Swapnalok Society-The Summer of Cool

The  summer holidays have just begun, and Swapnalok Society is going to change forever …

Underwear Uncle and Aunty are on their way out. Sita Maami has developed a cola water that the cola company wants to buy from her. There’s a dog kidnapper on the loose. Varun Vadola, a charming young bachelor, has moved in next door. When Ammama, the batty grandmother lands up from the village, life becomes even more exciting . 
Chitrangana Varma with her innocent eyes and precocious lies is the despair of her gang of friends. Like most other kids,she wants to grow her hair long, have her mother bake her an angel cake, and become a bathroom decorator of repute.

But above all that, what she really really wants is to find her father.

Then, on her tenth birthday her sister gifts her Sapna, a doll that looks just like her and speaks words only she can hear.

Armed with Sapna, Chitrangana sets off on a roller coaster adventure that takes her through the dregs of Mumbai’s gutters to its glittering peaks.
Does Chitrangana finally find her father? And does she find the answers she is looking for?
 The book is being officially launched on the 31st of Janurary 2009 in Mumbai.

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50 thoughts on “Swapnalok Society-The Summer of Cool”

  1. Suchitra it is fantastic.It has all the ingredients of a gripping novel,
    a breezy style,play of emotions,human idiosyncracies,mystery and
    one gets lost in swapnalok.Very moving and at the same time enjoyable.
    There is a nice feeling when we put down the book.You will go far!

  2. I find no words to describe my feelings when I went through the book.The flow of the book is so natural and absorbing, one wonders how the very first attempt of a novel can be so gripping and impressive.Your ancestors would have been great writers or poets whose talents had not been brought out as there was no means of putting them on paper.I am sure it is not a cultivated talent. It is inborn and purely God’s gift.Keep it up. Wish you all the best.

  3. The cover looks very interesting. Cheerful and happy like your personality. Will surely pick up a copy when it releases.

  4. Hi suchitra

    i ordered on the net and rcvd the book yesterday. read it in one go-could not stop till i had come to the last page. It is unputdownable

    The book is very good….especially the characters-chitty, amma and ammama
    They are different and distinct.Enjoyed the conversations btwn them.

    Also liked the description of how amma gets angry….thats hilarous.

    Compared to the start, the book gets a little weak towards the end.

    But overall loved it.

    all the best for your next!!

  5. Suchitra

    i have been trying to order the copies but my credit card is not going through
    is there any site that does cash on delivery? please give a link for that also

  6. this reminds me of one of your posts on intenblog called mamma why is your bum so big?
    looks like you have a knack for tellingstories that involve children

  7. It also reminds me of the story of Masoom-a boysearching for his father
    Is that a co incidence or… how much have you been creatively influenced by shekhar kapur?

  8. I am yet to acquire the book. But I would like to congratulate you Suchitra for venturing in the territory for the young adult. India has no such author to talk about. The only children’s series is Feluda which was too is in Bengali. Wish your book and this genre of writing great success.


  9. Not read the book, didn’t know you wrote. But this blogsite, this is very refreshing. Now I am very interested to read the book. I skimmed through the blog and am pleasantly surprised. Thank you. I will be visiting more often.

  10. I have a credit card.I have used it only once.but last time for visa purposes when I used i was
    advised not to use credit card. I told the HDF people have blocked it it seems. I think I should do something.AND ORDER BOOKS ON LINE. mY k.c pRINCIE DESERVES ONE.Other one for true friends.I will write to you when I succeed in my attempt.The Hindu review enthralls the reader. Very well written review.I feel very proud of you.It is not an easy thing to get such a review from Hindu.It is really creditable.Keep writing and keep getting laurels.God Bless you with all Success.Love

  11. I daily log on and if I don’t see a new one,I get disappointed and keep reading the earlier ones and their comments again and again.I can understand that it is not a joke to write blogs daily.But I look forward to it because I like your style of writing. It brings life into my system.After reading your book I am not able to read any other book on a heavy topic. When is your next book likely to come? I am eagerly waiting for it.

  12. I like your style of writing. I want u to come back in music line & create your own private album.
    I’m yr huge fan.

