin to the north Indian Holi when water tankers were sprinkling water on young revellers with participation from men ,women and children . The local media caught it all live . But our MSM -a few of them were present had forgotten their cameras and OB vans. at the hotel.In fact that was “India`s Shame” There were many other festivities involving Chritians ,Muslims and even college fests.Before that there was thi s Alva`s Virasat -a very wellknown cultural extravaganza of international fame in a suburban place called Moodabidri.Managalore was as vibrant as ever .Only our media was projecting Mangalore as a “Talibanised” place while enjoying the lavish Mangalorean hospitality.
    Mangaloreans cutting across party affiliations,religion whatever are all terribly upset with the so called mainstream media.We find our good old
    local tv channels are far more responsible and neutral.As far as Mangaloreans are concerned MSM is no more MSM for us.They are out to spoil the good name of Mangalore. The beneficiary is Mutallik and the Sriramsena. Very few in Mangalore knew them earlier .Now whole India knows .That much for our freedom of press-”

  32. Hi Suchitra,

    You completely miss the satire in the whole campaign. You are taking everything literally. The ‘loose and forward’ is in ‘Muthalik’s language and to be taken in tongue in cheek.

    Having said that, even though I was quite amused by the campaign, I have not participated in it and by and large think it is knee-jerk. One needs to examine the real cause for the manifestation of these extremist trends in India and address them. What we see are symptoms. The cause is much deeper and no it is not a single point agenda of oppression of women. It is much deeper and multi-hued.

  33. The incident at Mangalore and attack on christian missionaries
    in Orissa, both take place in BJP ruled states.Not once but repeatedly.
    Godhra,Malegaon and other riots are found to be the handiwork of
    Bjp and its consorts!Mangalore is another feeler.The mindset of this
    group is very clear.The nation should wake up in time.Pink chaddi
    is a symbolic resistance.

  34. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first

    comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep

    visiting this blog very often.


  35. Forget the campaign and make a campaign to bring the articles of ‘Bapuji’ and ‘Tipu Sultan’. Hope they are not lost as we lost the Kohinoor.

    Our heritage sits in some warehouse in the US and here we sent ‘Underwears’ to politicians. Grow Up India.

  36. This is the first thing I’ve read on this blog and I love it. This ‘movement’ disgusted me too, I’m glad there are other people who share my views.

  37. hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  38. After reading this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time to put this blog piece together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. What ever, it was still worth it

  39. You must take part in a contest for among the finest blogs on the web. I will advocate this web site!

  40. Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!

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