India’s 9/11

Why is the terrorist attack on mumbai on 26/11/2008 being turned into a political and celebrity circus? Who cares if Ram Gopal Varma visited the site or what about some bimbo celebrity with full throttle make up and hairstyling, carrying a designer torch to a peace rally has to say? Or which minister has replaced whom? How is that going to improve the situation or bring about any constructive and definitive change?

Yes, we all feel overwhelmed and the need to do something about it.
But please, lets put things in perspective, shall we?

Here is a grim reminder of the events that took place and the carnage that followed. Let us bring our focus back on issues that really matter.

That is on how to safeguard the safety and security of our nation and its people and ensure that this NEVER NEVER happens again. The following images are not meant for viewing by those below 18 or the fainthearted.

4 thoughts on “India’s 9/11”

  1. M,am,
    I happen to see your blog and the pps through I regularly try and comment limiting to my knowledge and wisdom.
    Indeed the 37 slides are full of Death and Life. Unforgettable and Unforgivable.
    The sequence makes a story in itself.
    The big issue is why are we not targeting the bureaucrats who are the administrators of our country.
    These are the guys who know what’s happening and they chose to keep silence under the guidance of politicians.

    Vinod Agarwal – Recommends you to get into active Politics.

  2. Horrific, what happened on 26th and theron, if they are a warning of what is to follow, its best not to think further. The pictures, with blood smeared platforms and the blazing top floor of the hotel and the dead bodies, shocking to say the least. When a chain of events are unleashed on the planet one wonders what must be happening to God up there. So many people have lost their near and dear ones. Such mass destruction and finally no solutions are found. It looks like mankind is in a stupor. People are so scared to take a stand on anything. Ultimately everything and anything organised seems like a publicity stunt. Too much press coverage everything sensationalised and finally one can even forget what actually happened on the 26th and life goes on, till the next horrific event replaces this one.

  3. Yes, we all feel overwhelmed and the need to do something about it.
    But please, lets put things in perspective, shall we?

    unfortunately or fortunatelty… i am detached from the carnage… not because i dont care… but because i genuinely and truly care… i dont want a candle march with hatred anger hleplessness and violence as the core truth… i choose not to contribute to the negativity and the energy imbalance on this planet… i choose to come from true peace harmony and love… i forgive those souls that meandered and caused havoc… i havent found answers for why x number of people who were at the venues, just left seconds before the carnage, why some others arrived minutes later, why some died… and why others survived… did the ones who were afraid… die? did the ones who had faith in themselves, life and their journey survive? even today i ask myself who decides the hour of your death? u, life, god, the creator or your decision to give up and vamoos?

  4. I think we can improve the situation ONLY by way of improving ourselves as an individuals. Pointing fingers at others is futile. Politicians were careless they say! Who elected the politicians? When we want to buy some modern electronic gadget we ask so many whereabouts to the shopkeeper. Are we so inquisitive while voting for the candidates? I think this kind of indifference makes our society lame.

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