Behind the Curtain



                          Behind the Curtain,  5 feet x 6 feet , mixed media on canvas

24 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain”

  1. Lovely painting.
    Somehow i cant help connecting it to your previous post on bar girls. was that the intention?

  2. A very good painting, from the ‘art’ point of view. But I am not able to interpret it and write a comment on it associating it with the painting.Any way, I would say that ‘Behind the curtain ‘women are not ‘liberated’.That is my view point.But they may be ruling man’s world from behind the curtain,if they don’t want to get liberated and have their own identity.

  3. the bold and fearless use of the colours, the clean lines of the forms, striking yet muted giving it an illusion of mystery is fascinating.

  4. D painting appeared as if many women are in preparation and are getting ready to go to God. The color scheme to me is an indication of the son and moon. There is a dance of abandon and a freedom that they seem to convey. There’s a feeling of fire and water in the painting. Very interesting ,the initial thought is the painting is too abstract but thereon many meanings come to fore.

  5. At first when i looked at the painting i saw a blur of colour and nothing else .With some attractive shapes.
    Then as i stared at it harder it started to tell me many sories, of love of longing of a solidairity of suffering and finally towards the dance of awakening. Rich vibrant and inspiring. is it possible to see this painting at a gallery or exhibition where you display your works?

  6. Though first i saw this painting as a connection with the previous bar girls post, i think i agree with what TRISHA says more
    the girls seemed to be engaged in a ceremony of divination of some sort

    i guess that is the beauty of art, the fact that it is open to interpretation and different people see completely different things in the same peice of art

  7. behind the curtain…. the name of the painting is the only thing i can respond to… i am not into interpretations of an artists work… what does a curtain mean to me? something that keeps me safe and away from being viewed… something that keeps light out… something that gives me my privacy ))) something i choose to draw when i choose to?? ))) which someone somewhere said perhaps… was an essential part of furnishing lol. as far as the painting is concerned i love the use of colour and lines…the play of light and darkness… the body abandon ))))

  8. Hi Suchitra,

    Loneliness of a woman and her feelings deep rooted, she does not need a rest she could move on.

    Your emotions speak in a lot of words and colors too.

    Take Care

  9. Dear Suchitra,

    Hats off to your brilliant, out of the world colou sense!
    This, I felt, is a picture that speak millions of words!

    All the Best in life!

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