  13. i am on the crossword mailing list and heard about your book launch on saturday

    i hope i can leave office early (i work in churchgate) to be able to make it.
    it would be nice to meet you in person. You have always seemed like a very talented and warm girl with her head firmly on her shoulders and i have felt very bad when i have read a lot of the rubbish written about you. I’m glad you are striking back with your amazing creativity.
    All the best!

  14. Congrats on the release of your first book of the series of ‘Swapnalok Society’Wish you all the Best.

    the book makes interesting reading and is a homely affair.
    i wish all success to you.

  16. suchitra i havent read fiction in almost 15 years but i have to confess that this was an unputdownable read. The language flows and is very simple. And thank you for not insulting the intelligence of the reader with unnecessary description. I grew up in a very loving society of aunties and uncles and i could relate totally with the written word. keep going girl!

  17. dear suchitra, a fabulous read! i loved the representation of the doll as a representation of the subconscious mind. very intelligent writing there. The mother (Amma) came through as a woman trapped in her own angst and oblivious to the horror that she was and that ammamma was a superstititious drama queen par excellence. Its interesting to note, that parents, grand parents or whatever relative has absolutely no idea about the chaos they cause in other impressionable minds. I loved the honesty, game playing and street smartness of chitrangana. I look forward to your further reads.

  18. The reception to your book appears to be very heartwarming!
    It is the talk in several social gatherings here.
    What a versatile artist you are!

  19. I was thrilled to know the response to your book.We owe everything to Him. Continue writing. You have a wide range of readers. Go to write the next book of your series. Your fans are eagerly awaiting to read your next work. Wish you all the Best.Love

  20. saw the video of the release the Little Angel looks very cute and carries herself
    with aplomb! those who bought the book here have lauded the book as a fine
    and refreshing writing, a good story well told.
    they couldn’t put it down and finished it in one reading!
    Bravo suchitra!
    A new star is born in the literary firmament!
    Love and cheers!

  21. saw the video of the release and a handsome shekhar and charming little
    KAVERI !
    A thoyght struck me like lightening.
    Shekhar can roll out a fine movie out of it and it will surely be a money spinner.

  22. What a book! WHAT A BOOK! So awesome to revisit childhood thru ur book..reminded me of a book called “Daddy Long Legs!

  23. congratulations on your book. now that i have visited your blog(my first time) i am very curious to read your stories.

  24. Hi suchitra

    i read your book the summer of cool yesterday. I started it at around midnight at could not put it down till i had finished it at about 4.30 in the morning. i went to office sleepy but happy at 9 am
    a very enjoyable read. You have tackled very powerful emotions in a very light and easy way that makes the book emotional and humorous. Everytime i had tears in my eyes and i thought oh no is it going to become sad, the story twisted and i started to smile.

    chitrangana is adorable. my favourite is ofcourse ammama who reminded me a lot of my own grandmother.

  25. synopsis sounds interesting. Am glad to note that you have retained your innocence Suchitra. Beautiful

  26. i am so happy to read ur book it is so cool like the book sounds the summer of cool.its a gud book of our type. it is just an fabulous book……….

  27. I just finished reading TSOC, and it was so good I had to drop all the other books I was reading and just read The Summer of Cool! My mother was ahead of me and she finished TSOC and then read TGNR. Now she really doesn’t want to read any other book! We’re waiting for your next book so when I finish TGNR, we’ll be sure to get your next book!

  28. Suchitra
    i recently read the Summer of Cool. To say i enjoyed it thoroughly is an understatement. i LOVED IT. you are a fantastic writer
    I just read on your blog that the sequel _the good news reporter is now out. I am going to go and grab a copy now 🙂

  29. Hi Suchitra Ma’am
    I am Proud to be One of your Fans!!!
    Your book is as good as a raspberry dolly or probably like the most precious jewel that would Surely inspire Every one
    Wish you All the best…

  30. i read summer of cool just yesterday it was fun!! I’m luking foward to reading more buks of urs!!

  31. I loved both the books! They are awesome..very enjoyable! Just wanted to know if there are other books in the series..would love to read the other books as well….

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