Complaint Box

Frustrated? Had a problem but never knew who you could turn to?
Potholes on your Roads? Uneven Pavements? Blocked Drains? Uncollected Garbage?
Did you know that you can complain ONLINE to the Municipal Corporation? Well you can and should.We all should. All the time. Until we get Mumbai our city into better shape.

Here’s how:

Log on to:
Click on “Complaints”.
Then click on the “Complaint Registration Form”.
Fill in the details.
Click “Preview”. Check to see that it is all correct.
Then click on “Submit”.
You will get a complaint number. Save it or take out a Printout for future reference and follow up.
You can complain about Solid Waste Management, Drainage, Storm Water Drains, Roads & Traffic, Factories, Licenses, Water Supply, Colony Officers, Pest Control, Buildings, Repairs to Municipal Property, Health, Encroachment, Shops & Establishments, Estates, Schools and a lot more.

Send in your complaints NOW. This is something you can do sitting in front of your computer.

Let the Municipal Corporation know that we want a Mumbai that works.

32 thoughts on “Complaint Box”

  1. Here I am, cocooned in the loving care of my mom, a watchful dad hovering around in the background making sure that everything is just the way I have always liked it. Even my room has been kept just the way it always was- all the old pictures, mementoes on the walls – Just the way I always remember it.

    And why not, I am back ‘home’ for ringing in the new year, pin drop silence on the terrace, clean air, miles of open view all around; can hear some children play ( damn! I can actually hear that and not the sound of the traffic….)

    One thought strikes me – another terrace, another day not so long back and I was gazing across the slightly hazy open space and guess what I see- a bunch of frolicking moneys!! Jumping, hopping all over another terrace across the street, happy and not a care in the world – the way the good god wanted us to be, I hope.

    Just then I realize- must be ancestors of Marathi Manoos , no way a certain Mr. Raj Thakrey – ( Did I get the name right, sir? PLEASE don’t send you goons to break the window panes at my modest lil home in Mumbai, if I have erred) – is going to allow non-Maharashtrian monkeys to occupy a space as prime as a sea facing terrace in aamchi Mumbaii!!

    These are the points behind writing these words:

    1. What happened to all the poor vendors and taxi drivers who were attacked not so long ago?

    2. Has a 26/11 overtaken that minor incident? Is that till, god forbid, a bigger tragedy comes our way?

    3. Is terrorism just a cross boarder phenomenon? What about our own home grown and nurtured terrorists, in our midst? I thought the ‘law was going to take its own course” – what the hell happened to that?

    4. Any compensation possible for these poor, unprotected people who are citizens of this country trying to make an honest living in the best way they know?

    Custodians of our culture, beacons of our society – easy to be a grown up bully, a school boy brat caught in a man’s body who finds it easy to prey on the weak and defenseless – Feeling the testosterone? Creating a traffic jam that lasts for hours at Shivaji Park every few months is NOT what leadership is all about.

    Tch! Who am I trying to kid here… can smell some hot aloo paranthas being cooked downstairs- Ciao!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Can i use this platform to complain about the anti national leaders in our midst?
    I am not am maharastrian by birth-not a qualifying marathi manoos
    but have lived here most of my life.
    I am as proud of being a mumbaikar as i am of being an indian.

    how can an eringmisguided divisive politician take it away from me? And for what reason?

    Also i would like to ask where was his marathi sena during the terror attacks on 26/11
    the bravehearts who died flew in from all parts of india-mainly from the north. the very same people he is trying to evict.

    major unnikrishnan was southindian. the commandoes who came in quietly by local buses were all flown in from delhi and other parts of north india

    what was the marata chief doing then? reclining in his air conditioned chamber? watching television? giving his children marathi lessons? if he feels such a connection with his land and his city should he have not atleast been at the site of the attack? mouthing platitudes if nothing else.

    instead a few days later he puts out banners in dadar talking about the brave marathis who died.

    get a life sir. And a different agenda. Nobody is interested in your personal battles or your narrow minded bullying tactics
    We are not afraid of you. And the nation has a lot more at stake

    There are far more serious problems in the world to think about.

    I hope you do too. Trgetting Amitabh bachan may give you publicity. But not the greatness you dream of. For that you will have to openyour mind and do something good. For your people, for your land, for our country

  3. Thanks a ton! I have quite a few complaints 1. with all the construction trucks arriving midnight till morning in my lane and having the audacity to honk loudly (despite several complaints to the builder and the cop station next door who dont care!!) Maybe a filed complaint might make a difference. As these trucks just leave mounds of unused stuff in the lane! Not to mention the builder and his workers just use the lane to dispose of anything that is unusable on the site!

    2. The garbage collecting van comes maybe once a fornight to pick up all this!!

    3. The chinese guy who operates in the same lane has increasing volumes of new business and I am happy he is progressing in life and has started using the road as cafeteria space by adding tables not to mention he just adds all leftovers and paper cutlery and fine paper crockery on the road on the garbage heap!

    And..okkkk I need to shut up as the list is quite endless! I will log on and file asap! Thanks a ton!

  4. Good work! Thank you!
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    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Sincerely, Timur Alhimenkov

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  6. my complaint is that why you are not acting anymore?Your fans want to see you on the big screen once again

  7. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

  8. I will not understand why so my posts delete or do not publish and do not answer questions

  9. Hey – great article. Stumbled upon it by accident but I’m glad I did. Will be back again daily. Cheers.

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